The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 357

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Chapter 357: The Love for the Same Gender

So many outer disciples were present and saw it with their own eyes, how will they ever face anyone in the sect in the future?

After finishing everything, Su Yi put away his loot and clapped his hands, looking satisfied at the disciples of the Fifteenth Sword Peak who were tied up to a big tree.

"We will never let you get away!" yelled Ba Yi loudly.


But soon, Ba Yi's bare bottom was heavily kicked, leaving a red shoe print and bleeding from his mouth.

"What's the noise?"

Su Yi was not polite at all. Anyway, he had already decided to stay, so there was no need to be polite. He hoped that what the mysterious beautiful woman said was true. The identity of Elder Su's disciple would be enough to become his talisman in the future.

People finally came down from the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak. The commotion alarmed the disciples who were healing on the mountain. A few disciples with minor injuries came down with anxiety, and the leader was Zhang Qing.

When they saw what was before them, Zhang Qing and several others were dumbfounded and couldn't snap out of it as they saw more than twenty people, all naked, tied to a big tree with vines.

"Isn't that Martial Brother Ba Yi?"

When Zhang Qing saw Ba Yi and others, his eyes twitched fiercely.

"This is Senior Brother Ba Yi, a somewhat famous strong individual among the peers of the entire Divine Sword School. He is also an inner disciple of the Fifteenth Sword Peak. At this moment, he has been stripped and tied up at the foot of the mountain."

"If this were to spread out, it would probably shock the entire Divine Sword School!"

"Brother Su Yi, did you do this?"

Zhang Qing's eyes were shocked as he looked around. Some people couldn't help shaking and walked up to Su Yi and asked. Judging from the situation here, it seems that only Su Yi could have done this.

"You came at a good time, there are some things I need to ask you, let's take a stroll around."

Su Yi smiled slightly and said to Zhang Qing.


Zhang Qing looked around in surprise, this guy really had a bold heart. He had stripped so many inner disciples and tied them up here, yet acted as if he were innocent and even had the mood to go out and stroll around.

"No problem." Su Yi followed Zhang Qing's gaze and scanned the surroundings, realizing his concern.

Immediately, Su Yi's gaze fell on the disciples who had come to watch from all around. His voice mixed with his qi as he said, "If anyone from the Fifteenth Sword Peak comes later, please help me pass on a message. I will be wandering around the school. If they have any objections, they are welcome to come to find me."

Zhang Qing was surprised. What did this guy want? He was a foreigner, dressed in the outer disciple's attire, but he wasn't actually an outer disciple. Yet he was so arrogant and presumptuous!

After considering the consequences, Zhang Qing couldn't help but feel a chill in his heart and dared not imagine it.

"Let's go, we'll ride these demon beasts!"

Su Yi smiled at Zhang Qing and brought him onto one of the flying demon beasts that was still trembling on the ground.

The flying demon beast's eyes trembled with inexplicable awe, and it obediently rose and flew away by flapping its wings.

Everyone was dumbfounded and speechless.

This young man is too brave and arrogant, he doesn't seem to care about Ba Yi at all.

"It's too scary, he's probably also reached the Yuan Spirit Realm!"

After a long time, a disciple in the field whispered in shock.

"Yuan Spirit Realm!"

The disciples around couldn't help but exclaim and be shocked when they heard these words!

Their shock was not because of the Yuan Spirit Realm, but because the boy was at most fifteen or sixteen years old. If he had really reached the Yuan Spirit Realm, it would showcase his exceptional talent.

With such talent, how could he still be just an outer disciple?


Immediately, there were many sighs all around, and some disciples were secretly delighted, feeling happy in their hearts.

These inner disciples don't take these outer disciples serious.

Many outer disciples, if they don't have strong connections within the sect, have almost all experienced oppression from inner disciples.

At this moment, seeing these inner disciples being bullied by an outer disciple, many people present feel secretly happy and satisfied, but they dare not reveal it too openly.

At the foot of the mountain, with Su Yi's departure, there was a brief and strange silence.

Ba Yi and over twenty young boys were still tied on the tree, hopeless stares and their minds blank.

What a shame! How can they still have the face to meet people in the future?

At this moment, no one knows the regret in the hearts of these young men. If time could be reversed, they would probably not want to come to the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak.

They came in a formidable and grandiose manner, but little did they expect that in just a short moment, it would all end in such a way.

It won't be long before they become the laughing stock of the entire Divine Sword School.

Indeed, such news spreads quickly, like a gust of wind, it instantly spreads in all directions.

"Something big happened. Ba Yi and over a dozen others on the Fifteenth Sword Peak were stripped and tied to a tree as a public demonstration by an outer disciple from the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak!"

"What, are so many inner disciples really not a match for an outer disciple?"

"Go, hurry up and go take a look!"

Such news, like a storm, instantly spreads and shocks all around!

Moreover, as the news spread, it was rumored that there was an outer disciple on the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak who had a tendency for homosexuality. He stripped Ba Yi and other inner disciples, wanting to do something "evil" to them.

The Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak is usually quiet, with not many people coming. Today, it's exceptionally lively as many Divine Sword School disciples have come one after another.

Even many inner disciples were alarmed, as many flying demon beasts appeared in the low sky.

But what was the same, everyone who saw the scene under the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak was speechless and stunned, with their eyes twitching.

More than twenty young people, who were all inner disciples, were stripped naked and tied to a tree for public demonstration. This was such a shocking scene.

In the Divine Sword School, it seems that such a thing has never happened before!

After many people heard about it, they all came to satisfy their curiosity.

Ba Yi and a few others are relatively famous. It's difficult to see they being stripped and hung on a tree!

Looking at the growing number of onlookers, Ba Yi and others felt ashamed and wished they could find a hole to hide in.

Even if they regained some strength, they still didn't dare to move. The leaf in between their legs was unstable, and it could fall off with even a slight movement.

"This guy is too strong, is he really just an outer disciple?"

"Perhaps, he has reached the Yuan Spirit Realm!"

"Could it be that the Divine Sword School will have another monster among its ranks?"

Among the flying demon beasts at the low altitude, there were inner disciples discussing that whoever could bring Ba Yi and so many people to such a situation might have already reached the Yuan Spirit Realm.

A Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator who is fifteen or sixteen years old, with such talent, is definitely a monster.

"I don't know if that guy is a monster, but he's definitely a scumbag!"

"I think Ba Yi might never forget it in his entire life!"

An inner disciple said, "The person who made the move was too malicious, definitely the only one in the Divine Sword School who acts like this."

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