The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: Decision

When Su Yi left the mysterious space, the rays of the setting sun shone within the room from outside the window.

Su Yi walked out of his room. When he saw who waiting outside, he inhaled deeply.

“Brother.” Wan Er had stood guard outside the door the entire time. Though she saw light radiating from the room, she did not disturb Su Yi. Now that she saw Su Yi did not have any more heavily injuries and his face had regained some color, she was ecstatic.

“Silly girl, go rest already.” Once Su Yi saw Wan Er, he knew that Wan Er had stood guard outside the door the entire time and did not have any rest. Both her eyes were bloodshot which showed that this girl had not rested for almost two days and one night and this pained Su Yi’s heart.

“I am fine. As long as brother is fine then all is well.” Wan Er smiled. A smile that could move people’s hearts, and then said, “The Head of the House had come by, he seemed to have something to discuss with you. He said to go look for him after you have woken up.”


Su Yi’s eyebrow raised slightly.

Since young, Su Yi was not sure of how he felt about his Uncle.

Since young, in Su Yi’s memories, this Uncle was very, very strict and Su Yi had even been severely punished several times by him when he was young due to his mischievous prank nature.

Even three years ago, his exile to the Forest of Demons, this Uncle was also the first to raise his hand in agreement.

Honestly, in his heart, Su Yi had more or less distanced himself from him.

So, back then even when he was in front of his Uncle, him not holding anything back against Su Jiao and Su Wei was also partially because of this.

When Su Yi arrived in the Inner Courtyard to see Su Jing Ting, the sky was already gradually darkening into the night.

“How are your injuries?” Looking at Su Yi, Su Jing Ting could not help but be slightly surprised. From Su Yi’s aura, Su Yi seemed to have almost fully recovered. Wasn’t this recovery speed a bit too fast?

“Not much left.” Su Yi shrugged. Yesterday at the plaza, this Uncle was directly standing in front of him to protect him, his heart felt a little grateful for that.

“Sacred Mountain had sent people over. You have withstood two blows from Ji Chao, they can make an exception and bring you to Sacred Mountain. If you want to go, you would have to set off tomorrow morning. If you do not want to go, then you need not take notice of this.” Holding in his surprise, Su Jing Ting said to Su Yi, his eyes constantly observing for Su Yi’s reaction on his face.

“Sacred Mountain.”

Su Yi was also slightly surprised, that Wang Quan De allowed him to go to Sacred Mountain, it was almost certain that there aren’t any good intentions there.

In his mind, Su Yi felt conflicted. He already had no intention to go to Sacred Mountain, and he also had no good feelings about Sacred Mountain.

Su Jing Ting looked at Su Yi and said slowly, “Some things you must decide yourself. You are part of the bloodline of the Su Family, you are a part of the Su Family. The Old Master had traded blows with Wang Quan De yesterday and had already received internal injuries. He has been forcing himself to hang in there last night, even helping to heal you without a care for anything else, adding an injury to another injury. In the best-case scenario, it would be hard for him to improve any further. If it was the worst-case scenario-”

His voice stopped for a moment, Su Jing Ting looked at Su Yi straight in the eyes and said deeply, “Worst-case scenario, I am afraid that the Old Master would only be able to hang on for a few more years. Everything was due to this mess!”

“Is what you are saying real!”

Su Yi stared intensely at Su Jing Ting, both his fists clenched tightly.

Though he knew his grandfather had sacrificed so much for him, Su Yi had never thought the consequences would be so severe.

“Do you really think I would joke with you about this?!”

Su Jing Ting stared at Su Yi and said with a low voice.

Su Yi did not say anything, both his fists tightly clenched. His nails had already dug into his flesh, but it was as though he could not feel any pain.

“Whether you are going to Sacred Mountain or not, you decide for yourself. But remember that, if you were to go to Sacred Mountain, the days ahead will not be easy, now go” Su Jing Ting waved his sleeve.

Su Yi’s eyes were bloodshot and left slowly.

It was already deep in the night. The torches of the Su Estate shone brightly.

“Young Master Su Yi!”

On the way back, the attitudes of the guards and servants of the Su Family turned 180 degree. They were very polite and respectful.

Su Yi nodded, his thoughts were not clear and unknowingly he had arrived outside his grandfather’s yard.

Seeing the peaceful yard under the shroud of the black night, Su Yi halted.

Adding one injury to another, maybe grandfather is still recovering.

If not for myself, grandfather would never have traded blows with Wang Quan De and would have no need to help me heal my injuries. If it was as Uncle said, even in the best case scenario, grandfather would not be able to improve anymore, or worse, he would only have a few more years to live.


Su Yi mumbled. If it was really like that, then how could he face his grandfather?

Su Yi was filled with guilt and self-blame. If time could rewind, who cares about any errand boy’s talent, why should he care so much about it and why should he remind the Liu Family about some engagement. If he didn’t do all those things, everything would be different now.

But time could not rewind, nor there was a medicine for regret in this world, Su Yi knew this in his heart.

“I need to become strong, then one day, I will find the elixirs in the legends. I will also heal grandfather completely and have grandfather’s cultivation improve again!”

After a while, Su Yi raised his eyes and gazed at the bright moon hanging in the sky. His eyes shone, filled with resolution.

Facing the yard, Su Yi kneeled on both knees and respectfully kowtowed three times, then he turned and left. His figure vanished in the curtain of the night.

“This child.”

The room in the yard, a window slightly opened. Su Yun Tian gazed at the back of the thin figure who was walking away through the tiny gap. The figure was unusually upright under the gentle light of the moon. A smile appeared on his face.

This night, the City of Man was very lively, especially in the various big families.

The Song Family, He Family and more. Next morning, they would have people able to leave for Sacred Mountain. To these families, it was definitely a huge event and naturally, the various expectations and reminders would also be present.

Early morning, the darkness before the dawn had just passed.


Su Yi who was on the bed stopped his breathing and exhaled deeply. His face was rosier than before like before he was injured.

“You are going to Sacred Mountain?”

After a moment, when Wan Er brought breakfast to Su Yi’s room and knew that Su Yi had decided to go to Sacred Mountain, she was so shocked that her mouth was agape.

“That’s right, I will go to Sacred Mountain. Best-case scenario, it would be only for one or two years, and even at worst it would only take three or four years and I would return home. Remember to take care of yourself when you are in the Su Estate.” Su Yi caressed Wan Er’s head. Grandfather’s injuries are very serious, I must become strong fast and help grandfather search for the legendary high-grade elixirs.

“But Brother, if you go to Sacred Mountain, those people will definitely not be kind to you.” Wan Er had heard about the situation at the plaza during the test and Liu Ruoxi was still at Sacred Mountain, and now that Su Yi wanted to go to Sacred Mountain, she could not help but worry.

“Rest assured, it is nothing special.” Su Yi grinned at Wan Er. Even after thinking carefully, although he knew that once he entered Sacred Mountain, there would be many troubles coming his way, his heart was firm. That Wang Quan De and Ji Chao alone are already going to make life hard for him, why should he care whether or not the entire Sacred Mountain would make it harder? For Su Yi really need to increase his strength as soon as possible

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