The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 380

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Chapter 380: Situ Liuyun!

Su Yi was keenly aware that there was a mystical force emanating from the mysterious orb, at present slowly devouring some form of energy contained within the space bag.

Suddenly, the space bag shone brightly, dazzlingly, with a surging energy pulsating through it.

"Boom!" At the same time, the mysterious space trembled, causing a ripple throughout. Gleaming light flickered and exploded brightly, a magnificent radiance bursting forth from the depths of the void. However, it quickly disappeared without a trace, and the seals on the space bags were also silently erased.

Thus continued for two hours, and after that, all the space bags in front of Su Yi were wiped out of the seals.

At the same time, the area within this mysterious space didn't show any significant increase or expansion, but the cosmic energy within it surged at a visibly rapid pace.

Su Yi was not surprised by all of this, as the mysterious space had already absorbed all of the Yuan Stones inside the space bags.

Judging by the density of energy in the mysterious space, there are probably quite a few Yuan Stones in this pile of space bags.

Those people such as Ba Yi, who are inner disciples of the big sect, are truly wealthy, one by one.

This made Su Yi even more curious about what was left inside the space bag.

Immediately, Su Yi opened one space bag in front of him after another, and piles of Yuan Stone powder along with different treasures scattered on the ground.

Dan medicine, weapons, spiritual medicine pills...

"This is a high-quality elixir, isn't it!"

Su Yi's attention was drawn to a brightly shining crimson pill, whose surface was lustrous, and whose energy fluctuations were stunning, emanating a flowing sheen with a crystal-clear translucence.

"True Yuan Dan!"

Suddenly, Su Yi trembled and recognized the pill - it was the True Yuan Pill, a top-quality first level pill.

But surprisingly, out of so many space bags, Su Yi only found several scrolls, which in total amounted to a set of martial arts books.

After careful inspection, Su Yi discovered that these martial arts were all just average, with only one set of King Grade martial art techniques and the rest were just several sets of General Grade Martial Art Techniques, which were not even Divine Sword School techniques.

Su Yi had no intention of cultivating these martial arts. Merely the martial techniques inherent within the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse were sufficient for his needs.

The martial arts technique contained within these skill scrolls can only be accessed once, therefore there is no need to cultivate them as opening them would be a waste.

Although Su Yi now looks down upon General Grade Martial Art Technique and King Grade martial arts, he knows that the entire Su family seems to be far from having even the General Grade Martial Art Technique.

The General Grade Martial Art Technique is already extraordinary, and let alone there is also a set of King Grade Boxing Martial Art Technique. This would be just perfect if it were to be left for the Su family.

Furthermore, there were many weapons, even up to the level of Xuan Weapons, but there were no particularly amazing treasures.

Su Yi went through all the items in the space bags, and while he was not exactly disappointed, he was not overwhelmingly pleased either. Nevertheless, it could be considered a fruitful gain.

At least the energy within the mysterious space has been greatly enhanced, and the combined value of those mysterious elixirs and spiritual herbs is also astonishing.

Putting away all the harvest, Su Yi planted the spiritual herbs that could be grown, elevated the level of the elixirs in the mystical space, and then left the mystical space.


The whole Divine Sword School was boiling with Su Yi's name and had caused a tremendous storm.

When Huo Dongqiu, a direct disciple, was defeated by Su Yi's move, it was rumored that Su Yi was only fifteen or sixteen years old, which shocked the entire Divine Sword School even more.

With Jian Shiyi from the Court of Justice personally leading the team, Su Yi was not apprehended and was able to enter Divine Sword Cliff, which left the disciples of Divine Sword School shaken.

"Unbelievable, is Divine Sword School going to produce another monster?"

"I don't know if the rumors are true, but could a direct disciple really be so skilled?"

"Brother Jian Shiyi personally took action, but he still failed to capture that guy. He has quite the courage, indeed!"


Throughout the Divine Sword School, on each of the sword peaks, disciples could be heard debating.

"Jian Shiyi is stationed at the Divine Sword Cliff, determined to personally capture that boy!"

"The day after tomorrow is the Grand Swordsmanship Competition, so if that outer disciple wants to participate, he must leave seclusion tomorrow!"

In front of the Divine Sword Cliff, Jian Shiyi of the Court of Justice has been keeping watch for several days. The spread of this news has also caused quite a commotion.


It was dusk again, with a heavy sunset glow.

The courtyard's pavilions and towers were shrouded in delicate wisps of incense smoke, with a subtle yet pervasive fragrance permeating the air.

Situ Liuyun stood by the window, gazing at the lingering sunset outside. His robust physique was accentuated by the black robe embroidered with golden floral patterns, while his neatly combed long black hair was held in a bun atop his head.

"Haha, interesting. It is indeed becoming more and more interesting!"

Situ Liuyun smiled, and within his deep pupils, a glimmer of light flickered. Unconsciously, he exuded an innate aura of dominance.

"Master, that kid really has some skills. He even managed to escape from Jian Shiyi's grasp!"

A gray-clothed old man of around fifty years old, with a bitter smile and mixed expressions of shock and surprise, said to Situ Liuyun, "It is said that Elder Yu, Elder Mei, Elder Lv, Elder Duan, and Elder Shangguan Hu have all been to the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak."

"Their movements were indeed fast, but it seems that they were also a step too slow."

Situ Liuyun gave a wistful sigh, his eyes seeming slightly tinged with disappointment.

"Jian Shiyi has been at the Divine Sword Cliff for four days and four nights already, seemingly determined to catch that boy!" continued the gray-clothed old man.

"Let's see who is stronger between him and Jian Shiyi!" Situ Liuyun gave a faint smile, seemingly indifferent.

The elder in gray clothes felt helpless and laughed bitterly. The attitude of the sect leader exceeded his expectations. Then, he frowned slightly and said, "But if things continue like this, I'm afraid we won't be able to end it well." "How big of a deal can it be? Can a little guy really turn everything upside down?" Situ Liuyun smiled at the elder in gray, apparently without worry.

"Indeed. However, it's a pity Elder Su hasn't returned yet and nobody knows about the background of that young man!"

The old man in gray robes raised his eyebrows slightly and said, "It would be a pity if that young man was not taken in by Elder Su."


The middle-aged man's gaze flickered upon hearing these words.

"Master, if that youngster truly isn't a disciple of our Divine Sword School, then what should we do..."

The old man in grey seemed to have understood what Situ Liuyun was thinking and asked tentatively.

"Let's just wait and see. When Elder Su returns, everything will become clear," Situ Liuyun pondered for a moment and said to the elderly man in gray clothes.


Inside the Sword Cave, at this moment, Su Yi stands upright with his gaze fixed tightly on the mural on the stone wall.

Maintaining such a pose, Su Yi appeared to have persisted for quite some time, with a gaze akin to that of a daydreamer, staring fixedly ahead.

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