The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 351

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Chapter 351: Ferocity Unbounded!


Wang Qin's body was like a kite with a broken string, crashing to the ground in a heartbreaking sight. He kept screaming in agony as his right arm felt limp and as if all the bones were completely shattered.

Wang Qin's fist was covered in fresh blood. His bones were shattered and the flesh and bone had been completely pulverized, white bones intermingled with the flesh and skin that had burst open, making it hard to look at and sending chills down his spine!

Looking at such a scene, everyone was stunned.

An inner disciple has been hit so hard in one move.

Xu Jiahui and the others were dumbstruck; nobody had expected such a result.

Teng Ming was also stunned, staring at the scene, his expression frozen for a long time.


The piercing screams and cries brought everyone back to reality, and their faces changed drastically.

"The kid is weird, senior brothers, come on, let's go together!"

Teng Ming shouted quickly, startling and roaring, making others get on, but his footsteps involuntarily stepped back.

"Oh… go ahead and kill that kid! Kill!"

Wang Qin screamed miserably and struggled to get up, with fresh blood in his mouth terrifyingly.

His entire arm was destroyed, reduced to a pile of fleshy powder, and there was no chance it could be restored. How would he use a sword in the future? It was as if his life was ruined.

"Shoo shoo shoo…"

Upon Teng Ming and Wang Qin's loud cries, the remaining eight inner disciples snapped out of it, and each bit their teeth as swords appeared in their hands.

The swords were filled with radiant splendor, radiating a powerful aura and extraordinary levels, not of the ordinary.

"This kid is too strange, let's kill him together!"

Some young men shouted heavily, their swords shining in their hands.


Suddenly, eight figures rapidly surrounded Su Yi in a kind of encircling formation.

Eight treasured swords glowed and the breath of eighth grade of the Yuan Xuan Realm spread out and congregated, making it quite imposing.

"Wheeze, wheeze, wheeze…"

Eight sword qi shot out fiercely, sweeping the sky, and enveloping Su Yi.

Eight inner disciples attacked at the same time, overwhelming Su Yi.

This made Xu Jiahui and others look dignified again, and could not help worrying about Su Yi.

Eight sword Qi surged in at the same time, and surrounded on all sides.

Su Yi stood in the middle, his black hair dancing to his shoulders, a chill growing stronger.

These so-called inner disciples are really arrogant.

Eight people attacked at the same time, with full force; they wanted to kill him!

Wow, they really didn't think it a big deal to kill an outer disciple, it's just the law of the jungle, such is life!


A surge of vitality filled Su Yi's three-foot-long sword, and suddenly a dense light spread all over the sword. An icy air swept through, causing the temperature around them to suddenly drop a bit.

"Iced Shadows Sword Style, Ice Shadow Strike!"

At the same time, a white light burst out of Su Yi's eyes. His palms were holding a long sword, and in an instant, sword rays burst out in all directions.

"Swoosh… Swoosh…" The sword rays converged and formed a blooming sword flower right above Su Yi's head, with its icy cold breath, shining and fierce!

Clang clang clang… Sword lights collided with each other and the sound of metal clashing suddenly filled the air, sparks flying everywhere.

The dense sword lights constantly collided together, giving off an intimidating aura.

"Ding dong, ding dong…"

In just a moment, swords were drawn around and flew away far off.

Sword lights shattered, eight figures projected out, and when the people were still in mid-air, they already 'puff puff' spat blood.

Bloody mist sprayed, and eight figures scattered. Their hair was scattered, their robes tattered, their bodies cut open and bleeding profusely, with white bones protruding in some places.


Eight people wailed in distress, having received severe injuries, each of them like they had been pierced with a dozen swords, their wounds grave and only barely breathing while crying out in misery.

Everyone was dumbfounded; the whole place was completely stunned.

Xu Jiahui was shocked beyond words, and she couldn't help but break out in a cold sweat.

Su Yi's three-foot-long sword was dripping with blood. His eyes were ablaze with a cold light radiating. Without looking back at the person lying on the ground screaming in agony, he raised his sword and walked towards Teng Ming.

These so-called inner disciples of Divine Sword School are all only of the third or fourth grade of Yuan Xuan Realm cultivation, which is no match for Su Yi's current strength.

Although Su Yi held back a lot, he was now terribly angry and was ready to give an absolute shock.

Without bloodshed, it's unlikely to really have a deterrent effect!

"What do you want to do? My brother is about to become a direct disciple soon. If you mess with me, my brother won't let you get away with it…"

Teng Ming, shaking in fear, stared at Su Yi as he entered. His fear-filled gaze trembled, and as he quickly backed away, he shouted at the forty outer disciples that were still in shock, "What are you all doing just standing there? Quickly, kill that kid together! I'll take responsibility for it. Hurry up!"

The forty outer disciples stared at each other, looking at the inner disciples such as Teng Ming and Wang Qin, who were screaming and lying on the ground, and then looking at Su Yi, who looked like a war god at this moment. No one dared to step forward, and instead, they all retreated involuntarily.

"Whatever you want to do, my brother won't let you get away with it…"

Teng Ming was filled with fear, his body trembling as he watched Su Yi approach, a wave of overwhelming dread emanating from his core.

He thought with so many inner disciples, that kid is doomed.

He never expected that the result would be so drastically different from what he had anticipated.

"This kick is for Jiahui, to pay you back!"

When Su Yi arrived in front of Teng Ming. His gaze was stern, and he kicked Teng Ming directly.


The kick was one that Teng Ming couldn't avoid. A thud was heard as Su Yi's foot solidly connected with Teng Ming's stomach.


With a shrill, ear-piercing shriek, Teng Ming's body suddenly shook and flew, smashing on the ground, spitting fresh blood, holding his stomach, and rolling in pain and screaming endlessly.

"What you paid the last time was not enough, this time it won't happen!"

Su Yi came to Teng Ming, who was screaming and rolling on the ground. The three-foot-long sword in his hand then slashed down.


Swordlight slashed out, magnified in Teng Ming's pupils, and his right arm wrapped in bandages was cut off shoulder-high, spraying blood everywhere.


Teng Ming screamed painfully. Beneath the intense pain, his vision went dark and he suddenly fell unconscious.

Everyone's eyes trembled. That young man really was ruthless and merciless in his actions.

"What else does he need to do?"

Suddenly, someone couldn't help but tremble in their heart. They saw that boy with an air of a war god walking towards the inner disciples who were lying on the ground.

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