The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: Passing through the Forest of Demons

“Dharma Protector Wang.”

Outside of the Liu Estate, Dharma Protector Wang and Liu Zong Yuan walked out. The various families that had gathered, all welcomed them heartily, hoping that Wang Quan De would take care of the people from their family.

Wang Quan De stood outside the main gate of the Liu Estate. Crowded by everyone, he smiled, although his eyes seemed to be searching for someone in the crowd, and only after they landed on Su Yi did he regain his calmness.

“Get on. Sit in the middle and gently grab onto the feathers on it back.”

Some experts from Sacred Mountain had Liu Yanni, He San and Mo Bu Fan jump onto the beast.

“You should go, I will take care of Wan Er as if she was my own sister.” Fatty Wang said to Su Yi.

Su Yi waved his hands, looking very free and easy. He went in front of the beast and jumped onto it like He San and Song Wu Qiu.

“This beast should already be very strong!”

Su Yi sat on the beast. Feeling the strong aura emanating from this beast, he fell into deep thought.

Inside the Forest of Demons, though there were uncountable beasts, being able to tame such a mighty beast to become a mount was enough to prove that Sacred Mountain was not mediocre.

“One day, if I am able to tame a stronger beast to become my mount, it should be quite cool.” Su Yi mumbled in his heart.


As Su Yi was mumbling in his heart, the few arrogant youths from Sacred Mountain gathered Yuan Qi in their feet, and with a flashing light, they landed on the back of the mount elegantly and easily together. Facing He San, Liu Yanni and the rest, they all had an air of arrogance around them.

But when these disciples of Sacred Mountain saw Su Yi, their arrogant faces could not help but cramp up slightly.

Especially when they saw how Su Yi seemed to be totally fine. His face was already rosy and his expression calm, they were flabbergasted.

You have to know that even when Ji Chao had consumed a lot of elixirs from Sacred Mountain, he had only recovered slightly.

Ji Chao was also on the mount currently. When he saw Su Yi, his expression was very complex, his hostility not at all hidden.

A young lady, around 16-17 years old, whether it was intentionally or unintentionally stood beside Su Yi. Her gaze fell on Su Yi’s body, a trace of a smile can be found on her face.

Su Yi looked back at the girl, her soft lips as red as cherries, her eyebrows seemed to be from a painting. A young age of only 16-17 years old, but her beauty was already outstanding, especially those thin, long legs and the high rise on her chest, that thin and delicate waist outlined a body line that would move the hearts of people, making them unable to resist glancing at her twice.

"Have we met somewhere in the past? Why are you looking at me like that?" Su Yi remembered this lady. She was a disciple of Sacred Mountain. She was smiling at him, but Su Yi had no idea who she was.

“I do not know you, but I have heard of you.”

The lady gently smiled. Looking at Su Yi she said, “I am called Li Ling, if there is a chance in the future, you can also call me Senior.”

“Then let’s leave that in the future.” Su Yi slightly curled his lips. It is better to distance myself from these people of Sacred Mountain, thought Su Yi. Just by having a small conversation with Li Ling, the rest of the disciples from Sacred Mountain were already glaring at him scornfully.

“Farewell, everyone.”

Wang Quan De jumped onto the mount, smiling as he bid farewell with Liu Zong Yuan and the rest. He moved his arm and with the unknown signal received by the beast, it suddenly roared, stretched its wings and rose into the air.


The beast roared, extended its wings and flew. Its body covered with luscious feathers. A strong aura moved and as it flapped its wings The air current was like a tornado as it shot off into the air.

On the back of the beast, Su Yi’s body shook as he held on tight onto the feathers off the beast.

The humongous beast extended its wings, looking fiercer than ever as it flew off into the air.

This commotion shook the entire city. Those who lifted their heads were full of jealousy.

Everyone knew that once you enter Sacred Mountain, you will be considered as the strong, even the weakest could become the highest authority in an area.

The beasts soared across the sky swiftly.

Su Yi’s robe fluttered in the wind. He could hear the roaring of the air current around him, slamming into his face until it hurt. Only after a while did he gradually got used to it.

“From the City of Man to Sacred Mountain, with the speed of Cloud-Piercing Wolf Eagle, we would be able to reach in ten days. In the middle of the journey, we will be passing through the most dangerous corner of the Forest of Demons and Domain of Chaos. Though for us, Sacred Mountain, we should be relatively safer. Whether it’s the beast from Forest of Demons or the people from the Domain of Chaos, they would not dare to do anything in front of Sacred Mountain.” On the back of the beast, Wang Quan De told everyone. Speaking about Sacred Mountain, a look of pride shown on his face.

Whether it be the Forest of Demons or the Domain of Chaos, in front of Sacred Mountain, none of them would dare to do anything. They did not dare offend Sacred Mountain.

“Only being able to arrive after ten days, huh?”

Su Yi raised his eyebrow. This so-called "Cloud-Piercing Wolf Eagle", its speed was extremely fast, probably able to travel several thousand kilometers in a single day without any problems. But only being able to arrive after ten days, this distance was not your usual one.

“Everyone should rest up.”

Wang Quan De said these words. His eyes swept over Su Yi, and then he sat while crossing his legs at the front of the beast, no longer bothering with the rest.


As the Cloud-Piercing Wolf Eagle was soaring through the air, there was an occasional deafening roar.

Everyone began to sit down with their legs crossed and started meditating.

The ten days of time may not be short, but to cultivators, it was not long as well.

The Cloud-Piercing Wolf Eagle could not fly day and night without rest either, every day and night it also had to rest two times.

On the beast, Su Yi sat for three days and was also meditating while performing the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”, gaining insights in his mind about the entire “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”.

“Now we are in the Forest of Demons, there are many different types of beasts here and even powerful beasts. Everyone should be careful. Do not be careless.” After three days, within a mountain ridge, Wang Quan De told everyone, “After resting for four hours, we shall continue on our journey.”

Su Yi leaped off the beast and stretched his body. Three days after performing the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”, he had already long recovered completely.

“I think that when you arrive at Sacred Mountain, many people will be interested in you.” Li Ling walked past Su Yi, gently smiling. Her smile absolutely charming.

Mountains continued as far as the eye could see and mountain peaks high above the clouds.


Within the depths of the mountains, from time to time there would be low roars of beasts.

Within a valley, there were tens of figures standing together, all of them had an air of blood around them like it was visible yet not. This air of bloodlust would be hard to exist if not for constant killing all year round.

“Leader, I saw people riding a Cloud-Piercing Wolf Eagle as a mount, their background should not be simple, should we do this job?”

In a valley, a fit man around thirty years old, looking sharp and clever, but having an air of ferociousness around him, asked his leader, a middle-aged man wearing short clothes, looking around forty years old.

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