The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 339

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Chapter 339: Elder Su

"I am representing the Thirty-sixth Peak to participate!"

But when these words fell into the girl's ears, it was like a thunderbolt, almost causing the basin full of blood to drop to the ground.

"It's you, go down." The short old man had no more words.

The girl paused, her eyes dazed and seemingly still in shock, before leaving the room. "Yes, elder," she said.


In the room, the short old man was looking at Su Yi's injuries with a slightly surprised look on his face. He then gently put a cloth covering over him and his expression returned to calmness. He opened Su Yi's clenched jaw and put a pill in, then gently helped Su Yi sit crossed-legged.

"This kid seems to be somewhat extraordinary, I don't care what your background is, since I saved you, I will save you till the end. However, if you are an evil person committing heinous crimes, I, Su Kuangge, will personally execute you."

The small old man spoke faintly, as if he were talking to himself. Sitting cross-legged behind Su Yi, his hands glowed brightly and finally placed softly on Su Yi's back, a soft green aura surged out, slowly flowing into Su Yi's body.

"This old man is a super strong one!"

This time, Su Yi was clearly aware. Although he had never seen the old man, just by listening to his voice, he could also feel that this was an extremely powerful person.

As the elderly person stepped into the room, the air in the room changed in an unnoticeable way, and the whole space changed as well.

"He saved me, Thirty-sixth Peak, Elder, Su Kuangge, what is this place exactly?!"

Su Yi thought to himself, it looks like the old man had saved him and brought him here.

A gentle wood attribute qi flowed into Su Yi's body, bringing with it an inexplicable vitality, warm and gentle like the spring breeze, flowing inside Su Yi's body, wrapping around his five viscera, six bowels, muscles and bones, and all of his injuries.

This vigor was healing Su Yi's injuries, making his painful body suddenly feel a pleasure that couldn't be put into words.

This surge of vigor spread throughout his body, amplifying the potency of the pills Su Yi had just swallowed and the medicine applied externally, allowing the medicine to flow and diffuse throughout his body.

With the just-applied ointment and the power of the medicine taken, Su Yi felt a sense of relief as it spread throughout his body.

Su Yi wanted to speak his thanks to the old man who was healing him, but he couldn't find the words for his gratitude.

"Oh, weird, unusual…"

After an hour, the short old man stopped treating Su Yi's injury, his eyes widening in surprise as he examined Su Yi's body, his brows furrowing.

After a while, the old man got up, put Su Yi on the bed, looked at it, and then left.

In the room, only Su Yi was left, and it was silent.

"Heal the wound, heal it quickly!"

Although he had not died yet and didn't know where he was, Su Yi knew he had to recover as quickly as possible and he needed to treat his injuries as soon as possible.

Although the old man just healed himself, he still cannot circulate the qi inside his body at this moment.

Su Yi could feel that his Indestructible Vajra Body was recovering on its own, albeit slowly. Fortunately, the ointment and pills were extraordinary. Combined with the old man's treatment, his injuries were healing steadily.

But Su Yi knew he had to be able to get over it himself.

The body was trying to circulate the energy inside, but the injuries were too severe.

After multiple attempts and several hours, Su Yi finally drew a smidgen of energy from his depleted reserves.


Su Yi kept going, not daring to stop, wanting to recover quickly, feeling like he was still alive but not knowing how Su Tian Que was doing.

Su Yi also thought of Nine Lives Cat Demon, he didn't know how she was doing now. In the end, it seemed like she was self-destructing. Could it be that Nine Lives Cat Demon was already dead?

Time slowly passed, after a few hours, Su Yi was shrouded in a faint crimson glow.

As time passed slowly, the scarlet glow on Su Yi's body became more and more intense.

At this moment, no one saw it, inside Su Yi, from within to without, there was a mysterious force surging. The deep and visible wound was healing, though slowly, it was already terrifying.

The ointment on Su Yi's skin started to dry out.

The next day, Su Yi's tightly closed eyes suddenly opened, his pale face still gray, but there was a faint light flickering in his eyes.

Just for a moment, Su Yi sat cross-legged, his hands cupped together, and his eyes closed again.

Activate the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique to refine the medicinal power and circulate it through the body.

This pill is extraordinary, definitely worth a fortune, Su Yi had never seen a healing pill of such high grade before.

At this moment, Su Yi's severely wounded body was being healed by Indestructible Vajra Body, which had played a great role in self-healing.

That feeling made Su Yi feel as if he were being reborn, able to clearly feel his body recovering.

With Su Yi operating Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, the medicine within him and the ointment on his body also completely dispersed in his body, becoming dense energy.

Time passed slowly and quietly, and Su Yi's body gradually began to emanate waves of energy, radiating a red glow like flames burning and emanating a feeling of majesty.


The light on Su Yi's body was becoming brighter and brighter, and the trembling sound in his body was gradually replaced by the roaring sound, like thunder and lightning, clanging into the ears, emitting a burst of howls.

A layer of crimson light flowed around Su Yi, as if a mysterious power was flowing, like a shower of light bursting out, making the entire room brilliant.

This radiant glow abounded, and Su Yi's wounded body was recovering, healing at an imperceptible speed, and the wounds on his body were fading away.

As time passes, everything keeps going, Su Yi's body is shining brighter and brighter, ringing out clangs of metal, and mysterious power is constantly overflowing around him.

Su Yi sat cross-legged, his body glowing. After the ointment on his body dried out and the wounds scabbed over, it gradually fell off. His pores seemed to be relaxing and absorbing mysterious energy, incorporating into his flesh and emitting divine light. Everything was so mystical that if someone had seen it, they would definitely be shocked. Healing could be so quiet yet powerful!

For three whole days, the girl hadn't come back to the room, which was just enough to let Su Yi recover comfortably.

It was only three days, but Su Yi's scars had not only healed but the wounds were beginning to fade. There were still quite a few traces left.

In the morning, a beam of sunshine came in through the window.


The door was pushed open, and a fourteen or fifteen year old girl entered. But upon seeing the figure shrouded in red light on the bed, a terrible aura also spread forth.


Under the intimidating atmosphere, the young girl stumbled backwards, steadying herself only after a few steps.

At the same time, the girl's face changed drastically.

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