The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 372

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Chapter 372: Sect Leader!

Xu Jiahui said that if Su Yi can really obtain a good ranking, then it wouldn't be in vain for him to be entrusted with such an important matter.

Perhaps Elder Su will be able to forgive them if he sees that Su Yi is able to secure a seat for the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak.

"If you can achieve a good ranking, you will get a substantial amount of rewards, including points. The higher the ranking, the more abundant the rewards will naturally be."

Zhang Qing's gaze was filled with yearning; for those with more might, the resources they would obtain were also greater.

And in the eyes of outsiders, they were disciples of the Divine Sword School, already beyond ordinary.

Especially in their hometowns, being a disciple of the Divine Sword School is a matter of great pride and honor.

Zhang Qing remembers vividly the eager gazes of the entire village, the tears of joy, and the hopeful looks of his parents when he obtained the qualification to enter the Divine Sword School and become a disciple.

"Zhang Qing, take Su Yi to Divine Sword Cliff as soon as possible. The sooner, the better."

Xu Jiahui told Zhang Qing that she feared disciples of the Court of Justice had arrived and wished for Su Yi to go to Divine Sword Cliff as quickly as possible.

Su Yi hesitated for a moment then tucked the badge into his embrace and went to seclude himself in the Divine Sword Cliff's cave for a few days, during which he could also observe the legacies of the skilled cultivators of the Divine Sword School.

"The Grand Swordsmanship Competition, I will definitely secure the first position, and then return you a hundredfold of points!"

Gazing at Xu Jiahui, Su Yi said.

"The first prize is not easy to obtain; all direct disciples will participate."

Xu Jiahui chuckled, aware that Su Yi was formidable, enigmatic, and unfathomable.

But Su Yi's desire to win the first place in the Grand Swordsmanship Competition was something Xu Jiahui really couldn't believe.

The Grand Swordsmanship Competition is coming up, and all direct disciples will participate, including those exceptional senior brothers and sisters in the sect. Their strength is truly remarkable!

"For you, I must become the champion of The Grand Swordsmanship Competition!"

Su Yi smiled at Xu Jiahui and with his words trailing behind, he departed along with Zhang Qing.

Su Yi certainly had the intention of winning the Grand Swordsmanship Competition.

Not only for the supreme benefits and abundant rewards, but also because if he cannot win the Grand Swordsmanship Competition, how can he challenge the Sacred Mountain in the future?


"Master, I will take you to the Divine Sword Cliff!"

In the not too distant distance, the Fierce Wind Golden Eagle screeched.

Su Yi understood the Fierce Wind Golden Eagle's beast language. It didn't leave, but instead stayed nearby, keeping watch.

"That's good."

Su Yi nodded, having Fierce Wind Golden Eagle as a means of transportation would indeed be much more convenient.

Immediately, Su Yi Zhang Qing leaped onto the Fierce Wind Golden Eagle, and disappeared into the direction towards the Divine Sword Cliff, amidst the last glimmer of evening light reflected in the darkness of the night.

"He is so confident to take first place. Who on earth is this guy..."

Gazing at the fading figure, Xu Jiahui fixated her eyes for a long time, and a faint smile appeared on her lips.



Suddenly, at this moment, several huge flying demon beasts appeared in the distant sky.

"Uh-oh... those are people from the Court of Justice!"

Upon the mountain peak, the outer disciples visibly paled. The flying demon beasts were the mounts of the Court of Justice, and it was true that disciples of the Court of Justice had arrived.

The several huge flying demon beasts looked very powerful.

As the first demon beast in sight, it had a terrifyingly ferocious countenance resembling that of a lizard, with a body akin to that of a wolf or tiger. Its fleshy wings exuded a faint black glow all over its form.

This is a strange beast, but its aura is quite powerful.

On the back of the beast, several young men stood straight with fluttering robes. Their expressions looked very fierce.

A young man appeared in front, looking to be in his early twenties. He wore a black, tight-fitting battle suit that accentuated his well-proportioned build, complemented by a gray cape draped around his shoulders. His facial features were three-dimensional, and his countenance was cold and stern.

"Dismount your steed, and let us ascend the mountain!"

As the flying demon beasts approached the Thirty-sixth Sword Peak, the young man clad in black armor spoke up.

"Why don't you just go up and capture Su Yi, the 11th junior fellow?"

A stout young man spoke behind the young man clad in a black battle suit.

"This is the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, Elder Su's territory. Aren't you afraid of being punished by Elder Su?" said the young man in black armor, indifferently.


At the mention of Elder Su, several youths simultaneously had their countenance darken.

Directly riding a mount to the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak is disrespectful, and they all heard of Elder Su's bad temper.


At dusk, the thick sunset glow covered the sky and was reflected upon the mountains.

As the night fell, the entire sky gradually settled into a deepening stillness.

The courtyard and pavilion were exquisitely decorated, with wisps of incense smoke wafting through the air, filling the atmosphere with a subtle fragrance.

A tall middle-aged figure gazed out the window at the lingering rays of the setting sun.

The middle-aged man was probably over seven feet tall, with a robust physique. He was wearing a long black robe embroidered with golden floral patterns. His long black hair was neatly combed into a bun on his head, and his deep eyes sparkled with brilliance. He unconsciously exuded a natural and commanding aura, making people feel pressured and submissive with just one glance.

"At the age of fifteen, with a single move, defeated Huo Dongqiu who is in the Second Grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm. Truly an unexpected outcome."

The middle-aged person gazed at the sunset outside the window, and on his mildly smiling face, there also arose a hint of surprise.

"I have already inquired thoroughly, and it is indeed the truth that on the Fifteenth Sword Peak, many disciples were severely injured."

A gray-clothed elderly man, in his early fifties, or perhaps a little over, but not yet sixty, faced the middle-aged man with a respectful yet natural expression.

The elderly man in grey robes had a somewhat surprised expression on his face, with a bitter smile lingering on his lips. He continued, "The inner disciples from the Fifteenth Sword Peak have been punished severely. They were stripped naked and publicly shamed at the base of the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak. The culprit is said to be a young man named Su Yi, who showed no mercy in his actions. He confiscated the space bags of anyone who fell into his hands."

"Ha ha ha ha..."

Upon hearing this, the middle-aged man burst into laughter and remarked, "How intriguing! This young chap certainly possesses tremendous courage."

The old man in grey clothes felt helpless, chuckled bitterly, then furrowed his brows slightly and said, "I have checked, there seems to be no disciple named Su Yi in my Divine Sword School, and Elder Su also seems to be absent from the school in recent days."

"When Liu Yunchuan, Gong Qi, and Yun Lingfeng entered Divine Sword School, weren't they also around the age of fifteen or sixteen?" The middle-aged man asked the grey-robed old man, seemingly not hearing what the old man had said.

The old man in grey raised his eyebrows and replied, "Indeed. When they entered the Divine Sword School five years ago, they were all around the age of fifteen or sixteen at that time."

The middle-aged man smiled and asked, "What was their cultivation level when they first entered the Divine Sword School?"

"It seems that they were all barely approaching the Yuan Xuan Realm."

The old man in grey clothing replied. Suddenly, he seemed to recall something, and his expression instantly changed as he gazed at the tall middle-aged man, saying, "If everything is true, then this young man named Su Yi is definitely an exceptional genius!".

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