The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 359

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Chapter 359: Foundations of Swordsmanship

"All of you are disciples of the Divine Sword School. Today, I will talk to you all about swords. Although the Divine Sword School is not just known for its sword skills, it is famous for its sword skills. The founder of the Divine Sword School wielded a sword alone and swept across six lands, three continents, and an ocean. He suppressed many heroes and prominent figures of that era, and his prestige was known throughout the world. In the end, he founded the Divine Sword School, which stands strong to this day, with a glorious reputation!"

Speaking of the founder of the Divine Sword School, the elder also showed some fluctuations in his eyes, with a sense of pride, and his gaze became a bit brighter unconsciously.

The disciples of the Divine Sword School were all passionate and proud to be a part of the school at this moment.

Pausing for a moment, the elder with fairy-like features seemed very satisfied with the disciples' reactions and continued to speak, "The sword, as the king of all weapons, is elegant, free-spirited, versatile, nimble, graceful, and can also be unrestrained, wild, and unconventional."

"Swordsmanship requires the mind and body to be in harmony, combining internal and external aspects so that both the physical and mental aspects are being cultivated. The movements are slow and even, like flowing clouds and water, continuous and uninterrupted..."

The elder spoke eloquently, and the disciples were fascinated and listened carefully, afraid to miss anything.

Su Yi had low expectations, as the elder was only sharing some basic knowledge at the moment.

However, ironically, it gradually made Su Yi listen seriously as well.

From the beguining of cultivation till now, Su Yi has been cultivating alone.

Although he had consulted with the only three remaining elders of the Divine Demonic Sect, Su Yi only learned some insights on cultivation in the Yuan Spirit Realm from them and had never received such basic guidance.

These basic knowledge, on the contrary, are the most lacking for Su Yi.

Although he has already reached the cultivation level of Third Grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm, with his tricks and remarkable talent, Su Yi's true strength has long surpassed that of ordinary cultivators at the same level.

But at this moment, Su Yi listens to this basic cultivation knowledge, comprehending and fusing them together. In many places, he can't help but feel a sense of enlightenment.

Just like a river flowing towards the sea, the water flows softly and no one notices the mud at the bottom of the river.

At this moment, what Su Yi has obtained is like thoroughly cleaning the sediment at the bottom of the river, and the rushing river water is unstoppable as it flows toward the sea.

"Sword, held loosely and agile, capable of swift changes. Wrist strength is decisive, using flexibility to overcome rigidity, striking a balance between hardness and softness, with softness overcoming hardness. Quick footwork and sharp eyesight, using body movements to support sword technique... That's all for today's lesson."

After almost two hours, the elder slowly swept his gaze over the group of disciples before him. His voice thundered with greater force as he spoke slowly, "As cultivators, in addition to cultivating ourselves, we must also cultivate our hearts and minds, respect our teachers and uphold the teachings. All martial arts students must choose virtuous mentors, remain humble to learn, honor and respect their elders, uphold the ethics of martial arts, and demonstrate etiquette before learning the artistry. It is only by cultivating the right path, supporting the weak, and suppressing evil, that we can truly enter the hall and gain a deep understanding of the essence of martial arts!"

The loud voice echoed in the Sword Hall and fell into the ears of all disciples, like a clap of thunder, shaking people's nerves!

"Thanks for your teaching!"

All the disciples bow their heads in reverence with awe in their eyes.

Su Yi was also shaken in his heart.

This class was beyond Su Yi's expectations and completely different from what he had imagined.

"To know etiquette before learning a skill, to understand morality before cultivating martial arts. Uphold the righteous path and support the weak while repressing evil."

Su Yi muttered to himself, looking at the charismatic elder at the head of the group, and he felt a closer affinity towards the Divine Sword School.

"Today's class will be ended here, and I would like to give everyone a little time to ask if there is anything you need to know."

The elder smiled slightly and looked at the disciples in front of him, asking a question.

The disciples all lowered their heads, some looked at each other, and in front of the elder, they dared not lift their heads to take a glance. They were inexplicably suppressed and few dared to speak casually.

"Elder, I want to know the most basic knowledge of swordsmanship!"

In the crowd, there was a sound.

Such a sound immediately made all the disciples in the room privately doubt.

The most basic knowledge of swordsmanship? Why do you ask such a question to a senior elder? Isn't this making oneself appear mediocre?

Not to mention in such an occasion, finally encountering an elder coming to give a lecture, with great courage, only to ask such an ordinary question.

One after another, curious gazes followed the sound towards its source.

Finally, all the eyes turned towards the back corner of the Sword Hall, where a young man dressed in outer disciple's attire stood up with a broken sword on his back, catching the attention of many.

The boy was young, around 15 or 16 years old, with a slim figure and long black hair reaching his shoulder. He stood there quietly, but gave off an unshakeable feeling.

Behind the elder, the gaze of those senior disciples also fell on Su Yi, and they secretly felt a stir.

The elder sat cross-legged, steady and motionless. He looked at Su Yi for a while, and for some reason, his eyes flashed a hidden glimmer before disappearing.

"Swordsmanship can be broken down into thrusting, chopping, flicking, hanging, hacking, poking, collapsing, cutting, stirring, and cleaning. Although these are basic, they are the foundation. You should study them carefully. If you don't have mastered them, you can obtain them at Sword-hiding Peak, where you will surely find the 'Foundations of Swordsmanship'."

The elder said this and answered the young man.

And this young man is naturally Su Yi. He remembered that he was about to cultivate the Thirteen Swords of the Roaring Gale, which is an Emperor Grade Sword Technique and requires basic knowledge of sword techniques.

At this moment, Su Yi naturally doesn't want to miss such an opportunity.

"Elder, I have newly joined the Divine Sword School and have not yet earned any points, can you please gift me the book 'Foundations of Swordsmanship'?"

Then, just as everyone was planning to shift their gaze, Su Yi spoke these words to the elder once again.

Su Yi thought that for the elders of the Divine Sword School, the book "Foundations of Swordsmanship" would not be considered a treasure.

"Shua Shua..."

Suddenly, every gaze was fixed on Su Yi and everyone was dumbfounded.

He doesn't have any points, yet he dares to ask the elder for the "Foundations of Swordsmanship".

This left everyone stunned, this guy really dares to speak.

Next to Su Yi, Zhang Qing had been stunned a long time ago.

An outsider, pretending to be an outer disciple of the Divine Sword School, was currently attending a class in the Sword Hall. Zhang Qing was already scared enough. But now he even dared to say such words!

Zhang Qing felt nervous and anxious.

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