The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 358

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Chapter 358: The Sword Hall!

"I heard that guy is named Su Yi and is an outer disciple of the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak!" a young man said, having heard a lot of information.

"How could an outer disciple have such talent and strength? It's unlikely!"

Some people suspected that the person who could defeat Ba Yi must not be an outer disciple. They murmured and wondered, "Is he not an outer disciple, but rather a direct disciple of Elder Su? After all, this is Elder Su's territory."

"It's impossible. How could Elder Su take on disciples? Even if Elder Su did take on disciples, such a big matter, how could no one know?"

A young person shook his head, this is not very likely.

If Elder Su really accepts disciples, it will shake the entire Divine Sword School, and nobody will be unaware of it.

Under the lively Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, there was a lot of discussion, attracting more and more disciples from Divine Sword School who came to explore.

At this moment, Su Yi has arrived at a square in the Divine Sword School.

Since he had already decided to stay at the Divine Sword School for a few days and pretend to be Elder Su's disciple, he didn't know whether Elder Su would punish him or not. Therefore, he might as well take the opportunity to explore the Divine Sword School and see if there were any benefits he could gain. At least he could earn some reward for himself.

And the benefit of the Divine Sword School, the first thing Su Yi thought of, was whether he could obtain some martial arts and sword techniques.

The mighty Divine Sword School, a top-tier power in Central State, undoubtedly possesses exceptional martial skills and sword techniques.

But Zhang Qing's words dashed Su Yi's hopes.

The Divine Sword School has a total of 72 peaks, namely: Tianjian Peak, Sword-hiding Peak, Spirit Sword Peak, 15 Mysterious Sword Peaks, 18 Dao Sword Peaks, and another 36 Sword Peaks.

The martial arts, swordsmanship, and many precious swords of the Divine Sword School are said to be located on Sword-hiding Peak, accessible only to qualified disciples.

To obtain the martial skills and sword techniques on Sword-hiding Peak, one also needs to exchange them using points.

Each level of martial arts and sword techniques, including various levels of training resources, must be exchanged with relative points.

The higher the rank and level of the martial arts swordsmanship and cultivation resources, the more points are required.

Su Yi is not really a disciple of Divine Sword School, so he naturally won't have any Divine Sword School points.

Su Yi asked Zhang Qing if he had any points. Zhang Qing expressed helplessness, saying that even though outer disciples have a fixed amount of points every month, it is very little. At the end of the year, they can only barely exchange it for a set of good-level martial skills.

Su Yi's hopes were dashed, but he eventually learned from Zhang Qing that although he couldn't go to Sword-hiding Peak, as an outer disciple of the Divine Sword School, he may not have as many benefits as an inner disciple, but at least he would have someone to guide him within the School.

Every month in the middle of the month, the senior direct disciples of Divine Sword School will teach classes in the Sword Hall, passing on various knowledge and helping disciples to clear their doubts.

Both inner disciples and outer disciples can attend classes at the Sword Hall.

And today happens to be the middle of the month.

Su Yi had a sudden inspiration and decided to come and attend the class, which could be a way to get to know more about the Divine Sword School.

The two of them jumped down from the back of the flying demon beast. Zhang Qing scanned the surroundings with hopeful eyes and said to Su Yi, "We're almost there. If we're lucky, we may even get to attend a Law Protector's lecture. That would be a big win."

Su Yi smiled slightly, with an open mind and not much expectation.

The so-called Sword Hall is actually a square surrounded by a courtyard on all sides, with a considerable area that can accommodate nearly a thousand people.

Surrounding the Sword Hall were many carved sword patterns, ancient and weathered.

In the square, there were neatly arranged cushions. At this moment, the place was completely overcrowded and densely packed with people. There was no space to be found, and many people could only stand in corners to listen.

On the stone platform at the front, there were several young men and women standing respectfully at this moment.

These young men and women, some in their late twenties and some in their thirties, all have decent demeanors, bright eyes, and solemn expressions. They stand behind an elderly man who appears to be around sixty years old.

The old man sat cross-legged, with a lean and slender figure, giving off the impression of being immortal in both looks and demeanor. His flowing white beard complemented his gentle yet grave expression, as he vehemently imparted his teachings.

Below, thousands of disciples were silent as a pin drop, listening attentively.

Many of the disciples sitting in the front were obviously inner disciples judging from their dress.

Su Yi and Zhang Qing walked into the Sword Hall, but no one looked at them. Only a few senior disciples at the top glanced at them from afar and then resumed their calm gaze.

"Oh my God, it's an elder! I can't believe there's an elder teaching today!"

As Zhang Qing gazed at the old man, who possessed a fairy-like appearance and a dignified bearing, he felt a surge of excitement, causing his entire body to tremble. In a low, trembling voice, he expressed his excitement at the rare opportunity to receive teachings from such an esteemed elder, an event that only occurred once a year.

Su Yi was also surprised that the elders of the Divine Sword School could teach outer disciples. He was surprised and suddenly became interested.

Su Yi gazed at the old man in the distance, who had an air of elegance and mastery about him. He secretly observed him, but couldn't sense any aura or movement.

But that figure made Su Yi look at it for a few more moments, and his heart inexplicably trembled.

The several senior disciples standing behind the elder exuded an invisible, strong, and aggressive aura.

"Above the Yuan True Realm."

Those senior disciples didn't intentionally release their aura, but the invisible fluctuations in their bodies made Su Yi secretly estimate that their cultivation must have surpassed the Yuan Spirit Realm.

Su Yi and Zhang Qing couldn't find empty seats, so they quietly sat cross-legged in a corner.

Listening to the elder with an immortal-like demeanor at the front, his voice was booming and clear enough to reach the ears of all disciples in the audience.

"Today, I will talk to everyone about the origin of martial arts. As martial artists, we shouldn't just focus on cultivating techniques and skills, but also have a certain understanding of their origins. It is rumored that in ancient times, there were few human beings and many wild animals. The ancient human beings had to be constantly vigilant against beast attacks, and over time, through constant improvement of their physical and intellectual abilities, the seed of martial arts emerged as the initial form of martial arts."

"Under this kind of development, in ancient times, there were ancestors who pursued martial arts and revered the way of martial arts, they were brave and skilled in combat, able to shatter mountains with fists, split the sky with palms, tread on the stars, and break through the void!"

Upon hearing this, every disciple in the room felt full of longing, their eyes shining with excitement, their hearts overflowing with emotions. They felt as if they could tread upon the stars and break through the void.

"Martial arts have a long history and a deep cultural foundation. From ancient times to the present day, our human ancestors have undergone arduous training and constantly refined their skills, leading to the evolution of martial arts. Today, in the six lands, three continents, and one ocean, there are many sects and numerous skilled cultivators who excel in this art."

With a pause in his speech, the old man glanced briefly at the group of disciples in front of him before continuing in a loud and clear voice.

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