The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 378

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Chapter 378: Simple Mural!

The power was gentle, but upon entering Xu Jiahui's body, it ignited her energy like a flame, causing it to boil up instantly.

From Xu Jiahui's body, a surge of energy burst forth, her eyes shining with an uncontrollable intensity.

"The eighth grade of the Yuan Soul Realm. At the age of sixteen, such talent, it is a pity to stay on this Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak."

When the light dimmed, Elder Duan Yuerong retracted her palm and her gaze fluctuated. She looked at Xu Jiahui and said, "Follow me back for now and become an inner disciple. If you can reach the Yuan Xuan Realm within a year, there is a possibility for you to become my direct disciple.

"Inner disciple! And I can have the potential to become a direct disciple!"

When such words reached her ears, Xu Jiahui's gaze trembled and she couldn't help but shudder.

Becoming an inner disciple is an absolute joy for any outer disciple of the Divine Sword School!

It was an irresistible enticement and opportunity!

Xu Jiahui remembered the instructions from her elders in the family: She must strive to cultivate herself and become an inner disciple of the Divine Sword School, so as not to have been for naught all the efforts made by the entire family in nurturing and sending her to the school.

Her talents were not weak.

In a Divine Sword School populated with exceptional talents, such aptitude would hardly be considered remarkable.

Especially after arriving at the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, everything was different from what Xu Jiahui had imagined.

These years, she has only been able to enhance her strength through her own silent efforts.

Fortunately, the heavens don't disappoint those who are determined. With her own efforts, she has been able to keep up with her fellow outer disciples and is considered to be doing reasonably well.

"Inner disciple..."

Listening to Elder Duan Yuerong's words, the gazes of other outer disciples were burning with envy, and they immediately lowered their heads to look at Xu Jiahui.

They, as outer disciples, have been striving relentlessly, all in the hope of becoming inner disciples one day, but now this opportunity has presented itself before Xu Jiahui.

"Elder, thank you for your kindness. However, since Elder Su has not yet returned, I am unable to make a decision regarding this matter."

But just as the envious eyes of the outer disciples were fixed upon her, Xu Jiahui bit her white teeth and muttered oh to Elder Duan Yuerong.

"You are just an outer disciple. If you come to me, there is no need to ask for permission from Elder Su," said Duan Yuerong.

Xu Jiahui gathered her courage and lifted her gaze. Her delicate face was adorned with a pair of large, clear and sparkling eyes, resembling a pool of clear water. She spoke to Elder Duan Yuerong, "I understand, but before Elder Su left, he entrusted me with the task of guarding the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak. I cannot venture to other sword peaks. Once Elder Su returns, I will report back to him. If at that time, Elder Duan, you're still willing to accept me, I would be honored to serve you."

This is a great opportunity, for any outer disciple of the Divine Sword School, it is probably such an opportunity that is enough to make people boil with excitement.

Xu Jiahui felt excited too. On the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, she was devoided of any opportunities, let alone Elder Su guiding her.

But Xu Jiahui was very clear in her heart, yet Elder Su has always taken good care of her.

The infamous Elder Su, who is feared by everyone, has a rather unsavory reputation throughout the entire Divine Sword School.

But Xu Jiahui felt that Elder Su was not as everyone had described.

Every time Elder Su goes out, he is already accustomed to handing over the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak to her for management, and even if she is going to leave, she must inform Elder Su personally.

Listening to Xu Jiahui's words and gazing at her, Elder Duan Yuerong's expression was secretly somewhat surprised. However, a hint of admiration flashed in his eyes, followed by a slight smile as she asked, "So, can you tell me if Su Yi is really an outer disciple of the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak?"


At the words, Xu Jiahui's gaze faltered slightly before she spoke, "Su Yi was brought back by Elder Su himself. As for the rest, it is Elder Su's business and we don't know anything about it, let alone dare to ask."


Elder Duan Yuerong's expression changed slightly, and it was unclear whether or not she believed it.

"After Elder Su returns, if you wish to come, seek me at the Ninth Sword Peak."

As soon as the words fell, the figure of Elder Duan Yuerong also disappeared.

All the elders departed, and then the group of outer disciples from the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak dared to lift their heads. They stood up as if granted amnesty, but by then their bodies were already drenched in sweat.

"So many elders have come, all of them looking for Brother Su Yi. It seems that Brother Su Yi has caused too much trouble this time, even the elders have been alarmed."

After a moment, a disciple spoke up, still struggling to calm his emotions as he gasped for breath.

"Are these elders really here to trouble Su Yi?"

Xu Jiahui murmured to herself, with a sense that these elders coming for Su Yi's sake might not have a true intention to cause trouble.


The name of Su Yi was still spreading in the darkness like a storm, among the entire Divine Sword School.

Before the Divine Sword Cliff, in the void, several figures silently emerged in mid-air.

Their eyes shone like stars in the sky, sweeping over the Divine Sword Cliff, and then quietly disappeared without a trace.

In front of the Divine Sword Cliff, on a small square, amidst the moonlight, the surroundings were dappled with light and shadow. A young man, of about twenty years of age with a muscular and proportionate physique, clad in tight black battle garments and a grey cloak, was swaying slightly with the wind.

The young man stood silently before Divine Sword Cliff, his chiseled features set in a cold and ruthless expression, his gaze fixed unswervingly upon the cliff.


Many figures came, all of them quite young and with a fairly decent temperament, but all of them had a somewhat disheveled appearance.

"You all go back, I will wait here as he will surely leave this place one day!"

Jian Shiyi spoke to the person behind him without turning his head, his gaze fixed on the Divine Sword Cliff ahead.

"Brother Shiyi, that guy is in seclusion at the Divine Sword Cliff. It is unclear how long he will be there, but the Grand Swordsmanship Competition is fast approaching!" said a young man behind him.

"He is only an outer disciple. Unless he doesn't participate in the Grand Swordsmanship Competition, he will always show up. Since we, the Court of Justice want to catch him, he can't escape!" Jian Shiyi's gaze was sharp and ruthless.


Cave, wall, mural.

Standing in front of a sword-wielding mural, Su Yi stared vacantly, carefully scrutinizing and researching it for several hours, but ultimately he gained nothing.

The patterns on this mural don't possess any exceptional identity, rather they appear exceedingly simplistic.

On the mural, an elderly man appeared to be staring ahead, his left hand hanging naturally, his right arm extended parallel to his shoulder, and his right hand tightly grasping a long sword.

This mural was just like any other, there was nothing particularly special about it. At least, Su Yi didn't perceive any distinctiveness, and he was at a loss as to where to begin unraveling its meaning.

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