The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: Mercenary Group

The middle-aged man wore short clothes and had an average physique. His wide face and two eyes beamed with spirit. He looked like he was contemplating something and asked, “How many of them were there? Did you see clearly where they are from?”

“I do not know where they are from, but there are quite a few newbies. Those who have some ability should not be too many. I guess it should be some sect which sent their disciples here for some experience.” The intelligent looking man glanced at the middle-aged man and said, “Leader, this is a big chance for us! Those who can ride a Cloud-Piercing Wolf Eagle must have some treasure on them. We have already come out for half a month and there have not been many results. We cannot afford to miss this chance.”

The middle-aged man was pondering. Those who could ride a Cloud-Piercing Wolf Eagle, their background must not be simple. If they were unable to “eat” them completely, there would be a lot of trouble in the future.

“Leader, rewards are found through risks. Those who brought out newbies to train, they should not be too strong, or else they wouldn’t come to the Forest of Demons.” The intelligent looking man said. He seemed to be very eager for this.

“Okay, everyone ready up, let’s do this!”

The middle-aged man clenched his teeth and made his decision.

“Forest of Demons, what a familiar feeling.”

In the bottom of the valley, Su Yi stretched his body. This was a familiar place for him.

“There’s something weird around though.”

Looking around, Su Yi suddenly felt something strange. After three years within the Forest of Demons, this kind of feeling was way too familiar.

He consciously backed off a few steps, lending the terrain of the valley. After going near to a gigantic boulder where one could retreat and attack with ease, he examined the surroundings carefully.

Outside the valley, there was only a small path, with cliffs overseeing it, and the forest was lush with tall trees everywhere.

Su Yi frowned, if someone were to ambush them here, this would definitely be a spot to die.

But after thinking about it, Su Yi felt that such ambush wasn’t too likely, there shouldn’t be any sane person who would be willing to make such move against Sacred Mountain.

But Su Yi did not dare to relax, he hid himself near the boulder.

The atmosphere in the surrounding area was way too weird. There were actually no flutters and chirping of birds running away when a massive beast such as Cloud-Piercing Wolf Eagle landed. There should have been such movements unless someone had already scared them away before they had landed.

Within the valley, everyone got off the beast and stretched themselves.

The people walked around the area and started meditating with their legs crossed, waiting quietly for the beast to rest up.

The people were not the ones who were the most exhausted, it was the Cloud-Piercing Wolf Eagle.


Suddenly, the meditating Dharma Protector Wang seemed to have discovered something, his closed eyes shot wide open and gave off a light and he stood up in a flash.

The few people from Sacred Mountain who were behind Wang Quan De also became serious and responded quickly. The few disciples from Sacred Mountain also changed their carefree attitude in a second and readied themselves.

“What’s the matter?!”

“Is there danger?!”

He San, Song Wu Qiu, Mo Bu Fan and the rest all became frantic. When have they ever experienced something like this?

On the small path in front of them, there was a sudden sound of trembling. Everyone’s gaze turned in that direction.

Around the valley, among the lush tall trees, there were sounds of leaves being disturbed. There was movement throughout the forest.

“It’s a mercenary group.”

Su Yi frowned. He was very familiar with this style. This was the usual style of mercenary groups in the Forest of Demons.

Within the Forest of Demons, there were many mercenary groups. The small ones consisted of tens of people, while the large ones reached hundreds, searching for herbs, hunting beasts to obtain furs, skins and rare materials inside the forest as a way of life.

But there were also some mercenary groups who did not care much about morals. In the Forest of Demons, robbing, taking, tricking, killing, all these were usual occurrences.

In conclusion, within the Forest of Demons, strength was the law.

Swoop! Swoop!

All of a sudden, from all directions, many figures dashed out one after another. Fierce and aggressive auras filled the air. There were at least forty to fifty figures which had dashed out.

Several other figures walked out, their auras were relatively strong.

In the middle was a middle-aged man in short clothes, his aura was fierce, and his eyes were full of spirit as he stared at everyone in the valley.

The middle-aged man was looking at Wang Quan De and the rest, but when he saw the emblem on Wang Quan De and the rest of the men’s robes, his expression changed.

“Hehe, Leader, there are some nice girls here, this is a good haul!” Beside the middle-aged man, there were people looking at Liu Yanni, Li Ling and the rest of the ladies. Their eyes shone and their faces ecstatic, lust lurked in their eyes.

“Hand over all the treasures that you have, leave the women, or else we will not be polite!”

Someone hollered and sneered. There is so few of them and they even brought along some newbies. How would they be a match for them? This trip was very rewarding.

“You do not know your place. You dare to be so audacious in front of Sacred Mountain!”

Beside Wang Quan De, the expression of the man who was in charge of testing the candidates’ talents a few days ago was sharp. His gaze coldly swept over the surroundings. Facing the tens of figures which had surrounded them, he did not seem to care much.

“Sacred Mountain!”

When these two words came out, the tens of figures who had been sneering and mocking instantly got a shock.

Those two words, ‘Sacred Mountain’, were like a hundred thousand mountains instantly crushing on everyone’s hearts.

The middle-aged man who was the leader panicked, his face losing all its colour.

“Friends from Sacred Mountain, this is all just a misunderstanding, we shall leave now!”

The middle-aged man instantly changed expression and smiled. He would have never in his life imagined that the people who had arrived were actually people from Sacred Mountain.

“A lowly mob dares to rob Sacred Mountain. Well since you have come, then you don’t need to leave!”

Wang Quan De casually swept his gaze over the figures, a cold smile formed on his face.

Hearing his words, the faces of the people from the mercenary group changed and backed off.

“Friends from Sacred Mountain, this is the Forest of Demons, we did not mean to offend you, why do you need to force others?” The middle-aged man in short clothes slightly furrowed his eyebrows.

“It is the lot of you who do not have eyes, now you must pay the price!” Wang Quan De calmly said. He did not intend to let them off.

“Friend, do we really have to suffer massive losses to both sides? I do not think you will gain anything out of this.”

The face of the middle-aged man grew slightly more hostile. He had been around in the Forest of Demons for a very long time. As the leader of a mercenary group, if he bent his knees to others too much, how would he be able to make others submit to him in the future?

Furthermore, with his cultivation level, even in the entire Forest of Demons, he would definitely be one of the strongest.

“You overestimate yourself!”

Wang Quan De sneered. Looking at the figures in the surroundings, a cold light flashed in his eyes.

“Wolf Eagle, kill!” When he finished his words, Wang Quan De waved his sleeve, killing intent overflowed from his eyes.

“Howl!” The Cloud-Piercing Wolf Eagle who had been resting in the valley suddenly roared and moved, stretching its wings. Its entire body shined and an incomparably strong aura burst through the place like a tornado in a flash.

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