The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: Onwards to Sacred Mountain

From the current situation, apart from going to Sacred Mountain, there was nothing better which he can do to increase his strength.

If I can become significantly stronger soon, maybe I’ll have a better chance of obtaining a high-grade elixir at Sacred Mountain. So what if I go to Sacred Mountain. I have already survived alone for three years in that Forest of Demons, there is nothing to fear, thought Su Yi

“Brother…” Wan Er was still worried.

“Wait for me to return. If in the future there is someone in the Su Family which bullies you, then go and look for Fatty Wang, he is trustworthy and reliable.” Su Yi interrupted Wan Er.

Wan Er was very worried, to the point of almost crying, but she still hurried Su Yi to finish his breakfast and then quickly packed for Su Yi.

When Su Yi reached the main gate of the Su Estate, Su Jing Ting, many elders and people of the Su Family were already waiting.

When they saw Su Yi, the looks in their eyes were filled with shock. Su Jing Ting was also not an exception. He was very surprised. He could see that Su Yi’s injuries were even better by a lot compared to last night.

But Su Jing Ting’s surprise left no traces and he regained his calm in a flash.

Rather, it was Su Wei’s gaze which was had many emotions, and at the same time, hostility.

Especially after seeing that Su Yi seemed to be fine already, his expression was even uglier. His injury the day before yesterday had not seen any recovery, but this kid has actually almost fully recovered.

“I have decided to go to Sacred Mountain, but can I ask Uncle for a favor?” Su Yi walked in front of Su Jing Ting and said seriously.

“What is it?” Su Jing Ting was slightly stunned. Ever since young, this kid had never spoken like this to him.

“Wan Er is forever my, Su Yi’s sister, and I hope that after I go to Sacred Mountain, she will still be my sister!”

Su Yi said to Su Jing Ting. The only thing he was worried about was that little girl, Wan Er. she does not know how to cultivate and was just a normal person.

Back when Su Yi himself was unable to cultivate, he did not pay much attention to Wan Er. Su Yi was still thinking that after he stepped into the higher realms, he would definitely think of a way for Wan Er to become a cultivator.

If it was like this then at least in the future Wan Er would have some ability to protect herself.

Su Jing Ting looked at Su Yi and after a few moments, he raised his eyes and shouted to everyone in the surroundings, “Everyone! Listen up! Su Wan Er is the Young Lady of the Su Family from today onwards!”

“Yes, Head of the House!”

The guards and servants in the surroundings found nothing strange about this. This matter had long since spread around the house.

Rather it was the elders and members of the family which were a bit surprised. The Head of the House had actually spoken about this personally.

“Are you satisfied?” Su Jing Ting asked Su Yi.

“Thank you very much, Uncle.” Su Yi nodded.

“Go, there is not much time left.” Su Jing Ting said.

On the vast plaza in front of the main gate of the Liu Estate, there was a huge beast around 30 meters in length, both wings folded. The bright feathers on its entire body had a luster on it, elegant like a statue yet at the same time, giving off a dangerous and powerful aura.

“This should be a demonic beast, so strong!”

“This is the mount of Sacred Mountain. That day I saw it myself that the people from Sacred Mountain rode on this demonic beast here!”

“This kind of mount should be already in the Demonic Xuan Realm!”

“I think it should least be in Demonic Spirit Realm!”

Outside the main gate of the Liu Family, there were quite a few spectators. Looking at such a huge beast, they were in awe of it.

When Su Yi and Su Wei were brought by Su Jing Ting and several other High Elders of the Su Family to the Liu Estate, the He Family, Song Family, the Mo Family, and so on so forth had also arrived.

Everyone’s eyes were on Su Yi with a rosy face. He looked nothing like someone who had been seriously injured the day before yesterday and could not help but be astounded.

When He San, Song Wu Qiu, and Mo Bu Fan saw Su Yi, they looked like they had no intentions to kill Su Yi.

Instead, the fight between Ji Chao and Su Yi that day still left a lingering fear in their hearts. They rejoiced that they did not fight Su Yi or else their outcomes would be absolutely worse.

Now looking at Su Yi, Song Wu Qiu, He San, and Mo Bu Fan were also a lot friendlier. At least this jinx had won some face over for the city the day before yesterday. They were also not pleased with Ji Chao’s arrogance.

“Is my good nephew fine now?”

Mo Lai, He Yi Kuan, and Song Ming saw Su Yi and went forward to greet him very politely, but in their hearts, they wanted to take a look at Su Yi carefully, the injuries from that day were so serious that he fell into a coma, did he really recover so fast?

“Thank you for uncles’ concern. Those were only superficial injuries, I am already fine now.” Su Yi nodded and smiled.

“This is way too incredible!”

Seeing that Su Yi had really almost recovered completely, they were speechless.

“Su Yi, Su Yi…”

There was a cry and Su Yi turned his head, searching for the source of the cry. A familiar fatty appeared in front of him, it was Wang Shang Wu, Fatty Wang.

“Are you also going to Sacred Mountain?” Fatty Wang squeezed out of the crowd. Looking at Su Yi preparing to go to Sacred Mountain, he was very surprised.

The day before yesterday he had completely offended the people from Sacred Mountain. If he went to Sacred Mountain wasn’t he just asking for torture?

“Of course.” Su Yi smiled.

“Then you best watch out.” Fatty Wang was helpless. Looking at Su Yi he smiled bitterly and was also delighted, he said, “I went to the Su Estate yesterday, but they said you were still recovering so I couldn’t enter, but seeing how you look now, it is good that you are fine.”

Su Yi patted Fatty Wang’ shoulder. About this good friend of his who had accompanied him from his childhood, he knew in his heart very well. He smiled gently and asked, “Can you help me out with something?”

“Do you want to lend money, I only have so much on me, you should take them all.” Fatty Wang did not say a second word and took out his purse. In the past when Su Yi asked him for help, most of the time it was to lend money.

This reaction may seem ordinary, but it warmed Su Yi’s heart.

“It is not about lending money, I hope that you can take care of Wan Er for me like a biological sister, can you do it?” Su Yi looked at Fatty Wang and asked without any hints of joking.

“No worries, I will take care of her as if she is your wife.” Fatty Wang looked at Su Yi and nodded seriously.

Su Yi rolled his eyes and glanced at Fatty Wang, he did not talk back, but said, “Fatty Wang, one day if I were to become strong, you are still my brother, my best brother in my life!”


Fatty Wang couldn’t believe that Su Yi could become strong at first, but his performance that day on the plaza had him starting to believe, he said grinning, “Relax, whether or not you become strong, you will always be my brother.”

Of course, Fatty Wang wouldn’t know that because of this sentence, in the future, when Fatty Wang was insulted, Su Yi commanded a vast army and led a group of experts. In his rage, slaughtered three major sects, shocking the entire continent, but this was to be talked about at a later date.


Su Yi grinned and patted Fatty Wang’s shoulder.

“When you go to Sacred Mountain, be careful of Liu Ruoxi and also, that Ji Chao would also make life difficult for you, you have to be careful.” Fatty Wang poked his head forward and whispered into Su Yi’s ear.

Su Yi did not say anything but at this moment, his heart felt warm, very warm.

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