The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 349

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Chapter 349: Fear Creeps to the Edge of One's Courage!

Not to mention, they are just lowly outer disciples of the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, who anyone can bully.


Before Zhang Qing could finish his sentence, the figure of Su Yi in front of him had already disappeared like a ghost, as if it had turned into a lingering shadow, and had gone far away.

Still the same quaint courtyard connected, the bluestone floor mottled, bearing the vicissitudes of time.

Dozens of young men and women, some lying on the ground, too weak to stand. Their faces were pale and their hair disheveled, blood dribbling from their mouths.

There were still a few, barely holding swords to support each other and leaning on each other together.

Nevertheless, their mouth corners were also dripping with fresh blood, their hair was disheveled, and their clothes were stained red with blood, looking pathetic and miserable.

Xu Jiahui was also present in the scene, with blood dripping and her hair strands stained with blood. Her face was pale as ash and her body lay on the ground, unable to get up. But her eyes were still full of a determined spirit.

"Xu Jiahui, do you really think you can be carefree with that kid here? I said it before, I will absolutely not let that kid off the hook!"

The sound of resentment was piercing; Teng Ming stood next to Xu Jiahui, looking down at her with hate in his eyes.

At this moment, Teng Ming's right hand has been tied up with a bandage. It seems that he has taken a healing pill, and his pale complexion has improved a lot.

Xu Jiahui, struggling to sit up, supported the sword in her hands and looked at the fifty or so teenagers in front of her. Her gaze swept over them and she said, "You have gone too far. Elder Su will not let you off when he returns."

"With your lot of misfits, Elder Su would punish us for you? What a joke!"

Teng Ming coldly smiled. Looking at his hand bound with a bandage, his eyes full of hate grew a few more points.

"Teng Ming, has that kid arrived yet?"

Not far away, a teenager of about eighteen or nineteen years old spoke up. His face was quite handsome and his close-fitting long gown added a bit of temperament to him, making him a beautiful youth. However, there was some gloomy look in his eyes.

Around this young man were seven or eight youths of similar age, dressed differently but with a more obvious overall temperament and atmosphere than the remaining forty-plus young men.

Upon seeing the teenager in tight-fitting long clothing, Teng Ming suddenly turned around, his face stretching into a smile with a hint of coquetry and said, "Martial Brother Wang Qin, that kid should be arriving soon. When he goes, please do teach him a lesson for me!"

"I have a good relationship with Martial Brother Teng Guang. You are his younger brother, so if you are bullied, I will naturally help you put an end to it."

The teenager called Wang Qin nodded slightly, looking at Teng Ming with a hint of contempt.

If it wasn't for his elder brother, Teng Ming, how would he have come forward?

However, the kid who offended Teng Ming is just an outer disciple. It wouldn't take him much effort to teach that kid a lesson, and it would be a gesture of goodwill in front of Teng Guang.

Once Teng Guang becomes a direct disciple, it is natural that he will receive many benefits. This investment will certainly not be a loss.

Listening to Wang Qin's words, Teng Ming was even more confident in his heart. That kid dared to hurt him and made him lose face this time.

Especially with the hand injury, he was unable to participate in the competition within the school soon after. This meant he would lose the chance of becoming an Inner Disciple - it was impossible for Teng Ming not to be resentful!


A gust of wind brought with it the sound of distant hooves, and a figure galloped quickly towards them.

A row of eyes suddenly looked towards the front.

That figure appeared in the field in a blink of an eye, with black hair floating behind his shoulders. He was slim but tall, with deep eyes and a broken sword on his back, which was very eye-catching.

Su Yi came in a hurry when he heard that Xu Jiahui was seriously injured, and immediately rushed here.

As Su Yi gazed at everything in the scene, his face gradually became ashen and his eyes flickered with a faint red light.

"It's him, it's that boy."

Among the group of outer disciples that came with Teng Ming, there were a few people who had suffered a great loss earlier that morning. Upon seeing the teenage boy, they couldn't help but gasp in shock and awe.

Among Wang Qin and eight or nine other older teenagers, their eyes were quite curious as they looked at Su Yi.

After finding that Su Yi was indeed a young man, Wang Qin and the others didn't take it seriously and all of their faces held a faint smile of ridicule.

Wang Qin was surrounded by several youngsters, their faces displaying a mixture of schadenfreude and enthusiasm to watch the fun.

Of the dozen or so outer disciples on the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak who have suffered severe injuries, there was a hint of joy in their eyes, filled with anticipation.

"Su Yi, hurry and go! There are many of them and they have inner disciples too, you… won't be able to beat them!"

Upon seeing Su Yi approaching, Xu Jiahui's pale face changed drastically. With so many inner disciples and tens of outer disciples, no matter how strong Su Yi was, he couldn't possibly be a match for so many people.

A single Inner Disciple is already very powerful.

Any inner disciple could be at a cultivation level higher than the Yuan Xuan Realm, making Xu Jiahui worry for Su Yi.


When the voice fell, blood surged in her body, and Xu Jiahui opened her mouth again to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Su Yi clenched his fists tightly, gazing at the severely injured Xu Jiahui, and his face was becoming increasingly solemn.

When Teng Ming saw Su Yi for the first time, a shudder ran through his heart, and he felt an inexplicable fear, like a mouse encountering a tiger.

The invisible aura, especially the gaze, gave Teng Ming an inexplicable palpitation and made him want to retreat.

But with Wang Qin here, and a few inner disciples, plus the forty or fifty outer disciples on the mountain, with so many helpers present, couldn't they deal with this one little boy?

Thinking of this, Teng Ming silently took a deep breath, suppressing the fear in his heart. With a cold smile on his face, he coldly said to Su Yi, "You finally showed yourself, didn't you? I already told you, I won't let you get away. You can't squirm for long!"

Su Yi stared intently at Teng Ming, his fists already clenched, and a 'cracking' sound emanating from the joints of his fists. He then diverted his gaze to Xu Jiahui, walking forward step by step, asking "Miss Jiahui, how are you?"

"I'm fine, go quickly, I don't need you to look after me, they wouldn't dare to do anything to us, after all, outer disciples are also disciples of Divine Sword School, they wouldn't dare to take our lives!"

Xu Jiahui was worried and was letting Su Yi leave.

Xu Jiahui knew that Teng Ming and the others had come to take revenge on Su Yi and would not let him off easily.

In the morning, it was because of them that Su Yi went ahead and beat Teng Ming.

In the end, this is their affair, and has nothing to do with Su Yi.

"Shut up, you shameless slave, I can't kill you, but I can break your cultivation base, making you unable to cultivate anymore!"

As Su Yi walked closer step by step, an invisible pressure was getting closer and closer. Teng Ming paled, his heart was trembling. Hearing Xu Jiahui's words, he was scared and nervous and instantly kicked Xu Jiahui fiercely.


Xu Jiahui was directly kicked away, and with a 'puff' sound from her mouth, another mouthful of blood was spat out and she fell heavily to the ground.

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