The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 375

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Chapter 375: Nameless Broken Sword Technique!

Under the cover of night, as the darkness enveloped, numerous figures darted through the void, chasing a figure with flashes of radiance.

With the exception of Jian Shiyi, the other young people from the Court of Justice were quickly left behind.

The moon was bright but the stars were dim. Jian Shiyi's cloak was rustling in the breeze as he flew swiftly through the darkness. The shadow of his black clothes and his black falcon phantom leap through the night. If it weren't for the strong energy that he exuded, he might have gone unnoticed.

"Not bad."

On the back of the Fierce Wind Golden Eagle, Su Yi turned around and stood, constantly watching the persistent Jian Shiyi behind. He didn't expect Jian Shiyi to be able to follow so closely, as his strength was truly extraordinary.

But Su Yi's expression remained unchanged, very calm, allowing Fierce Wind Golden Eagle to do its best.

The created flying demon beast phantom's speed couldn't be compared to that of a real flying demon beast.

Soon, Jian Shiyi's speed was significantly reduced.

Jian Shiyi exerted all his efforts, his eyes filled with profound radiance, like the brilliant stars in this moonlit night, yet he could only watch as Su Yi departed atop the Fierce Wind Golden Eagle.

"You may escape momentarily, but you cannot escape for a lifetime. You are surely bound to be caught eventually!"

A faint voice, much like a cold breeze, was spreading in the night sky and fell upon Su Yi's ears.

Su Yi turned around, without looking back again.

Jian Shiyi is extraordinary, however, his speed cannot match the Fierce Wind Golden Eagle's speed.


The cliff towering ten thousand feet high stands independently among the mountains, piercing the sky like a sharp sword, supporting the profound and vast night sky. It is not tearing the ground apart but stands tall and mighty, like a sword piercing through the nine heavens.

The cliff rose into the sky, surrounded by swirling clouds, towering into the heavens. In the distance, the mountain ranged loom and seemed to appear and disappear.

Looking up at the mountain cliff, one could see peculiar rocks standing on the mountain top, but the majority of the cliff face was steep as if it had been chopped by a hatchet or a knife.

This is Divine Sword Cliff. From a distance of several hundred feet away, Zhang Qing and Su Yi dismounted from their Fierce Wind Golden Eagle and could not ride the flying demon beast to descend upon Divine Sword Cliff.

Beyond the Divine Sword Cliff, there was not the kind of strict vigilance that Su Yi had imagined, not even a single elite of the Divine Sword School had been seen.

At least, there appeared to be no formidable presence from the Divine Sword School in Su Yi's eyes.

Outside of the Divine Sword Cliff, there were only a few disciples of the Divine Sword School who were keeping watch.

Apart from the disciples of the Divine Sword School, Su Yi also encountered some stewards of the Divine Sword School. They were all middle-aged and had similar levels of cultivation as Su Yi could infer from their unseen aura.

Zhang Qing bowed his head and led Su Yi to Divine Sword Cliff.

"That's it up ahead. Remember to seclude yourself for five days, we can't afford to miss the deadline," Zhang Qing instructed Su Yi, afraid that he might forget the time.

Su Yi nodded, and Zhang Qing turned around and left.

He didn't intend to go into seclusion, he wanted to return to the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak.

He didn't do anything in the Sword Hall, so he was not afraid of the disciples of the Court of Justice. Although he still felt somewhat frightened.

Su Yi has already obtained, from Zhang Qing's oral communication, the process to access the Divine Sword Cliff.

On the Divine Sword Cliff, there are hundreds and thousands of mountain caves, known as Sword Caves. Within each Sword Cave, there are the teachings and sword techniques left behind by the Divine Sword School's masters from ancient times to the present.

Cultivating inside it, if one can comprehend these sword techniques, can be of great benefit.

In order to meditate and comprehend on the Divine Sword Cliff, one must pay a cost in the form of points. Additionally, the required amount of points varies between each Sword Cave.

Upon entering the Sword Cave, as long as an adequate amount of credits are possessed, the cave shall seal itself, rendering it impervious to any unauthorized intrusion.

It is said that this is a measure put in place by the senior cultivators of the Divine Sword School, in order to ensure that disciples who are in seclusion are not disturbed in any way.

If one has enough points, the Sword Cave will close without any disturbance, which makes Su Yi feel quite relieved.

Su Yi's first visit to the Divine Sword Cliff proved uncomplicated, thankfully. He was able to acquire all the pertinent details from Zhang Qing and Xu Jiahui.

Beneath the Divine Sword Cliff, Su Yi's gaze lifted towards the towering cliff top that pierced the night sky. He couldn't help but feel awe-inspired and amazed at the divine creation.

At each sword cave on Divine Sword Cliff, there is a hallmark indicating the number of points required for a day of seclusion.

Above the cliff, there are winding stone steps crisscrossing and connecting to various Sword Caves. The higher the position of the Sword Cave, the more points it requires.

Within the Sword Cave, there was a cave where someone was in seclusion. The dazzling energy screen was filled with a radiance, upon which rested the badge of identity left behind by the disciple inside it. However, no one was able to forcefully enter.

The Sword Cave without anyone had a radiance permeating within, covered by a light screen, as if water flowing and undulating, but the radiance was much dimmer.

Within Xu Jiahui's emblem, there appears to be a dearth of points, which has prompted Su Yi to be reminded that only the lowest tier of the Sword Cave may be accessed.

Su Yi's gaze swept over the towering Divine Sword Cliff, where thousands of Sword Caves were likely glowing with dazzling light, with probably ninety percent of them being closed-door abodes for disciples of the Divine Sword School.

Moreover, what is even more important is that the lower the Sword Cave is, the more densely populated it is.

With a pensive gaze, Su Yi finally found an unoccupied Sword Cave after great difficulty.

Outside the cave, Su Yi curiously surveyed his surroundings, finding nothing particularly noteworthy. He then took out Xu Jiahui's emblem and cautiously approached the entrance to the cave.


Above the Sword Cave, the dim light curtain suddenly became brilliantly radiant upon contact with Xu Jiahui's emblem.

Vaguely from within that light veil, there were myriad sword lights blooming, emanating an ancient aura.

Within the badge, there was also a similar radiance emanating and becoming clear and translucent.

Subsequently, from within the energy barrier of the Sword Cave, the vaguely visible myriad of sword radiance bloomed, ultimately transforming into rows of characters.

"The Nameless Broken Sword Technique, left by an anonymous elder of the Divine Sword School, is a regret that has only been mastered by few, if any, over the past thousands of years." The characters flashed briefly before disappearing completely.

Every Sword Cave has a detailed description, to facilitate disciples in deciding whether or not to enter and cultivate therein.

It is said that inside the Sword Caves on the Divine Sword Cliff, there are not only sword techniques and cultivation methods, but also insights and realizations left by the past masters of the Divine Sword School.

Upon reading the description on the light screen before the Sword Cave, Su Yi felt quite speechless.

No wonder only this Sword Cave is left. It seems that no one would choose this Sword Cave.

This Sword Cave is located at the lowest level of the Divine Sword Cliff.

The disciples who usually go into seclusion at the bottom of Divine Sword Cliff are generally menial disciples and outer disciples.

But inside this Sword Cave, what remains is an unnamed incomplete sword technique. It is only a single move, and for thousands of years, no one has been able to understand and cultivate it to completion.

The menial disciples and outer disciples, who have worked hard to earn a meager amount of points, hope to see immediate and effective results during their seclusion.

No one has mastered this incomplete sword technique for thousands of years. Naturally, no one would be foolish enough to enter and squander his own points.

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