The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 344

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Chapter 344: Seventy-Two Sword Peaks!

"Kid, I'm not done with you yet, and you're gonna pay for it."

After Teng Ming had gone ten or more meters away, he turned around with a gloomy face and left these words behind.

Su Yi didn't care, with this kind of strength, it wasn't much of a threat to himself.


Right now, they watched as Teng Ming and the other four people left in a panicked state. Only after Xu Jiahui and Zhang Qing had come back to their senses did they subconsciously draw in a cold breath.

Everyone looked at Su Yi with different eyes.

Specifically, people like Zhang Qing were all secretly stunned as they carefully examined Su Yi. Was this really the heavily injured young boy that Elder Su had brought back three days ago?

"Are you all right?"

Coming back to her senses, Xu Jiahui stared at Su Yi before her in shock and disbelief, carefully studying him as if trying to determine if he had been injured.

"I'm fine, are all of you okay?" Su Yi smiled slightly.

"We are all fine, thank you for your help."

The teenage boy named Zhang Qing suddenly spoke up. He had heard Xu Jiahui mention Su Yi before.

Looking at the clothes that the young man called Su Yi is wearing right now, it must be the clothes he got from his school; there can't be any mistake.

Su Yi nodded with a smile, feeling the aura of everyone around him, all of which were at the cultivation level of Yuan Soul Realm Six Grade.

This kind of talent can only barely be considered passable.

Oh right, my name is Zhang Qing, I am an outer disciple of Divine Sword School. Zhang Qing's eyes were filled with a smile, despite his injuries, he was very enthusiastic.

"My name is Su Yi."

Upon hearing this, Su Yi smiled and nodded in thanks. Xu Jiahui informed him that the Divine Sword School robes he wore were taken by a disciple named Zhang Qing.

"I know your name, You are around the same age as us but you are much stronger, May I ask if you are a disciple brought back by Elder Su?"

Speaking, Zhang Qing shook his head again and sighed bitterly. How could Elder Su possibly take a disciple? It was unlikely. He curiously asked, "I wonder which sect or school Brother Su Yi comes from? Your strength is so powerful!"

"I'm just a solo cultivator who didn't join any sect or school. I was saved by Elder Su by chance and was brought here."

Su Yi didn't want to talk about himself so he changed the topic and asked, "Why were those people so arrogant and trying to grab the pills from you guys?"

Although this kind of thing is everywhere, Su Yi didn't know that it would happen among disciples of the same school.

This is a world of survival of the fittest, where strength is respected. The Forest of Demons is no exception, and Su Yi has already experienced its chaotic nature.

But from what he had just seen, Su Yi felt that the young man called Teng Ming seemed a bit too arrogant, not being courteous to his fellow disciples.

"That Teng Ming is so obnoxious. Taking advantage of the fact that his elder brother is an inner disciple, he bullies us often, robbing our pills not once or twice. But this time, he is going to snatch away Peiyuan Pills, which we outer disciples only receive once in half a year."

"This Peiyuan Pill can enhance our spiritual energy and increase our chances of breaking through to the Yuan Xuan Realm. I guess he wanted to take this chance to break through and then have the chance to become an inner disciple after the Grand Competition."

When it comes to Teng Ming, Zhang Qing's face revealed an angry expression. He has been bullied by Teng Ming not just once or twice, and has had a lot of medicine pills being robbed away.

But this time, the Peiyuan Pills can't be taken away. The school would only give them Peiyuan Pills once every half year, which is far less privileged than its inner disciples.

"Teng Ming has been notorious, with many outer disciples daring to be angry but not to speak out."

"Teng Ming has an older brother named Teng Guang who is an inner disciple of the sect and is favored by an elder. It is said that he has a chance to become a direct disciple, so he dares to do whatever he wants and specially bullies us!"

When Teng Ming was mentioned, all the disciples chattered and became very angry because everyone had been bullied and looted by Teng Ming.

"Is there nobody managing the school?"

Su Yi was slightly confused, although it wasn't anything too alarming, if any of the disciples got out of hand, there would always be someone to keep them in check, right?


Upon hearing this, everyone stammered uncertainly.

Seeing this, Xu Jiahui forced a bitter smile and said to Su Yi, "If it were on other peaks, Teng Ming wouldn't dare to come up the peak and rob us, but our Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak is a bit special."


Hearing Xu Jiahui's words, Zhang Qing and other disciples all silently sighed.

"Why is this?"

Looking at everyone's reaction, Su Yi became more curious and was about to ask Xu Jiahui and the others about the geographical location of Divine Sword School, wondering how far it was from Chaos Realm, so as to make plans earlier.

Subsequently, Su Yi heard a lot about the Divine Sword School from the mouths of disciples such as Xu Jiahui and Zhang Qing.

As Su Yi expected, the Divine Sword School was indeed extraordinary, with a powerful force and many strong individuals.

At the Divine Sword School, there are seventy two peaks, with a vast terrain covering hundreds of miles in all directions.

Seventy-two peaks are also divided into: Sword-hiding Peak, Spirit Sword Peak, fifteen Mysterious Sword Peaks, eighteen Dao Sword Peaks, and remain thirty-six other peaks.

The remaining thirty-six Sword Peaks, named with numbers, from the First Sword Peak to the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak.

Sky Sword Peak is the main peak of Divine Sword School. Normally, only the school meeting can be attended by qualified disciples and elders when called by the headmaster.

Sword-hiding Peak is where Divine Sword School collects martial arts, swordsmanship, and swords. Only qualified disciples can enter.

Spirit Sword Peak is the place where Divine Sword School holds its grand events. Usually, competitions among disciples take place at Spirit Sword Peak.

It is said that there are magic circles set up by strong ones on the top of Spirit Sword Peak, and even with the strongest strength, it cannot be destroyed or damaged.

Fifteen Mysterious Sword Peaks, full of energy from Heaven and Earth, is a region of fifteen mountain peaks and a place where some of the senior and junior brothers and sisters of the Divine Sword School cultivate.

Eighteen Dao Sword Peaks, appear even more mysterious. It is said that on these eighteen peaks, are the top powerhouses of Divine Sword School. Only these people's chosen disciples can enter and go into seclusion to cultivate for some time.

Direct disciples have a higher status in the Divine Sword School than inner disciples.

The so-called direct disciples are those who have been accepted by the strong ones at least at the Elder level in the Divine Sword School. They all have formidable strength and extraordinary status!

Thirty-six sword peaks are respectively occupied by thirty-six elders of the Divine Sword School.

At the peak of 36 sword peaks, there are both inner and outer disciples.

Inner disciples, as long as they are in charge of cultivating every day, the school will provide cultivate resources at regular intervals.

As for the outer disciples, although they can cultivate, Divine Sword School will also provide cultivate resources on a regular basis, but the treatment compared to the inner disciple is quite different.

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