The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 382

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Chapter 382: Don't Be Too Arrogant as a Person

These disciples are all well-meaning people, wanting to come and see if Su Yi will come out of seclusion today.

Once Su Yi went out today, Jian Shiyi will definitely not let him go, so there will be an astonishing battle.

Jian Shiyi is a standout among the younger disciples of the entire Divine Sword School, ranking fifteenth on the Sword Tower. He stands at an unattainable height among many direct disciples of the Divine Sword School.

Any battle of Jian Shiyi's would cause a great commotion throughout the entire Divine Sword School and attract the gaze of the masses.

Today, Jian Shiyi is going to have a fierce battle with a recently high-profile outer disciple, with the intention of arresting him, which is enough to capture the interest of many people.



In the far-off distant sky, resounded the screeching roars of numerous flying demon beasts that had arrived.

On the backs of the flying demon beasts, stood countless figures.

"There are the people from the Court of Justice. Why have so many of them come here?"

The disciples lifted their gaze and looked at the figures on the backs of the flying demon beasts approaching them. They were the mounts of the Court of Justice, and on top of them were the disciples of the Court of Justice.

The disciples of the Court of Justice actually come from various sword peaks, selected from the elites of direct and inner disciples from each sword peak.

With the special status of the Court of Justice, these disciples of the Court of Justice typically hold a higher position within the sect compared to regular direct disciples. It is also uncommon for disciples to provoke these people of the Court of Justice, as one may risk being caught by a Court of Justice disciple and facing complications.

Everyone knows that the disciples of the Court of Justice are the most difficult to deal with, not only due to their elders who will protect them if they are in trouble, but also because each of them possesses formidable strength.

"They should have come to cheer, the Court of Justice apparently suffered a setback last time, being ridiculed by that Su Yi!"

"Is it true that Su Yi dares to play tricks on them?"

Amidst the crowd, there were individuals who whispered with hushed tones in discussion.

On Divine Sword Cliff, there were originally many stewards, but with so many disciples of the Court of Justice coming, and with Jian Shiyi having been here for five days, they didn't dare to say anything.

To be honest, the position of an ordinary steward in the Divine Sword School is far inferior to that of a disciple of the Court of Justice.

Moreover, the disciple of the Court of Justice has the authority to apprehend people wherever they go, and Divine Sword Cliff is no exception.

Some of the stewards were unable to control and didn't want to bother with these matters.


On the backs of many flying demon beasts, there were probably dozens of people falling down.

The figures, one by one, landed gracefully or swiftly, each emitting an extraordinary aura with a sharp and dominant quality. They stood behind Jian Shiyi, silently but with a powerful presence.

Jian Shiyi remained cross-legged, not even shifting his gaze.

At the Divine Sword Cliff, gradually some people were also walking out of the Sword Caves.

Most of these disciples are outer disciples. They have calculated the timing and plan to leave seclusion today. Tomorrow is the Grand Swordsmanship Competition, which they cannot afford to miss. They are hoping to perform well.

But when these outer disciples came out of seclusion, walked to the square, saw the densely packed figures around them, and felt a restless and repressed atmosphere, they were all shocked and had no idea what had happened.

Under the Divine Sword Cliff, in one of the lowest Sword Caves, the brightness has dimmed significantly.

Gazing into the distance, a figure slowly emerged from the Sword Cave, stretching lazily outside before ambling leisurely towards us.

Such a figure, with shoulder-length hair and a rusty, battered old sword on his back, had a handsome face and a slim but erect figure. He couldn't hide the inherent arrogance emanating from him.

And this person was none other than Su Yi, who had just finished his cultivation in the Sword Cave.

"It is him, that boy!"

"Is that Su Yi? Sure enough, he comes out!"

"That kid, he looks too young. Does he really have the strength rumored about him?!"

As Su Yi made his appearance, there was an immediate commotion around him, causing a great uproar.


Approaching the square, Su Yi was taken aback at the dense crowd of figures in the distance ahead. Could something have happened?

And when Su Yi approached, he immediately recognized the familiar figure of a black-clothed young man, along with several disciples of the Court of Justice emitting strong qi.

His face twitched, and he immediately understood that something had happened. Since Jian Shiyi was around, they must be coming for him.

There was no escaping it any longer.


Immediately, Su Yi's vitality surged from his feet as he leapt off the ground and landed next to Jian Shiyi in the square. His tall and lean frame, along with the broken sword on his back, appeared somewhat incongruous yet fitting at the same time.

At the very moment when Su Yi's footsteps landed, at the same time, Jian Shiyi's previously tightly closed eyes suddenly opened, and a dazzling light surged from his cold face.


In an instant, Jian Shiyi's right hand fell and his palm lightly slapped the ground, releasing a burst of energy. His body, which was sitting cross-legged, went straight up into the air in a linear trajectory, then stood upright, and finally his foot lightly touched down in front of Su Yi.


Jian Shiyi's skillful and suave movement prompted numerous exclamations of admiration from those around, resonating in the immediate vicinity.

"Martial Brother Jian Shiyi is so handsome!"

Some female disciples even had a look of infatuation and couldn't help but scream.

"With Martial Brother Jian Shiyi's intervention, he could surely deal with that boy Su Yi!"

Amidst the crowd, a young man spoke in a nonchalant tone, his gaze revealing a scornful smirk. He was a disciple of the Fifteenth Sword Peak.

"Martial Brother Jian Shiyi is not the same as Martial Brother Huo Dongqiu. I want to see how powerful that outer disciple is!"

There was a young man among the crowd, with a cold look in his eyes. Not long ago, he had been severely taught a lesson by Su Yi at the Sword Hall.

Amidst the discussions around them, Jian Shiyi's cold countenance remained calm, with his gray cape lightly fluttering as he gazed directly at Su Yi. His voice carried a chilly tone as he uttered, "I told you that you could not escape."

Gazing upon Jian Shiyi's expression, it was unlike that of Huo Dongqiu, Ba Yi, and other disciples. Su Yi lightly smiled and stated, "I have never run away, it is simply that you couldn't catch up and I didn't bother to fight with you!"

"Indeed, you are quite mad. However, I can still offer you a chance to surrender and come with me to the Court of Justice. Otherwise, you'll face the consequences!"

Jian Shiyi didn't have much response to Su Yi's words.

Su Yi shook his head and gazed at Jian Shiyi saying, "I don't have time to go, let's go when I have the time!"

"Don't be too arrogant in life, as there will always be someone better than you. Huo Dongqiu may not be your match, but in terms of his cultivation level, he is only average among the entire Divine Sword School. There is nothing to be proud of in defeating Huo Dongqiu," said Jian Shiyi calmly.

Listening to Jian Shiyi's words, some of the disciples among the onlookers, including a few from the Fifteenth Sword Peak, suddenly had an unsightly complexion but dared not say much.

With Jian Shiyi's status and strength, he certainly had the qualifications to utter such a sentence.

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