The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 374

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Chapter 374: Do I Need to Reason With You?!


Several flying demon beasts arrived, each with fierce and captivating eyes, a ferocious aura, and fixed gazes on Fierce Wind Golden Eagle, Su Yi, and Zhang Qing.

The sharp gazes of the dozen disciples of the Court of Justice then fell on Su Yi.

"It's him."

On the back of a flying demon beast, a young man in yellow spoke up behind Jian Shiyi. He kept his eyes fixed on the front, where a young man on the back of a Fierce Wind Golden Eagle was seated. Though they had never battled before, he still felt a lingering fear.

Su Yi and Zhang Qing have both met this young man in yellow clothes before. He is the leader of the disciples of the Court of Justice that they encountered outside the Sword Hall during the day, but Su Yi managed to scare him away. However, he has now come with Jian Shiyi.

Jian Shiyi had a cold and tough expression as he slightly raised his gaze and observed Su Yi, without much change in his eye expression.

"Come with us!"

There was a young man whose cultivation level was not inferior to Huang Changyu. He had a cold expression and stared at Su Yi coldly as he spoke.

"Why should I go with you guys?" Su Yi asked calmly.

"Acting in the Sword Hall, seizing the mount of the disciple of the Court of Justice, just these two actions alone are enough for you to suffer!"

In the eyes of the stern young man, there was a hint of coldness lingering.

"It wasn't me who started it in the Sword Hall. Shouldn't the one who caused the trouble be punished?"

Su Yi looked at the cold and stern young man and said, "As for this mount, which eye did you see me steal it with? It follows me on its own, so it's none of my business. If you're capable, call it back yourself."

"Young man, it doesn't matter how sharp-tongued you are. I don't care who in the Sword Hall initiated the attack. If you laid hands on someone, you must face punishment. The mount is also in your hands. Don't tell me it was given to you by the Court of Justice." The stern young man said coldly.


Su Yi sneered and glanced lightly at the disciples from the Court of Justice in front of him, saying, "Do you have no intention of reasoning with me?"

"Do I need to reason with you? If there is reason, go and plead your case with the Court of Justice. Surrender yourself and don't show any lack of appreciation for the favor given."

The stern young man said and didn't want to waste words with an outer disciple. Despite rumors of the disciple's remarkable abilities, in his opinion, they were nothing special and the rumors were likely exaggerated.

"He he, no need to reason with me..."

In Su Yi's sunken gaze, a trace of red light flashed, and a cold smile curved up from the corner of his mouth as he said icily, "Since that's the case, there's no need for me to reason with you!"

Upon hearing this, the disciples of the Court of Justice all secretly changed their expressions. This guy really is as arrogant as rumored.

The cold and stern young man who had been talking all along now had a completely indifferent expression on his face. A hint of iron blue appeared on his face as he looked at Su Yi and said, "Kid, you're provoking...!"

"Get out of here!"

Suddenly, at this moment, a loud shout from Su Yi interrupted the cold and stern young man's words.


A terrible breath swept out of Su Yi, accompanied by a reddish light, grand and destructive in its aura. His expression was not angry but intimidating, and his black hair flew wildly.



When such a breath swept out, a number of flying demon beasts trembled first, their fierce pupils were immediately replaced by fear, and their bodies trembled and rolled in the air directly.

"What's happening!"

On the backs of several flying mounts, the faces of more than ten disciples of the Court of Justice changed drastically.

"Not good..." someone tried to control the flying demon beasts, but it was of no use.

At this moment, these mounts were rolling and falling from mid-air as if they had gone crazy.

Suddenly, disciples fell straight off their flying mounts.


In the midst of panic, some disciples' qi erupted from their feet in a chaotic manner, transforming and condensing into the shapes of phantom beasts.

But some disciples of the Court of Justice didn't have time to react and fell into a panic, crashing down.

"Bam bam bam..."


There was a banging noise that spread, and the screams were piercing. The group of disciples of the Court of Justice, who had just been arrogant, were suddenly chaotic and embarrassed.

Su Yi used the breath of the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique to intimidate the flying mounts.

The several mounts from the Demonic Spirit Realm were unable to withstand the mysterious aura emanating from Su Yi at this moment.

Although Fierce Wind Golden Eagle was afraid of the aura emanating from Su Yi, it was enveloped by Su Yi's Qi protection, so it remained calm at the moment.

After those flying mounts fell, they crawled down, shivering and trembling, and didn't dare move at all.

"Boom!" "Boom!"


Soon, several surging and turbulent breaths emerged, and several animal-shaped illusions formed by the condensation of Qi appeared in the void.

Several disciples of the Court of Justice have already steadied their posture in haste, their gazes scanning Su Yi with a chilling intensity and a sense of shock.

With a loud shout, the young man was able to make several flying mounts tremble and bow down in fear. It was really shocking.

The disciple of the Court of Justice was shocked, as was Zhang Qing next to Su Yi, but it seemed that he had become accustomed to Su Yi's behavior.

Under Jian Shiyi's feet, a shimmering light appeared, and a dim black energy burst forth, coalescing into the shadow of a black eagle. Its black light filled the air, and on Jian Shiyi's cold face, his piercing eyes began to ripple as he stared directly at Su Yi and said, "You do have some skills indeed. It seems worthy for me to make a move!"

Su Yi looked at Jian Shiyi, his eyes flashing with a red light. As one of the top young talents of the Divine Sword School, Jian Shiyi sparked Su Yi's fighting spirit.

But the red light that flickered in Su Yi's eyes disappeared in an instant, and he lightly stepped on the Fierce Wind Golden Eagle under his feet, saying, "Let's go!"


Fierce Wind Golden Eagle let out a scream, flapped its wings, turned direction, and quickly flew away.

"Want to leave? Dream on!"

Jian Shiyi let out a cold snort from his throat. His handsome and icy face didn't show any change. The black falcon shadow under his feet spread its wings and swiftly chased after the Fierce Wind Golden Eagle.


Several other young people of the Court of Justice followed closely behind.

In an instant, several figures each displayed their spiritual power to form multiple illusionary animal shapes, and soared through the air towards the Fierce Wind Golden Eagle ridden by Su Yi.

"What should we do? They're catching up to us!"

On the back of the Fierce Wind Golden Eagle, Zhang Qing trembled with fear and dared not turn around to look behind him.

"Let's wait until they catch up with us!"

Su Yi said lightly, seemingly not too concerned. The few disciples from the Court of Justice were only displaying their abilities to condense flying demon beast's shadows using their essence, but these illusionary animal shapes couldn't fly too fast. In contrast, his Fierce Wind Golden Eagle was already in the Demonic Spirit Realm, and could fly at an amazing speed.

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