The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 343

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Chapter 343: Let's Go Together!

"Miss Jia Hui, are you okay?"

Su Yi looked around, then turned to Xu Jiahui and asked. Judging by Xu Jiahui's expression and sensing the fluctuation in her aura, she seemed to have taken a small loss, but it should not be too serious.

"I'm alright, thank you."

Xu Jiahui was surprised that Su Yi appeared out of the blue and even more surprised to find out it was Su Yi who came to her rescue. From the earlier situation, he was able to effortlessly defend against Teng Ming with unfathomable strength.

"How are you, Martial Sister Jiahui?"

Zhang Qing and more than a dozen young boys and girls ran over, seeing that Xu Jiahui was okay, they were somewhat relieved, but their gazes were curiously looking at Su Yi.

"No wonder they have become arrogant, it turns out that a new person has arrived."

The faint voice was very gloomy, coming from Teng Ming's mouth, gloomily looking at Su Yi with cold eyes.

"Go on, otherwise don't blame me for being rude!"

Su Yi turned around again and looked at Teng Ming who had opened his mouth. His eyes glanced lightly over all five people, seemingly all of them were in the eighth or ninth grade of the Yuan Soul Realm and they were all around seventeen or eighteen years old.

But such a level of accomplishment, in Su Yi's eyes now, seemed quite ordinary.

"Haha haha haha…"

Upon hearing the words and looking at Su Yi, Teng Ming paused for a moment before bursting out in a deep, gloomy laughter.

As the laughter died down, Teng Ming stared at Su Yi and asked, "You must be the newcomer to the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak. Do you know who I am?"

"I'm a newcomer, indeed I don't know who you are!" Su Yi said faintly.

"He is called Teng Ming, two years earlier than us arriving at the school; his elder brother is called Teng Guang, he is an inner disciple of the school, and is also very favored in the school."

Xu Jiahui softly said to Su Yi, "Teng Ming often bullies others when he relies on the fact that his brother is an inner disciple. He especially likes to bully our fellow disciples. This time he's trying to snatch away our medicinal pills again."

"No need to grumble and complain, so you really are new here. Since you're an outer disciple, you must have some Peiyuan Pills on you. If you give me your Peiyuan Pills, I can make things a little easier for you. Otherwise, today I will teach you a lesson!"

Looking at Xu Jiahui talking in a low voice, Teng Ming had an unpleasant look on his face.

This man is only an outer disciple. No need to worry.

"I said you could leave."

Su Yi had a composed expression; such matters happened everywhere. It was an affair of the Divine Sword School and he didn't want to be involved.

Just because of Xu Jiahui, Su Yi had no choice but to take action, but he doesn't want to cause trouble in Divine Sword School.

In the face of Su Yi's indifference, Teng Ming had completely lost his composure; the other person seemed to not take him seriously at all.


Teng Ming's face was gloomy and unattractive, but a blue energy seemed to be emanating from his body; now, his energy had reached its maximum.


In Teng Ming's hand appeared a precious sword, his qi enveloping the sword and covering it with a blue radiance. A surge of sword aura swept out.

"Green Wood Sword Style!"

With a loud shout from Teng Ming, the blue-glowing sword was then swung like a mountain, slashing towards Su Yi.

The sword is a Spirit Weapon, and its martial arts technique is also quite impressive.

The sword's sharp edge glinted, causing the air to vibrate as it passed by, and a whistling sound of the wind emitted in the air.

"Su Yi, be careful. This is a General Grade Martial Technique."

When the sword flashed out, Xu Jiahui's eyes immediately became solemn.

This is a General Grade Martial Technique, which Teng Ming got through his brother's relationship.

Around Xu Jiahui, the teenagers and girls had their eyes wide open and their hearts were moved for Su Yi in their throats.

Is the teenage boy, reportedly close to death three days ago, going to be Teng Ming's opponent now?

"Humph. I guess you must be accustomed to bullying people with your power!"

Just as everyone held their breath in anticipation, Su Yi spoke softly and at the same time, a sword light pierced his body. Strangely, not a drop of blood was spilled and the figure then blurred, like an illusion.

Teng Ming, who was originally looking on coldly, suddenly felt a tremor in his heart before he could react. The familiar figure had already appeared by his side and he helplessly watched as the fist expanded in his own eyes.


This punch landed under Teng Ming's armpit, with a dull sound of inner energy echoing.


A mournful scream issued from Teng Ming's mouth, the sound was heartbreaking.


Teng Ming's sword fell to the ground with a clatter, and his body was thrown back, crashing heavily onto the ground.


Teng Ming's mouth filled with fresh blood, when he struggled to get up, his right hand which had just been gripping the sword was powerless and limp, his face pale and shock evident in his eyes.

Teng Ming was shocked and defeated in one move, suffering an injury with a fracture on his right arm. It will probably take more than one or two months for him to recover.

"Go after him, let's go together, don't let that kid get away!"

A cold, sharp voice came out of Teng Mings mouth, staring at Su Yi intently with a stern gaze. He absolutely couldn't let this young man go.

The remaining four boys were shocked and trembling at the sight.

But upon hearing Teng Mings words, the four youths hesitated slightly, exchanging glances with each other before gritting their teeth. Suddenly, a sword appeared in each of their hands, barely reaching an eighth or ninth-grade aura in the Yuan Soul Realm. In a split second, four beams of sword light simultaneously slashed towards Su Yi.

These four teenagers don't believe that the four of them working together can't do anything to the kid.

Everything happened very quickly. Four sharp swords spread out fierce sword qi, instantly engulfing Su Yi in the middle.

"Bang bang bang bang…" There was a faint figure darting by, followed by four deep booming sounds.


Four dreadful screams and wailing cries rose from the ground as four swords dropped, and four youths were jolted and thrown away, cruelly falling to the ground and all writhing in pain with their stomachs aching.

The scene was so shocking that Zhang Qing and all the young boys and girls were completely speechless and dumbfounded.

Teng Ming was also flabbergasted, his eyes staring fiercely, flabbergasted.

He thought that with four of them, they would be strong enough to handle the opposition.

Teng Ming could not have imagined that four people joining forces was still no match for this young man, as a single move from him was enough to make them cry out to their fathers and mothers.

"If you don't leave now, the next things that are going to be broken are your limbs!"

Looking at the five people including Teng Ming, Su Yi's face became gloomy.

Teng Ming and the other four boys were shocked as they struggled to their feet, trembling with fear. They cautiously picked up their swords and hastily left, not daring to stay any longer.

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