The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 329

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Chapter 329: Bamboo Grove!

"What a close call!"

Su Yi was uneasy; it was a Green Bloody Python, which was good at hiding, and it had reached the Demonic True Realm, making him unable to notice its approach ahead of time; it would have been a big trouble if he missed it by a bit.

"Thank you."

Su Yi looked up, and who else could have offered help besides Nine Lives Cat Demon? At this moment, Nine Lives Cat Demon's complexion had improved somewhat, though it was still pale, it was much better than before.

Just in his heart, Su Yi was secretly more cautious. Judging from the fact that she killed the Demonic True Realm Green Bloody Python with just one move, Nine Lives Cat Demon had recovered significantly. If she suddenly attacked him and Su Tian Que, then things would not be good.

Nine Lives Cat Demon completely ignored Su Yi, and continued her journey before dawn.

"Why be so cold?"

Su Yi raised an eyebrow. For the sake of the cat demon that had just come to his rescue, he wasn't angry.

"Take this snake meat with you, it's a good thing. It's been a while since I've had any meat."

When Su Tian Que approached the python's corpse, saliva quickly started dripping from his small body.

Su Yi's eyes lit up when he saw the corpse of the Green Bloody Python; it was indeed a treasure. The snake skin alone was worth a lot, the energy contained within the snake meat was a good nourishment for strengthening the body, and the snake blood was also quite valuable.

Su Yi drew out the spirit weapon greatsword from behind him and began to dissect the snake's body.

Looking at Su Yi and Su Tian Que, Nine Lives Cat Demon furrowed her eyebrows, but she slowed her steps involuntarily.

Su Yi acted quickly and eventually chopped the snake into several segments before putting it in his space bag, then he hurriedly went after the Nine Lives Cat Demon.

Two people and a chicken, still keeping a certain distance from each other, traveling through the hills and dense forests.

This speed cannot compare to flying. Although Nine Lives Cat Demon's cultivation base has recovered a bit, it seems to be wary of something and was hiding all the way.

However, the pace of the two people and one chicken is not slow either. The Nine Lives Cat Demon had energy fluctuations in its paws and its graceful figure moved in the mountain forests like a white ghost.

Su Yi's feet were supported by a rush of energy; he stepped out with the Hundred Transformations Step and his figure flickered as he kept a distance behind the Nine Lives Cat Demon.

As for Su Tian Que, he had already jumped onto Su Yi's shoulders.

Su Yi only felt that the speed of Nine Lives Cat Demon seemed to be getting faster and faster, but luckily he had made a lot of progress recently, and with his vigorous internal energy, he could just barely keep up with her when putting in all his effort.

If Nine Lives Cat Demon was just a bit faster, Su Yi would be in trouble.

Right now Su Yi didn't know, but Nine Lives Cat Demon was shocked in her heart.

A human from the Yuan Spirit Realm seemingly only has the Yuan Spirit Realm Three Grade cultivation, but his speed is incredibly fast.

On the boring journey, Nine Lives Cat Demon took a moment to test how fast the human behind her could go.

Nine Lives Cat Demon gradually accelerated her speed, but she was increasingly surprised as the speed of Su Yi didn't seem like something that a normal Yuan Spirit Realm Three-Grade cultivator could possess.

Finally, Nine Lives Cat Demon will stay at a pace to see how far the human can keep up.

When Su Yi kept closely following behind her, Nine Lives Cat Demon was secretly startled.

Twilight had arrived and the sky was slowly darkening.

At a hidden deep valley, Nine Lives Cat Demon stopped and decided to rest.

Nine Lives Cat Demon inexplicably felt down, but she ignored Su Yi who had already climbed down and entered a rock-wall cave to take a rest.

But after an hour, Nine Lives Cat Demon, whose body was covered in a shroud of light, was startled awake. Its eyes opened wide and emitted a brilliant glow, smelling a strong aroma of meat.

The aroma of this meat was simply too delicious, making her drool just from smelling it.

Following the smell, Nine Lives Cat Demon came out of the cave and saw a big piece of roasted meat wrapped in tree leaves at the entrance of the cave, with a golden brown color. Grease splashed everywhere, making the smell very fragrant.

In the valley ahead, she could only see the human boy and the bald meat chicken, eagerly feasting around a pile of bonfires.

Her eyebrows were slightly furrowed; Nine Lives Cat Demon knew that this was the meat of the python killed in the morning.

Nine Lives Cat Demon wanted to go into the cave, but upon smelling the meaty scent and seeing the roasted meat, she hesitated for a moment.

"This meat can help to restore."

Nine Lives Cat Demon said to herself, taking the roast meat and walking into the cave.

Inside the cave, Nine Lives Cat Demon's face had a faint blush to it.

"Can this be eaten?"

Nine Lives Cat Demon muttered softly, but she couldn't help but smell the enticing grilled meat in her hand. In the end, she couldn't help herself and took a light bite.

When the roast meat was tasted, Nine Lives Cat Demon's eyes changed a little. It smelled fragrant and it was not greasy but flavorful. The meat was tender and delicious; the aftertaste was endless.

In the valley, Su Yi and Su Tian Que feasted on the huge python's meat, which was enough for both of them.

"It tastes so good! It's been a while since I had meat, still, meat tastes the best."

Su Tian Que wolfed down the snake meat with a satisfied expression on his face; even though his body was small, it seemed bottomless. It had already crammed in far more than he had been able to take in.

Su Yi said nothing but he had already missed the meaty smell a long time ago. Moreover, the meat of Demonic True Realm demon beasts had plenty of energy.

After feasting heartily, Su Yi burped, then sat cross-legged and began to take deep breaths for relaxation.

Su Tian Que was also satisfied, exuding in the distance; his body bathed in a red light, and giving off a hot breath.

This night, there were no demon beasts to disturb them.

The next morning when the sky was faintly bright, the two people and one chicken continued on the road.

It seemed that Nine Lives Cat Demon had recovered quite a bit, moving faster now, with Su Yi desperately trying to keep up behind her.

"This little kitty seems to have recovered somewhat, your Spiritual Essence should have played a big role." Su Tian Que stood on Su Yi's shoulders, softly muttering.

Su Yi looked at the beautiful silhouette in front of him. It was a young girl but she was also a really strong Demonic Emperor Realm demon.

It is apparent that Nine Lives Cat Demon is true to her word, at least till now, she hasn't intended to do anything to him and Su Tian Que, and even saved him once.

Another day passed, with Nine Lives Cat Demon ahead, all the way was safe and sound.

Just as Su Yi was already having difficulty keeping up, the Nine Lives Cat Demon's speed was increasing.

As night fell, the bamboo forest was dense. The bamboo forest was peculiar, the bamboos here were even larger than the towering trees.

Nine Lives Cat Demon seemed to be planning to rest here for the night, in order to continue healing her wounds.

Su Yi threw Su Tian Que down, panting heavily. He came a bit closer and asked Nine Lives Cat Demon, "How long until we can get out of the Demon Woods?"

"Seven or eight days at your pace."

Su Yi was answered by Nine Lives Cat Demon, but it was only a single phrase. Nine Lives Cat Demon then found a clean place, sat in the lotus position, and continued her self-treatment of trauma.

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