The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 342

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Chapter 342: Assistance!

What is Elder Su's identity and why is he speaking up for these outsiders?

Who doesn't know that Elder Su has a peculiar temper and hasn't been at Divine Sword School for very long.

Upon hearing Teng Ming's words, the remaining few youths, who were originally apprehensive, now relaxed again and each of them had a cold smile on their faces.

Elder Su, despite the fact that no one dare to provoke him in the door, how could he help a few miscellaneous disciples to stand out?

Seeing Teng Ming not being moved, Xu Jiahui's face became gloomy.

Although there were many people, the five disciples had been in the school a year earlier than them and their strength was much stronger than theirs.

There are many people here, but they won't be the opponents.

"Don't dally! Hand over the Peiyuan Pills! Don't force me to punish you!"

Teng Ming coldly smiled at Xu Jiahui and the others. He slowly walked forward, his eyes showing disdain, not once taking these people seriously.

"I'm going to kill you!"

The short and sturdy teenager's eyes were filled with rage, and an aura of energy suddenly rushed out of his body. The golden metal energy was dazzling, with a sharp momentum. He stepped forward and instantly lunged toward Teng Ming, punching directly out.

This punch embodied a kind of martial art with impressive momentum.

The metallic vigor was sharp, emitting 'woo woo' sound of wind in the air.

"Zhang Qing, you are out of your depths!"

Facing the boy's punch, Teng Ming didn't take any notice. There was a faint smile on his face and he quickly stepped aside before the punch was thrown.

Teng Ming felt a sharp gust of wind as a fist swept past his shoulder, ruffling the strands of hair near his ears.

But in a moment, Teng Ming's face became gloomy, kicking quickly and fiercely at the young man named Zhang Qing's stomach.


Under the faint thundering sound, Zhang Qing's body suddenly curled up, and blood spattered directly from his mouth.

"Be careful, Zhang Qing, Teng Ming, you are too horrible!"

Xu Jiahui shouted out with a surge of energy, her fair hands reaching out and her fingers slender. Energy gathered together and green light waves surged towards Teng Ming.

"Martial Sister Jiahui, why bother sticking your neck out for these useless guys? If you're willing, we won't take your Peiyuan Pills. Once I become an Inner Disciple, I will find a way to make you an Inner Disciple too!"

As Teng Ming spoke, his hands were not idle; with a wave of his arms, he slapped Xu Jiahui with a certain air of authority.


Two gusts of wind clashed, palms touched, and upon contact, the gusts dispersed, with sand and stones flying around.


Xu Hui Xin stumbled, retreating several steps before she finally steadied herself; her delicate face was pale.

But this time, Teng Ming also took a step back and his face had a flash of light pass through it.

"Stop talking nonsense, I want to become an inner disciple and fight for it myself. You'd better become an inner disciple first then we'll talk."

Xu Jiahui steadied her body, gazing at Teng Ming, lightly biting her lips, and the breath on her body becoming a bit more intense. Her Yuan Soul Realm Eight Grade power had its aura released unreservedly.

Upon hearing Xu Jiahui's words, a glum expression appeared on Teng Ming's face.

"I heard that Martial Sister Jiahui is quite talented, so it's the perfect opportunity to test it out!"

As Teng Ming's voice faded away, his right foot slowly lifted and then thundered down.


Suddenly, a deep energy roar sounded from Teng Ming's feet, and a wave of aura was swept out from his body.

This momentum is significantly stronger than Xu Jiahui's overall aura.

Teng Ming coldly smiled; this time he had to get into the inner circle and become an Inner Disciple, or else the chance would be slipping away.

If he could get a few more Peiyuan Pills recently, his cultivation will be enhanced and he will have a higher chance of being admitted into the inner circle.

"Martial Sister Jiahui, don't blame me for my rudeness!"

With these words, a transparent figure rushed straight towards Xu Jiahui.

"Yuan Soul Realm is only up to the eighth garde, although it is extraordinary, I have already reached the ninth grade of Yuan Soul Realm Martial Sister Jiahui, you are no match for me!"

With a blink of an eye, Teng Ming's figure appeared in front of Xu Jiahui, his hands glowing green and clenched into a fist. The air roared as the green light burst forth, hurtling straight towards Xu Jiahui.

Xu Jiahui clenched her red lips, her delicate face revealed a firm resolution. She threw a punch at the former and collided hard with it.


Two fists collide, and a muffled sound was heard as they touched. Green light and energy waves swirled about, carried by a gust of fresh air.


Xu Jiahui's feet skidded across the ground as she tried to resist, but she was unable to match the strength.

"I said, you won't be my opponent!"

Teng Ming coldly smiled and his figure only slightly trembled before he stepped back and steadied himself. In a split second, he lunged forward, with his hands forming a seal and a blue-colored ball of energy condensed into a fingerprint that instantly flew out.


Under the vigorous energy, the fingerprint flew like an electric arc, and the sharp breaking wind whistled, fast as lightning. In the eyes of everyone, it would directly swoop on Xu Jiahui's shoulder.

Xu Jiahui was in retreat, trying to avoid it, but it was too late and it was very difficult to resist. Her complexion changed drastically and her beautiful face turned pale.

"Martial Sister Jiahui, be careful!"

Zhang Qing and other young boys and girls were greatly shocked and exclaimed, but were helpless to help. They were even less of a match.


A grey figure suddenly appeared at the moment the fingerprint was going to sweep into Xu Jiahui's shoulder, waving his hand and sweeping his sleeve; then, the sharp and powerful fingerprint directly dissipated in front of him.

Xu Jiahui was the first one to appear surprised.

Xu Jiahui stopped and looked ahead. The back figure had a special temperament, as straight as a lance, tall and majestic as a mountain!

That silhouette was very familiar, making Xu Jiahui's eyes light up.

A stream of gazes suddenly fell upon the unexpected figure.

The one who suddenly appeared was a sixteen or seventeen year old boy, with shoulder-length black hair, and bronze skin but still with a warm jade-like feeling.

This youth had a sharp and distinct face, wearing a terribly alluring broken sword behind his back, with rusty patches - it seemed to be dug up from somewhere.

Su Yi has arrived. He originally wanted to leave, because this is Divine Sword School and he doesn't want to cause any trouble.

But upon hearing Xu Jiahui's voice, Su Yi was unable to stand by and watch.

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