The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 373

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Chapter 373: Night Pursuit!

How could the old man in grey not understand? Liu Yunchuan, Gong Qi, and Yun Lingfeng are all representatives of the younger generation, hailed as abnormal and monstrous by the sect, with exceptional talent and stunning advances in cultivation that leave others amazed.

However, Liu Yunchuan and the others, who were only fifteen or sixteen years old five years ago, had only achieved a cultivation level close to the Yuan Xuan Realm.

And the outer disciple named Su Yi, who appears to be only fifteen or sixteen years old, is said to have already attained the cultivation level of the Yuan Spirit Realm.

By such a contrast, the old man in gray was suddenly startled and felt a spooky sensation, making him tremble involuntarily.

The tall and middle-aged man smiled slightly and said to the old man, "For now, we don't need to worry about it, let's pretend that we don't know."

"But such an outer disciple, once someone gets wind of it, is bound to cause a stir."

The old man in grey clothes had a twinkling light in his eyes. That was just an outer disciple, and Elder Su was not on the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak. Perhaps, once someone gets the news, they will definitely take action and move, out of fear of missing out.

"Regardless of who takes action, isn't it all at the Divine Sword School?"

The middle-aged man chuckled, but there was a fleeting glimmer of cunning in his eyes, unnoticed by the gray-clothed old man.


"Senior Brother, Su Yi went to the Divine Sword Cliff!"

Upon the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, Xu Jiahui trembled with awe as she addressed a young man clad in black battle attire before her.

The outer disciples on the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak were silent and quivering in the presence of the disciple from the Court of Justice, their bodies shaking inexplicably.

"Jian Shiyi" is actually the name of the young man standing before them dressed in black battle attire.

Among the young peers of the entire Divine Sword School, Jian Shiyi is also a renowned figure. Rumor has it that despite his young age, his cultivation is unfathomable, which is enough to make many elders admire him greatly.

"Hmph, what enormous audacity!"

Upon hearing this, a group of disciples from the Court of Justice arrived, some of whom had a cold and fierce look in their eyes as they stared intently at the group of outer disciples on the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak.

Such a cold and daunting look, combined with an intangible aura, filled the outer disciples with fear and caused them to be oppressed by the oppressive atmosphere.

"Chase them, they won't get far!"

Jian Shiyi's expression sank, paying no attention to these outer disciples. He tapped his foot on the ground, and immediately a burst of elemental energy gushed out from under his feet. The dim black elemental energy expanded at once, shining with a faint black light. It then condensed into a black eagle phantom, emanating a pervasive black glow beneath his feet.

This is Qi transforming into a form, as Jian Shiyi's figure instantly stepped on the black falcon phantom and departed.


At the same time, the disciples of the Court of Justice condensed their qi and conjured the illusion of flying demon beasts to follow closely behind.

Some people, however, were unable to condense the illusory image of a flying demon beast and had to rely on those around them to carry on.



At the foot of the mountain, the roars of several ferocious flying demon beasts could be heard as they soared into the air.

Watching the disciples of the Court of Justice hastily depart, Xu Jiahui and the others finally breathed a sigh of relief.

"Do you think they can catch up with Brother Su Yi?"

Taking a deep breath, someone whispered with a serious and concerned look in their eyes.

"They had already been on the road for some time, hoping to reach the Divine Sword Cliff as soon as possible."

Xu Jiahui spoke up. She had done all that she could, had already given her best effort, and now all they could do was hope that Su Yi would arrive at the Divine Sword Cliff ahead of Jian Shiyi of the Court of Justice which was in pursuit, with no other options available.

Once you enter the Divine Sword Cliff, no one is allowed to intrude and disturb.


The night had already shrouded the mountains. In the half-open sky, the Fierce Wind Golden Eagle's body emanated its radiance.

"When you have enough points, you can enter the Divine Sword Cliff at any time. The destination is not far ahead."

On the back of the fierce Wind Golden Eagle, Zhang Qing said to Su Yi that they were not far from the Divine Sword Cliff and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Is it possible that someone else is going to Divine Sword Cliff at this hour of the night?"

On the back of the Fierce Wind Golden Eagle, Su Yi stood afoot, gazing into the far distance behind him. In the night sky, several specks of light flickered and approached steadily.



A roar of beasts was heard, and several flying demon beasts rushed forward at great speed, with the foremost one being a fierce and powerful exotic beast.

Several young figures stood straight on the back of the monster, their clothes fluttering while their expressions were fierce.


Zhang Qing narrowed his gaze and looked into the distance. When he saw the beast mounts clearly, his expression changed immediately.

Especially looking at the appearance of the young man in his twenties wearing a black tight-fitting battle suit, whose grey cloak fluttering behind him, with three-dimensional features and a cold and ruthless expression on his face, Zhang Qing's eyes were filled with shock and horror.

"Jian Shiyi of the Court of Justice, the people of the Court of Justice have arrived!"

Zhang Qing exclaimed in surprise. He had just breathed a sigh of relief, thinking he could smoothly reach Divine Sword Cliff. However, he never expected that the people from the Court of Justice were still catching up, and even more importantly, Jian Shiyi was leading them.

"Is Jian Shiyi very strong?"

Su Yi looked back and, with the power of his extraordinary soul, he sensed that the disciples from the Court of Justice were all at the cultivation level of the Yuan Spirit Realm.

Especially that black-armored young man, he's probably above Huo Dongqiu.

Zhang Qing replied, "Jian Shiyi's strength is unfathomable, and he is also a leader among the young disciples of the Divine Sword School. He holds the fifteenth position in the ranking of the Sword Tower!" For Zhang Qing, the ranking at the fifteenth position of the Sword Tower was an unattainable height.

Su Yi narrowed his eyes and learned of the existence of the Sword Tower from the mouths of Zhang Qing and Xu Jiahui.

It is said that the Sword Tower is very mysterious and can verify one's own cultivation and strength. The ranking within the tower is also equivalent to the ranking among all the young peers of the Divine Sword School.

Among tens of thousands of young disciples in the Divine Sword School, being able to rank in the top fifteen is sufficient evidence of Jian Shiyi's formidable strength.



Several flying demon beasts pursued from behind, each of them was formidable and none would be inferior to the Fierce Wind Golden Eagle.

Especially the beast ridden by Jian Shiyi and his companions was incredibly fast, soaring with wings that generated a tempestuous airstream, stirring up a gale in mid-air. It was rapidly closing in on the Fierce Wind Golden Eagle, now only a few dozen meters away.

"Thinking that you could hide inside the Divine Sword Cliff? You can't escape!"

A disciple of the Court of Justice spoke sharply, having already discerned Su Yi's purpose. He believed that Su Yi was afraid of the disciples of the Court of Justice, and thus sought to enter the Divine Sword Cliff in the middle of the night.


Su Yi's gaze slightly hardened, with a subtle exertion of force from his feet. The Fierce Wind Golden Eagle immediately spread its wings and leapt horizontally, then swirled around, turning 360 degrees. It hovered in midair, flapping its wings gently, maintaining a parallel course, facing head-on and overlooking several pursuing flying demon beasts.


The leading flying beast ridden by Jian Shiyi soared and confronted Su Yi's Fierce Wind Golden Eagle, flapping its wings in the forefront.

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