The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 328

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Chapter 328: Accompany Each Other!

"A cat demon, surprisingly charming all the mortals like this. I hope I won't regret what I did today."

Su Yi muttered to himself, it was unimaginable that a cat demon could charm everyone with such grace and beauty.

Immediately, Su Yi sat cross-legged and closed his eyes to meditate, daring not to take a deep breath to avoid attracting attention.

Su Yi didn't leave. He couldn't just leave the unconscious cat demon in the wild and desolate mountain.

Throw the Nine Lives Cat Demon here; if a human saw it… no, even a demon beast wouldn't hesitate to kill it and devour its demonic core.

A Demonic Emperor Realm being's demonic core is a priceless treasure for humans, and it is also a priceless treasure for other demon beasts.

Su Tian Que stomped over to the side, feeling very aggrieved.


Time passes slowly, amidst the mountains, with the sound of animal roars echoing constantly.

Su Yi felt the presence of a Demon Beast approaching, and occasionally released the aura of the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, which shocked the nearby Demon Beast and made it flee.

The next day at dusk, Nine Lives Cat Demon finally woke up, her tightly closed eyelashes quivered slightly, then she opened her eyes.

At first, the Nine Lives Cat Demon struggled to stand up, but its body was too weak; it could only half-sit up, its face still pale as ash, but much better than before it had fainted. Its gaze quickly swept over its surroundings.

"Are you awake yet?"

Su Yi immediately stood up, vigilantly watching Nine Lives Cat Demon, afraid that the woman would suddenly attack out of revenge.

Su Tian Que suddenly arrived by Su Yi's side; his gaze full of suspicion.

"Did you guys save me?"

Scanning around, Nine Lives Cat Demon's gaze finally fell on Su Yi and Su Tian Que. There was a powerful force surging within her, not something ordinary. There was only one person and one chicken here; there would be no one else.

"Of course it's us, who else would be so kind to save you and even feed you a precious treasure?" Su Tian Que pursed his lips and said to Nine Lives Cat Demon.

Nine Lives Cat Demon was amazed and could sense that what she had taken was extraordinary.

Not only did this person not kill her, but he gave her a treasure to heal her wound, which was beyond her imagination.

In her heart, humans are not like this, how can they face her demonic core without greed?

"How long have I been unconscious?"

Nine Lives Cat Demon struggled to its feet, feeling some of its strength returning, and asked Su Yi and Su Tian Que.

"One day and one night."

Su Yi replied, and then Su Tian Que said, "Let's go!"

Su Yi felt that it was best to leave upon the awakening of Nine Lives Cat Demon, so as to avoid trouble. He could get involved in this level of trouble.

"Slow down, this is not a place we can stay for long. There are many powerful monsters from the demon clan chasing after us. With your strength, I'm afraid it will be difficult for you to get out of this area, especially you as a human."

Nine Lives Cat Demon looked at Su Yi and said, "Follow me and it will give you a few more chances. I will take you out of the Demon Woods."

"Those powerful monsters are after you, so even if we meet them, there's no need to put us in difficulty, right?"

Su Yi whispered, "I'm not too comfortable about staying close to the Nine Lives Cat Demon."

"What an ignorant human."

Ignoring Su Yi, Nine Lives Cat Demon seemed to regain some strength and stood up to leave the cave.

"It sounded like it made sense."

Su Tian Que watched Nine Lives Cat Demon's departing figure at the entrance of the cave, and said to Su Yi.

Su Yi understood that it was very dangerous for a human to be in the Demon Woods.

If he was discovered by the powerful demon clan members, with his human identity, it would probably be more bad than good.


Su Yi clenched his teeth and made the decision to follow the Nine Lives Cat Demon.

Su Yi felt that Nine Lives Cat Demon was not the type to hold a grudge. Although Nine Lives Cat Demon was severely injured, she was still stronger than him, and following this Nine Lives Cat Demon should be much safer.

Su Yi and Su Tian Que exited the cave, following after Nine Lives Cat Demon.

But not getting too close, Su Yi and Su Tian Que just followed from a distance, maintaining a distance of dozens of meters.

Feeling Su Yi and Su Tian Que following behind her, Nine Lives Cat Demon's face remained calm and she didn't look back. Her silhouette moved through the mountains and forests without flying.

The sky gradually darkened, and the stars and the moon were covered behind dark clouds.

There were demon beasts around, but they were kept away by the Nine Lives Cat Demon from a distance.

Su Yi and Su Tian Que followed behind her, with saved a lot of trouble.

Nine Lives Cat Demon didn't stop at a secret forest until late at night.

The terrain around was wide and flat, with tall towering trees, dark and deep.

In front of a towering tree, Nine Lives Cat Demon leaped into the tree, cross-legged, closed her eyes and began to meditate.

Su Yi and Su Tian Que stopped far away.

"Take a break."

Su Yi spoke up, Nine Lives Cat Demon had closed her eyes and was meditating, so this place should be relatively safe. He found a large rock nearby, sat with his legs crossed, formed a hand seal, and started to meditate.

Su Tian Que didn't speak, but began to take deep breaths beside him.

After a moment, three figures were shrouded in a layer of brilliance and three breaths filled the air.

In the depths of the thicket, a pair of dark blue eyes stared intently and silently at Su Yi, keeping this posture seemingly for a long time.

It seemed to feel something from the scent of Su Yi, containing both dread and temptation.

Its eyes remained motionless for a long time, as if it was hesitating, but there was no sound, no breath of any movement, hidden in its natural state.

Before dawn, a moment of darkness silently descended.


Right there and then, that figure could no longer be restrained. Its figure, like a streak of lightning, suddenly lanced towards Su Yi, who was seated in a cross-legged position. Its opening large, bloody maw looked terrifying and dazzling.

This is a python with a length of 10 meters, but its body is dark blue in color, and its small scales are like blades, with sharp fangs.

Suddenly, Su Yi was startled awake and his eyes snapped open.

"Demonic True Realm!"

Su Yi was shocked. But the python moved too quickly. In an instant, it had reached behind him, its huge bloody mouth already above his head.


Suddenly, at the moment, a graceful silhouette appeared faster than the former. With her slender jade fingers rose, a gust of cold energy directly swept toward the python's body.


In that moment, the python's fierce eyes widened in shock as its neck was pierced with a bloody hole, and its body fell directly behind Su Yi.

Su Yi and Su Tian Que had already been startled, and had quickly leaped forward to avoid it. When Su Yi turned back, he saw the dead python, feeling a lingering fear.

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