The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 379

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Chapter 379: Inspecting the Harvest!

"Nameless Broken Sword Technique, only this one move..."

Su Yi smiled wryly. It had been several hours, yet he had achieved nothing. No wonder it was said that no one had been able to comprehend it in thousands of years at Divine Sword School.

Such a mural, there is simply no way to comprehend it.

Unable to comprehend it, Su Yi also gave up trying to comprehend it. He had originally thought he had gained something, but now he was somewhat disappointed.

"It seems that something can be done now..."

Immediately, Su Yi was moved to recall the unique features of Sword Cave, where no one could enter and disturb, allowing for an inspection of his mysterious space.

The most important thing is, recently he has gained quite a few inner disciples' space bags. It just so happens that he can inspect these space bags and see if there is anything worthwhile inside, there may even be some formidable techniques or martial arts.

The mysterious space must never be exposed, so within the Divine Sword School, Su Yi never even thought of taking out the mysterious space.

The Divine Sword School, which boasts a multitude of strong individuals, will face significant trouble if the mysterious space is exposed.

The act of killing for treasure is all too common in this world. When Wang Quande of Sacred Mountain found himself within the Forest of Demons, he too fell prey to this temptation.

At this moment, the Sword Cave is suitable, and only the special effect inside the mysterious space can open these sealed space bags.

Sitting cross-legged, Su Yi's hands formed intricate and mystical handprints, while a faint glow suddenly emanated from his forehead, causing a ripple of divine radiance to wash over his body and enshroud him in a brilliant aura.

The dazzling brilliance was hazy, filling the Sword Cave with density.

When Su Yi reappeared, he was already in the mysterious space. Although he hadn't obtained Yuan Stones for a long time, the spiritual energy in this mysterious space was still rich and overwhelming, much richer than the spiritual energy in any mountain gate or blessed place.

In the mysterious space, misty and ethereal, emanating a faint radiance, as though isolated from space.

Cultivating here has an effect of achieving twice the result with half the effort, but Su Yi cannot enter and cultivate here frequently. He has been wandering around, sharpening his skills, and the mysterious space cannot be exposed.


Entering the familiar mysterious space, Su Yi took a deep breath. The space inside had become quite sizable, yet unfortunately, he had not acquired any Yuan Stones in a long time, resulting in a substantial weakening of the energy of the heavens and earth.

"How come you haven't come in for such a long time?"

As Su Yi entered, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng was startled, its pupils opened, and the verdant leaves on its head stretched out, emitting a radiance.

"Granddaddy Seng, how is your recovery coming along?"

Su Yi smiled and immediately stepped forward.

"The recovery is good, much better than I had imagined."

At these words, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng seemed to tremble uncontrollably within, for it alone knew precisely the benefits it had derived from this place, which far surpassed the expectations it had harbored upon arriving.

"Maybe, before long, I will be able to undergo tribulations once again!"

Blood Spiritual Ginseng continued, unable to contain the excitement in its heart as it spoke. If it were able to undergo another tribulation, it could still make further breakthroughs.

"Congratulations on your success, Granddaddy Seng."

Su Yi was also delighted with the Blood Spiritual Ginseng. If the grade of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng is higher, the chance of successfully healing his grandfather would increase.

With spiritual treasures such as Blood Spiritual Ginseng, it shouldn't be necessary for Granddaddy Seng to pay the full price.

During this period of getting along with the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, Su Yi didn't anticipate that Granddaddy Seng would have to pay the full cost in the future.

Gazing at Su Yi, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng said, "Young man, I have gained benefits from you, having access to this treasure land which enabled me to recover so quickly and also obtain various other advantages. I'm afraid, must be for a reason, right?"

The Blood Spiritual Ginseng is not stupid. It is a spiritual entity that has been cultivated for several hundred years. How could it not see that Su Yi has taken it in this precious land, so there must be a purpose behind it?

"To be honest, my grandfather has suffered serious injuries."

Su Yi didn't conceal his thoughts. When he thought of his grandfather, whose situation was uncertain, and also considering that he had been out for so long, he was deeply moved. He gazed upon the Blood Spiritual Ginseng and said, "I believe that with your abilities and effects, you should be able to heal my grandfather's injuries. However, it remains unknown how much effort you will need to exert when the time comes."

Su Yi didn't conceal anything. His original plan was to directly use the Blood Spiritual Ginseng to stew and aid in his grandfather's recovery.

During this period of time spent with the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, and coupled with the fact that it too is a spiritual entity, Su Yi's initial intentions underwent a transformative shift.

If it were possible to heal his grandfather without having to pay a great price, that would be ideal.

Looking at the expression on Su Yi's face, Blood Spiritual Ginseng asked him, "What is the level of cultivation achieved by your grandfather?"

"Perhaps Yuan True Realm, perhaps Yuan Void Realm, maybe not even to Yuan Void Realm..."

Su Yi raised an eyebrow. At the time when he was in Man City, he was only in the Yuan Soul Realm. At that time, he couldn't even tell the cultivation of his grandfather, Su Yuntian.

Compared to Wang Quande's cultivation, Su Yi could only roughly estimate it.

"I have received your benefits. Regardless of the circumstances, I will assist in healing your grandfather. Given your grandfather's cultivation level, I shouldn't have to pay too high of a price."

Blood Spiritual Ginseng nodded, and the leaves on its head emitted circles of radiant energy.

"That is wonderful news."

Su Yi was delighted. If this were the case, it would be excellent indeed. As he gazed upon the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, who seemed to have a sense of assurance. If the opportunity arose, it appeared that he would have to make a return trip to Man City.

Even if he went back secretly, it would be better for his grandpa to avoid any accidents and receive treatment as early as possible.

"I'll continue, you can do as you please."

As the words fell, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng continued to cultivate and ignored Su Yi directly.

Su Yi felt joy in his heart, as there was hope for his grandfather's injury, naturally he was overjoyed.

Then, sitting cross-legged, Su Yi began to work in earnest, pulling out a pile of space bags from his hands.

These space bags, however, are not few. All of them were taken by Su Yi from the hands of inner disciples on the Fifteenth Sword Peak.

Although he is a Soul Tamer, his soul is strong and he can definitely try to unlock the forbidden seal on these space bags.

But Su Yi had no intention of trying it out slowly himself. Anyway, with the mysterious space available, he could rely entirely on the power of the mysterious space to open the seals on these space bags.

"Hula..." Afterwards, Su Yi's handprints condensed, and there was a wave of vitality, shining brilliantly. He controlled a wave of vitality in the palm of his hand and the intangible spiritual power quietly spread. Accompanied by the wrap of vitality, it went towards the space bag in his hand.

"Boom..." As Su Yi had expected, the moment when the qi in his palm had just touched the space bag, a mysterious force would directly surge out from this mysterious space.

That familiar and mysterious power surged towards the space bag from all directions like a bolt of lightning, directly enveloping it.

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