The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 398

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Chapter 398: Preparing for the Grand Swordsmanship Competition!

"Whoever dares to stop me, we are here to see the sect leader!"

"Is Su Yi inside? We want to see the sect leader. Whoever dares to stop us!"

Outside the hall, the clamorous dispute could already be heard.

"Let the elders come in."

Situ Liuyun bitterly smiled. These elders probably came for Su Yi as well, wanting to take him as their disciple.

The Right Dharma Protector secretly chuckled to himself. It was likely that the news of Su Yi defeating Jian Shiyi had spread completely, and after hearing this news, these elders could no longer sit still.


"It's a big trouble, as there are several elders and even the Court of Justice's Elder Shangguan present. Brother Su Yi is in big trouble now!"

"He even went to see the sect leader, not knowing how the sect leader will sentence him."

"Hopefully Brother Su Yi will not face any major consequences!"


The crowd of outer disciples gathered together at the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, wearing solemn expressions.

They had witnessed everything at the Divine Sword Cliff, where Su Yi was taken away by several elders to meet the sect leader, and the consequences were unimaginable.

For them, all they could do was wait anxiously in despair, with nowhere to seek information.

"I hope Elder Su returns as soon as possible."

Xu Jiahui's expression became solemn, knowing that Su Yi's situation this time may not be optimistic.

The trouble caused by Su Yi has shaken the entire Divine Sword School. Now the only hope is that Elder Su can come back soon.

Otherwise, they, the outer disciples, can only watch helplessly.

Moreover, Su Yi is only an outer disciple, not a true disciple of the Divine Sword School, so the consequences are even more unpredictable.


Suddenly, a demon beast's whinny sounded from the sky, and a huge flying demon beast hovered in. The fierce and vicious aura made disciples like Xu Jiahui tremble in fear.

A figure jumped down from the flying demon beast that was hovering in the sky, with a broken sword on his back, shoulder-length hair, handsome face, and deep eyes.

The flying demon beast circled and disappeared into the sky in an instant.

Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing and others watched as the figure fell, their eyes couldn't help but be stunned, and then they immediately crowded around.

"Brother Su Yi, are you okay? What happened?"

Zhang Qing spoke, excitedly running up.

"I'm fine, nothing happened."

Su Yi smiled slightly as she watched the crowded people around her.

"Is everything really okay now? What did the sect leader say?"

Xu Jiahui, not reassured, raised her gaze and asked Su Yi. They had witnessed Su Yi being taken to see the sect leader by several elders. How could everything be fine? This troublemaker was not ordinary.

"It's really okay now, don't worry."

Su Yi nodded with certainty, it seemed that his identity as Elder Su's disciple was quite useful at the Divine Sword School.

Even Elder Shangguan Hu from the Court of Justice didn't say much either, it appears that he himself was really safe now.

"Is that really true..."

Hearing this, on Xu Jiahui's delicate face, her big, bright, clear eyes were still somewhat skeptical, not entirely believing Su Yi's words.

However, seeing Su Yi's return and the fact that the person who had clearly been by the sect leader's side had just sent him back to the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, Xu Jiahui had to believe it to a certain extent.

"Of course it's true. The sect leader didn't convict me. By the way, the Grand Swordsmanship Competition is tomorrow. Shouldn't we go and collect our emblems first? And also, you need to tell me more about the Grand Swordsmanship Competition."

Su Yi asked, since the Grand Swordsmanship Competition was tomorrow and when he had just left the main hall, the sect leader Situ Liuyun had told him to participate. Su Yi became quite curious and interested in this Grand Swordsmanship Competition.

Particularly after the battle with Jian Shiyi, Su Yi became even more interested in the Grand Swordsmanship Competition. Jian Shiyi ranked fifteenth on the Sword Tower, showing such a high level of talent in martial arts.

While facing Jian Shiyi, Su Yi could clearly sense that Jian Shiyi had some tricks up his sleeve. Naturally, the top 14 of the Sword Tower were even stronger than him.

This made Su Yi compare himself to the younger generation of the Divine Sword School, wondering how far he could go.

The younger generation on the Scared Mountain might be much stronger than the Divine Sword School in terms of overall strength.

Therefore, Su Yi is also looking forward to the Grand Swordsmanship Competition very much, wondering how far he can go if he goes all out.

Afterwards, Su Yi and Zhang Qing went to the door to receive their emblems.

To receive an emblem, a person must go in person, drop blood to recognize himself, and leave his own mark, and the emblem will record information and the required points for the Divine Sword School.

In short, this emblem is a status symbol of the Divine Sword School and has various functions within the school.

And from Zhang Qing's mouth, Su Yi gained a more comprehensive understanding of the Grand Swordsmanship Competition, since he was going to participate in it tomorrow.

The Grand Swordsmanship Competition, held once every five years and lasts for a whole month.

After the end of the Grand Swordsmanship Competition, the Divine Sword School will welcome a new batch of disciples.

At the beginning of the Grand Swordsmanship Competition, the direct disciples will not participate, only the outer disciples will be tested and there will be competition between the inner disciples.

Outstanding outer disciples still have the opportunity to become inner disciples.

Although all disciples who enter the Divine Sword School have already participated in testing their natural talent.

But after five years, it is highly possible that some disciples' natural talent has improved.

To some extent, natural talent can also be improved and elevated by innate genius and personal efforts.

Although the room for such improvement may not be particularly large, it cannot be denied that there is indeed a chance for enhancement.

Therefore, during the five years at the Divine Sword School, some people with exceptional talents have achieved significant improvements, reaching the standard of the inner disciple, which is a possibility.

Additionally, having exceptional talents undoubtedly represents a promising future in cultivation.

However, in this world, there are always exceptions to everything, and there is a possibility that disciples with average talents may also achieve remarkable progress through hard work within five years.

Hence, in the first round of the Grand Swordsmanship Competition, it is a chance for these outer disciples to prove themselves and potentially become inner disciples if they perform outstandingly.

However, this is also the outer disciples' final opportunity. If they don't perform outstandingly this time, they will never again have the chance to become an inner disciple in the future.

With these disciples' age, they have already passed the best time to lay a solid foundation. Even if they work hard in the future, unless they obtain an unbelievable opportunity, they are almost doomed to have little chance of becoming a true cultivator.

Merely passing the outer disciple test doesn't guarantee immediate promotion to an inner disciple.

The test only provides an opportunity to become an inner disciple, but the final outcome depends on the elders of the Divine Sword School.

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