The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 341

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Chapter 341: The Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak!

"I guess so, let's see when the time comes."

Su Yi gave a faint smile, not knowing how to explain it, but upon hearing the words "Divine Sword School," he felt a familiarity and some impression.

"I have something else to do, so you can rest here. If you need anything, let me know."

Xu Jiahui left. This young man named Su Yi seemed unaffected, so there was no need for her to worry.

Su Yi nodded, looking at the girl's departing back, still pondering the origins of Divine Sword School in his mind.

Su Yi seems to have an impression of Divine Sword School vaguely.

Six lands, three continents, one ocean; One Mountain, Two Religious Sects, Three Sects, and Four Schools.

Six lands are the Tianlong Land, the Taixing Land, the Xianjian Land, the Shenhu Land, the Taiqing Land, and the Wuji Land.

On every land, there is the strongest sect.

Of all the powers on the Tianlong Land, the strongest one is said to be the Heavenly Dragon Sect.

The Taixing Clan is the strongest one on the Taixing Land.

The Xianjian Land is the home of the Xianjian Sect.

On the Shenhu Land is the Shenhu Gate.

On the Taqing Land stands the Taqing Gate.

On the Wuji Land, the Limitless Doctrine is the strongest.

Three continents are the Zhong Continent, Yun Continent and You Continent.

On Zhong Continent, the strongest power is the Sacred Mountain.

On Yun Continent, there is the Wuliang Door.

On You Continent, Fuyao Door is the strongest stronghold.

One ocean refers to the Cang ocean, that's the territory of the Twin Gods Church.

The One Mountain, Two Religious Sects, Three Sects and Four Schools are the strongest ten forces.

None of the top ten forces include Divine Sword School.

But in Su Yi's mind, there is an impression of Divine Sword School.

After some thought, it was hard to remember, and Su Yi didn't think much about it either.

As Xu Jiahui left, Su Yi checked the wounds on his body.

The Indestructible Vajra Body and Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique have a double effect on wound healing. But this time, the most important thing is that the healing pills and ointments are not ordinary things. With the help of Elder Su's energy to help him heal his wounds, he could recover so fast.

The injury has already recovered, the mysterious light group remained still in his mind, and everything is all right.

Su Yi is worried about Su Tian Que, not knowing if he is dead or alive.

In her mind, Nine Lives Cat Demon's graceful figure suddenly appeared, and then gradually faded away. He saw her detonate her demonic core, probably she is already dead.


Su Yi took a deep breath and stopped overthinking. He decided that after thanking Elder Su of Divine Sword School, he would leave and go to Chaos Realm while searching for Su Tian Que. He hoped Nine Lives Cat Demon was still alive, since this time it was because of him that led her to such a bad end!

Shortly afterwards, Su Yi left the room with the broken sword still at his back, wanting to look around.

Xu Jiahui also said that this is the 36th Peak of Divine Sword School, and no one comes here. As long as he doesn't go too far, it's all good.

When Su Yi stepped out the door, he was slightly surprised.

Suddenly, the line of sight was wide open. Standing at the peak, the mountain in front of him was majestic with lush green and goose-yellow colors intertwined with exquisite blue-black, as if it were a vast landscape painting of stone waves and mountains.

The mountain peaks pierced through the clouds, and the mist winded around them, spreading out, forming a magnificent sight.

The mountains were undulating, the cliffs were precipitous, the rocks were towering, the streams were flowing, the winding paths and crooked bridges, the overlapping high mountains, and the towering trees were straight and strong.

Gazing afar, majestic mountains rose and fell in between the clouds and mist.

There were ancient tree towers above the sky, red walls and yellow tiles stood out lushly among the verdant hills; infinite energy flowed around the surrounding space, as if there were ancient zithers playing softly and clock chimes ringing melodiously, making he feel as though in a paradise.

"How beautiful!"

Su Yi marveled. This place is really like a fairyland.

Looking at the energy from the heavens and the earth around it, this place is not something a normal force can possess. It can be seen that the Divine Sword School is definitely not ordinary.

In the mountains and forests, there were many ancient buildings with a strong sense of history and exotic flowers and plants, and birds flying around.

Su Yi walked along the mountain and though he was in great danger of dying, after several days of nursing his wounds, he had almost recovered and took in great gulps of fresh air.

The scenery was pleasant and the landscape was like a painting. Unaware, Su Yi found an ancient building in front of him.

"Don't be too excessive, this is still one of the 36 Sword Peaks after all. You guys have the audacity to come here and look for trouble!"

A sound came from ahead and fell into Su Yi's ears.

Su Yi's brow furrowed as he tried to turn away; this was Divine Sword School, after all, and as an outsider, it would be better to keep his distance from whatever was going on.

"Leave me alone, or I won't be so polite to you!"

Just as Su Yi was about to turn and leave, a familiar voice came, it sounded like Xu Jiahui's.

"Xu Jiahui…"

Su Yi furrowed his brows, listening to Xu Jiahui's voice and it seemed like something was wrong.

The simple courtyard was connected, and the bluestone floor was mottled as if carrying the vicissitudes of time.

There were a dozen teenage boys and girls, the older ones around seventeen or eighteen, the younger ones around fourteen or fifteen.

Everyone's clothing was almost the same, with identical badge patterns on their garments.

Right now, the dozen or so boys and girls had solemn expressions as they huddled together. A few of them were pale-faced. Several swords lay scattered on the ground, and there were bloodstains on their lips as if they had just suffered a great loss!

The person in question was a 15 or 16 year-old teenager, not tall but strong and sturdy, looking ordinary but with piercing eyes, and a strong will shining through them.

At his side, Xu Jiahui was staring with displeasure at the five boys aged around seventeen or eighteen in front of them.

The teenager who looked like their leader, even though he was wearing the same uniform as everyone else, had a hostile expression on his face. He glanced at Xu Jiahui and the others with a faint chill in his laugh and said, "Don't be so stubborn. Hand over the Peiyuan Pills in your hands, otherwise, I won't be polite to you today!"

"Teng Ming, don't be too excessive. Peiyuan Pills are given to us by the door. Are you not afraid of the custodian blaming you if you want to snatch them?"

The short teenager beside Xu Jiahui had an angry face but knew he was no match for his opponent and had to endure it.

"If you can't keep your own Puyuan Pills yourselves, who else can you blame? Anyway, it's a waste for you to eat Puyuan Pills. If you have the ability, just go and sue!"

The teenager called Teng Ming paid no attention and didn't care at all about the boy.

"Teng Ming, don't think that just because your older brother is an inner disciple, you can do whatever you please. This is the 36th Sword Peak and if Elder Su finds out you're here, you both know the consequences!" Xu Jiahui said sternly, glaring at Teng Ming.

Listening to Xu Jiahui's words, the name of Elder Su caused the five teenagers, including Teng Ming, involuntarily trembled in their hearts and a chilliness climbed out from their hearts.

"Don't use Elder Su to threaten me. Everyone in Divine Sword School knows what the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak is. There are no inner disciples here and you have no special identity. You are just here doing odd jobs. It's unlikely that you would ever get to meet Elder Su. What's more, even if you do, why should Elder Su go out of his way for you? Besides, it's probably that Elder Su is not at Divine Sword School now!"

Teng Ming bit his teeth and sneered even more.

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