The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 340

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Chapter 340: Divine Sword School!

A chillingly oppressive atmosphere suddenly descended, causing a feeling of dread to well up in the young girl's heart as if even her soul were trembling!

Raising her gaze to the room, the girl was shocked at what she saw; the bed and couch were glowing a bloody red. This dreadful atmosphere seemed to carry an air of defiance.

The imposing aura of destruction emanated from the figure wrapped in the red light on the bed. There was an intermittently thunderous sound that made one's heart beat faster.


As the girl was shocked, the red light on the bed swayed and pulsed. As if it had gone into the pores of the figure sitting cross-legged, it all converged and disappeared.

That figure, although the body could still faintly be seen with wounds, it had already dimmed and was only a trace. The complexion was no longer pallid, and a few traces of healthy redness had appeared.


At the same time as Su Yi exhaled a mouthful of murky air, he opened his eyes with a red glow sparkling in them.

The girl stood at the threshold, staring at the boy on the bed in astonishment.

Is this really the critically injured teenager?

The appearance of the young man before her doesn't look like the one who was on the brink of death just three days ago.

"Are you awake?"

The girl walked into the room. The young boy's face was clearly outlined with sharp edges and his gaze was deep and resilient yet seemingly unforgettable. The girl couldn't help but look twice.


Suddenly as if remembering something, her face quickly turned red. She gasped and let out a shriek, then immediately turned around and flung a pile of clothes onto the bed, saying, "Why aren't you wearing any clothes? I'm so embarrassed."

Su Yi felt someone entering, so he immediately stopped cultivating to heal his wounds and was about to speak when he heard a scream.


Su Yi suddenly realized that he was completely uncovered and the voice seemed to be coming from the girl who had been bandaging his wound.

"Weren't you who took off my clothes…?"

Su Yi muttered to himself, then quickly put on the clothes thrown at him by the young girl.

The clothes were new and very clean.

They were a gray long coat and a pair of cotton cloth long boots, both of which were embroidered with a special flower pattern, and all fit very well.

"This is what I asked Zhang Qing to pick up from the Outer Gate disciples, I don't know if it will fit you."

The girl turned around, her cheeks blushing so fiercely that it reached her ears.

She came this time, originally wanting to come and apply medicine to the young boy again.

Knowing that the young man's clothes were no longer fit to wear, so she asked a disciple called Zhang Qin to get a new ones. She didn't expect that she would see this scene after entering the room.

"Thank you very much, girl."

Su Yi quickly put on his clothes, tidied himself up, and got off the bed.

"Have you put on your clothes? It looks like you don't need to apply ointment to your wound anymore."

The girl slowly turned around, her face delicate and beautiful, and her big eyes glittering like a pool of clear water.

Su Yi looked at the young girl; his gaze shifted slightly. She was about the same age as Wan'er, her face and her skin were fair like snow. Her delicate face had a small dimple on each cheek, now blushing faintly with shyness.

"Thank you very much for rescuing me."

Su Yi thanked her; although she was not old, her figure was quite delicate. On her, there was a surge of leaky energy, it was estimated that she had reached the Yuan Soul Realm Seven or Eight Grade.

At the age of fourteen or fifteen, with a cultivation level of seven or eight grade in the Yuan Soul Realm, this already indicates a considerable talent.

Su Yi still remembers when Ji Chao of the Scared Mountain first came to Man Mountain, he was only at the Yuan Xuan Realm First Grade, but Ji Chao was a bit older than him.

"It wasn't me who saved you, it was Elder Su. Elder Su said it was a miracle that you were able to survive."

The girl shook her head and the blush on her cheeks gradually faded. She stared at Su Yi with a curious look.

In only three days' time, the boy had already recovered to his original state.

Plus that terrible smell she felt when she just opened the door and came in, everything was proving that the teenager in front of her was not simple, very special.

"What place is this, and who is Elder Su?"

Su Yi asked, after regaining consciousness, he heard someone speaking and healing his wounds.

That was a super-strong man, whose breath was unfathomable. In the distance, he heard the name "Su Kuangge".

"This is Divine Sword School and Elder Su is no ordinary person in Divine Sword School. Even the Headmaster has to be polite when he meets Elder Su."

When the girl heard the mention of Elder Su, the corners of her mouth lifted into a faint smile. Then, as if she'd remembered something, her expression changed slightly, and she didn't say much more, only adding in the end, "Elder Su isn't around these days, so he left instructions for me to watch you. If you wanted to thank him, you'd have to wait a few days."

"Of course, I will express my gratitude in person."

Upon hearing this, Su Yi nodded. Since Elder Su had saved him, out of propriety and reason, he naturally had to thank him in person.

"Then you can rest here for the next few days. After all, there aren't usually any outsiders who come to the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak. You can also walk around nearby, just don't go too far," the girl said.

"Thank you very much."

Su Yi was surveying the room.

On the bedside of the room, there was a broken sword quietly lying across which gave Su Yi a slight sigh of relief.

This broken sword is not ordinary, luckily it hasn't been lost.

"You're welcome."

The girl gave a slight smile, her dimples becoming more pronounced. She asked Su Yi, "Oh right, my name is Xu Jiahui, what's your name?"

Su Yi replied, "Su Yi."

Worried about Su Tian Que, Su Yi immediately asked Xu Jiahui if Elder Su had seen Su Tian Que when he returned with him.

"Su Tian Que is a chicken who looks…"

Xu Jiahui shook her head, looking at Su Yi with slight confusion, and said, "No, Elder Su only brought back you alone."

Upon hearing this, Su Yi's heart sank, not knowing the fate of Su Tian Que, not knowing whether he was alive or dead.

After that bald-feathered chicken had been by his side for so long, even though it always kept chattering, Su Yi became worried at this moment, remembering all the times they went through life and death together.

"Are you being chased by your enemy? It's a miracle that you are still alive with such serious injuries."

Xu Jiahui looked over Su Yi from head to toe with a curious expression and said, "If you have any enemies outside, you can ask Elder Su to shelter you in Divine Sword School. Even if you can't become an outer disciple, even if you are just a miscellaneous worker, he will protect you well."

In Xu Jiahui's mind, Su Yi was so severely injured and was rescued by Elder Su. She feared that he has enemies outside. If he could stay in Divine Sword School in the future, with just the words 'Divine Sword School', it would be enough to protect him.

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