The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 381

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Chapter 381: Enlightenment of the Sword!

Emerging from the mysterious space, Su Yi was bored and hesitant about whether he should leave early. As he stared curiously at the mural once again, he unintentionally made a new discovery.

On the mural stood a figure holding a sword. Su Yi had given up hope of comprehending anything and didn't know where to start. It was precise because of this that he discovered a clue.

The mural was simply and quietly etched onto the stone wall, existing for ages. It seemed to be more than just a sword technique, rather it conveyed a certain grandeur, emanating an intangible aura.

Su Yi had a realization and gradually fell into silence.

The Sword Cave is so tranquil that it allows Su Yi to entirely immerse himself in it.

Su Yi's comprehension is strong, after all, he is reincarnated.

Strictly speaking, Su Yi had only cultivated for a short period of time, yet he had already attained the cultivation level of the Third Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm.

Even the exceptionally talented disciples of the grand sects require over a decade to reach the cultivation level of the Yuan Spirit Realm.

Although it is also possible that within a few years, grand sects could use a peerless treasure to elevate someone's strength to a terrifying degree.

But such behavior is much more serious than the phrase "pulling up seedlings to help them grow".

And Su Yi, without taking any miraculous treasures, always relied on his own cultivation.

Although possessing the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique and a mysterious space, the reason why his cultivation base can grow so fast is undoubtedly also related to Su Yi's comprehension.

Otherwise, Su Yi would not have been able to break through to the Yuan Spirit Realm in such a short time.

The age of fifteen or sixteen, at the Third Grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm, is already astounding.

If others knew that Su Yi was unable to cultivate properly not long ago, it would be even more shocking to the world!

Observing the mural, Su Yi was completely immersed with his whole being, as if gradually merging himself into it.

At this moment, Su Yi seemed to blend in with the mural.

The figure on the mural appeared to be alive as the precious sword resounded with a sonorous hum, filling the air with brilliance and emanating a fierce aura.

Unconsciously, time passed slowly and imperceptibly, and Su Yi seemed entirely unaware of the passage of time.

At that moment, Su Yi felt as if the mural was a living entity and he himself had merged with it.

Gradually, Su Yi's posture also became exactly like the figure on the mural, emanating an invisible and sharp aura that spread throughout his body, undulating and rippling.

His body stood straight, as still as a mountain. Although it was the most ordinary posture, it gave people an unshakable sense of power, as if the posture contained boundless potential and pressure.

With careful contemplation and wholehearted dedication, Su Yi began to see flashes of sword lights and feel fierce and powerful energy emanating from within him, though he couldn't quite pinpoint when it all began.

In the Sword Cave, Su Yi left everything behind, forgetting his affiliation with the Divine Sword School and the troubles he had caused. All that remained was enlightenment as he immersed himself in a wondrous state of comprehension.


The next morning, at the Divine Sword School, the vast mountains of the seventy-two sword peaks overlapped and were as verdant as the rolling waves on the sea, magnificent and majestic.

Between the mountains, a vast sea of clouds billowed like swaying white silk, resembling a mystical realm.

At the Divine Sword Cliff, as the sky began to lighten, people gradually began to arrive.

The number of people grew more and more, until the small square was filled to the brim with people. The once spacious square was now teeming with a dense crowd of figures.

"Tomorrow is the day when the Grand Swordsmanship Competition begins. That lad will certainly appear today, unless he will not participate in the Grand Swordsmanship Competition!"

"According to the rules, outer disciples must attend!"

"That Su Yi will definitely show up today!"

"Jian Shiyi has been waiting for five days and five nights, and he will definitely not let that kid go!"

"Su Yi was so disrespectful that he even disregarded the Court of Justice. Jian Shiyi will not let him get away with it."


Amidst the throng, a cacophony of diverse opinions gradually arose.

In the center of the square, Jian Shiyi sat cross-legged with his eyes tightly closed. His muscular and symmetrical figure was accentuated by his tight-fitting black combat suit. On his chiseled face, his eyes were tightly shut and his expression was cold and ruthless.


All was calm in the Sword Cave.

The ancient mottled murals, from an unknown time, began to diffuse light and shadow.


A slight cracking sound spread, and for some unknown reason, tiny cracks began to appear all over the ancient mural, spreading densely.

Soon, the main mural was covered with densely packed cracks, and the light faded away and disappeared.


At that moment, Su Yi, who was immersed in a certain state, suddenly had two sword lights flashing in his eyes.

Immediately the sword light in his eyes vanished, Su Yi's eyes were deep and divine, giving off a sense of clarity and a transcendent aura, yet also exuding immense pressure.


Su Yi exhaled a breath from his abdomen, and a faint fluctuation of light emanated from his body, accompanied by bursts of crimson energy pulsing between his ears and nose.

Immediately, a faint smile curved Su Yi's lips and he appeared to be in a cheerful and joyful mood.

"The Nameless Broken Sword Technique, so that's how it is."

Su Yi murmured to himself, without a doubt, he had gained great benefits from the mural he had gained insight from.

Looking at the cracked mural, Su Yi felt puzzled and unsure if he had truly comprehended the sword technique, yet he had gained some valuable insights.

Everyone came in, facing this mural, presumably thinking of comprehending sword moves.

At this moment, Su Yi realized that the mural actually contained a sword move, but more importantly, it harbored a kind of sword intent.

"Although there is some understanding, there is still a long way to go before achieving true success."

Later, Su Yi whispered. Although he gained something, he suspected it was just scratching the surface.

In these past few days of contemplation, Su Yi has come to realize that the seemingly simple mural actually contains boundless mysteries.

Suddenly, Su Yi turned to look behind him at the Sword Cave magical barrier. He sensed something and turned his head to look at it. The badge on the barrier began to fade and the barrier itself started to ripple.

"Are there no more points left...?"

Su Yi's eyes widened as he noticed that there seemed to be no more points left inside Xu Jiahui's badge.

Later, a large handful of badges emerged from Su Yi's pocket, which was different from the badge from Xu Jiahui.

These badges also belong to the disciples of Divine Sword School, but they are different from the outer disciple badge from Xu Jiahui, with differences in texture and color, obtained by Su Yi from Ba Yi, Huo Dongqiu, and others.

Su Yi surmised that these badges had accumulated a considerable amount of points, sufficient to allow him to seclude himself in various Sword Caves within the Divine Sword Cliff.

Just estimating the time, there isn't enough time to continue secluding himself since he also needs to participate in the Grand Swordsmanship Competition.


In front of the Divine Sword Cliff, the crowd grew denser and denser, with a gathering of no less than one or two thousand people.

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