The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 350

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Chapter 350: What Are You?!


A figure like a ghost appeared in an instant when Xu Jiahui landed. He immediately stepped forward to help her, his jet black hair flowing down his shoulders, slim but standing tall like a mountain peak.

Su Yi rubbed away the blood on Xu Jiahui's lips, his face a ghostly pale.

"Hurry up…they have inner disciples, they won't let you go easily. Hurry up and go!"

Xu Jiahui looked at Su Yi with an agonizingly pale face, desperately urging him to flee.

With Su Yi's strength, Xu Jiahui hoped that he could avoid it.

Wang Qin and the others are inner disciples, they would not have any qualms about dealing with an outsider.

Fortunately they don't know yet that Su Yi is an outsider, otherwise it might be even worse.

"Don't worry, they can't do anything to me!"

Su Yi had a faint twinge of discomfort in his heart, which made him feel uneasy.

This girl has been so badly hurt that she was still thinking of him.

In an instant, Su Yi couldn't help but think of Wan'er, and his mind was a bit hazy.

A healing pill appeared in Su Yi's hand, not allowing Xu Jiahui to say anything, and he stuffed it into her already bloodless lips and asked sternly, "Don't be afraid, tell me, who injured you like this?"

Xu Jiahui wanted to say something, but when she looked at Su Yi and gazed upon the young man in front of her, for some reason she felt that he was like a tall mountain that she could lean on.

A kind of emotion inexplicably arose in her heart and took root. Xu Jiahui glanced sideways at Wang Qin and hesitatingly said, "It's him, his name is Wang Qin. He's an inner disciple, a helper brought in by Teng Ming."

"Wang Qin…"

Following Xu Jiahui's gaze, Su Yi looked towards Wang Qin and had already noticed the young man.

When Wang Qin saw Xu Jiahui and Su Yi looking at him, he was already displeased. He raised his eyebrows in annoyance and looked at Su Yi with a warning meaning in his voice. Coldly he said, "No more nonsense. You were the one who injured Teng Ming, right? Cut off both your hands and I can pretend like this didn't happen!"

"What kind of thing are you?"

Su Yi glanced at Wang Qin, his expression growing somber.

Wang Qin was stunned. It seemed that he hadn't expected an outer disciple to talk to him like that. This was definitely the first time he had encountered such a thing in his life.

In an instant, Wang Qin's face completely darkened. His cold eyes stared at Su Yi and he said coldly, "As expected, you are arrogant and shameless. The outer disciples nowadays are increasingly out of line. It is time for some reform. Since this is the case, let us start with you two. It seems that you value that girl. In that case, I want to know after both of your cultivation bases are destroyed, will other outer disciples still be so arrogant."

"Are you qualified?"

When Su Yi looked at Wang Qin, a cold glint began to shine in his eyes. He said coldly, "I have to say, you've made me angry!"

Right now, Su Yi was indeed angry. Xu Jiahui's serious injury had made Su Yi furious.

Su Yi originally didn't want to make too much trouble, after all this was at Divine Sword School.

However, these people are now bullying and won't stop.

Teng Ming's kick to Xu Jiahui made Su Yi understand that even if they stepped back today and chose peace, these people would never let go of Xu Jiahui and others.

He had already received great kindness from this girl. At this moment, her body was severely injured and she was in danger, but the first thought that came to her mind was to help him escape unscathed. How could Su Yi stay away?

If something happens to this girl later, Su Yi will not forgive himself.

In order to put a stop to it all, Su Yi knew that only absolute deterrence would be effective.

Only absolute deterrence can make these guys fear.

Although this is Divine Sword School, trouble has already been provoked. Someone is spreading the word to discredit himself. Su Yi doesn't want to cause trouble, but he can no longer bear it, so he needs to stop enduring it.

And this is after all the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak. Since these disciples came to make trouble, Su Yi didn't believe things had gotten out of hand, there was really no way to reason with them.

It is said that Elder Su's temper is not very good, it is likely that things will get out of hand and he won't be able to stay out of it.

"You dare to be so arrogant, you a mere outer disciple? Even if Martial Brother Wang Qin killed you, it would be like killing a dog. Today you have to pay the price!"

Teng Ming couldn't bear it any longer. His face was stern and solemn. This kid was still acting so audaciously in front of Wang Qin, he was practically looking for trouble.

"It looks like the price I gave you was too light, that's my fault, alright, sounds good!"

Su Yi stared at Teng Ming, speaking word by word. His words seemed to come from between gritted teeth, with a strange chill in the air. His eyes briefly glanced around, looking at a three-foot-long sword nearby that had been dropped by one of the disciples.

Listening to Su Yi's words and looking into his eyes, Teng Ming felt a chill in his heart and his hairs stood on end.


Su Yi stamped his foot and energy surged out of the sole of his foot, causing the three-foot-long sword to jump off the ground and shoot up into the air not too far away.

Su Yi reached out, the energy in his palm surging and forming into a vortex. It seemed to emit a suction force, and suddenly the three-foot-long sword was drawn towards him and held in his hand.

When looking at this scene, Wang Qin and the other inner disciples all turned pale with fright.

This move may seem simple, but they all know that it requires absolute precision in controlling the elemental energy, as well as enough strength of the element. If it were them, they may not be able to succeed.

Su Yi held the long sword, his eyes fixed on Teng Ming, and he stepped forward.

"What do you want to do?"

Upon seeing Su Yi come, Teng Ming instinctively showed fear, and involuntarily stepped back unconsciously.

"You little outer disciple, you're too arrogant, you're asking for death!"

Wang Qin coldly marched forward, his eyes twitching and a sense of coldness showed in his eyes. His feet stomped on the ground, and a hint of energy sparkled out of him, lifting his body up into mid-air for several meters, as if he was diving down from the sky.


At the same time, Wang Qin waved his arm and a punch shot straight to Su Yi's chest.

This punch was like a fierce tiger pouncing, swift and fierce!

The power contained in this punch was even more formidable, causing a "whoosh" sound to reverberate throughout the air!


Wang Qin's fist, which contained violent strength, was about to fall onto Su Yi's chest when a red light burst out and a hot fist firmly blocked it. An instant low boom sound followed.


When the energy muffled sound spread, mixed with the sound of bones breaking and cracking.

A mournful wail of "Ah…" pierced through the peaceful twilight sky.

With a 'puh…' sound, Wang Qin spewed out a large mouthful of fresh blood and his body was immediately flung away.

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