The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 330

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Chapter 330: The Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon!

"Seven or eight days, ok."

Su Yi was thinking to himself that as long as he left the Demon Woods he would be much safer.

Although he still has many enemies in the Forest of Demons, at least it is easier than being inside the Demon Woods.

But Su Yi was also not careless when it came to the Forest of Demons.

First of all, let's not talk about the gigantic Black Fiend School yet, that Blazing Heavenly Dragon is also a Demon Emperor; if it successfully passes the Transforming Tribulation then it will truly be a Demon Emperor.

When Su Yi thought about the Blazing Heavenly Dragon, he felt a little frustrated.

He stole the Blazing Heavenly Dragon's egg, risking his life in the process. Who would have thought that it would eventually fall into the hands of that woman?

Altogether, it was the second time he suffered a lose facing that woman.

Su Yi furiously muttered to himself, "Don't let me run into you again."

Immediately, Su Yi stopped thinking about it and decided to leave the Demon Woods first.

Once reaching the Chaos Realm, there would be his paradise.

He sat cross-legged, closed his eyes, and took deep breaths.

Moonlight spilled down from the sky, falling into this deep bamboo forest where the light was mottled and twinkling, making the whole bamboo forest glint dimly and silently.

The stars twinkled; from the distant mountain range, occasionally echoing with the sound of beasts roaring.

The sound of rustling disturbed the peace, and there was a demon beast approaching, but from far away it felt something and didn't dare approach anymore.

Beneath the multitude of stars, two dark silhouettes suddenly appeared in the void quietly side by side.

These two figures stood close together in the void, not stirring any ripples.

Two figures, two pairs of eyes with a faint hint of chilling color, shimmering light, like stars embedded in the sky.

"Ha ha, I guessed right. She really wants to leave the Demon Woods!"

Such a sound echoed through the night sky, but no one heard it.

Two figures soon flashed away and disappeared into the night sky as if they had never appeared at all.


In no time at all, two figures appeared outside the bamboo grove, their eyes blazing as they looked warily into the dark depths of the bamboo grove with a cold smirks on their faces.

In the bamboo forest, Nine Lives Cat Demon, who was resting and recovering, suddenly snapped her hands together. Her tightly closed eyes opened at the same time and her vision changed drastically in an instant.

The silhouette of Nine Lives Cat Demon came out, accompanied by an energy that permeated from the bamboo forest, engulfing Su Yi and Su Tian Que in it.

"Hold your breath, hurry!"

Nine Lives Cat Demon's voice was urgent, and as it faded away, the void around her began to warp and blur, becoming more ethereal, as if sinking into chaos.

Su Yi was startled awake with a grave expression, knowing that this was Nine Lives Cat Demon's secret method.

Su Yi didn't have to guess and already know that Nine Lives Cat Demon's enemy had come.

Two figures suddenly appeared outside the bamboo forest, looking into the deep and hazy forest and showing a cold smile. They softly said, "It's too late, you can fool them, but you can't fool us. Come out, why hide?"

When the voice fell, two figures rushed into the bamboo forest at the same time. The figure on the left side waved his robe and a green light burst out, like a green thunderbolt shuttling through the bamboo forest, illuminating the dazzling bamboo forest light.


Deep in the bamboo forest, energy waves surged and the void trembled.

"Boom, boom, boom…"

In the next instant, the vast void around exploded and burst open with a rumble of energy, and countless bamboo were broken and shattered.


In the distance, demon beasts roared like thunder, startled by the sudden change.


The hazy void quivered, and Nine Lives Cat Demon stumbled back several steps, her face turning pale, her gaze solemn to the extreme.

"It's a Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon at Demonic Emperor Realm Sixth Grade. Even in my prime, I'm not sure I could contend with it. You saved me once and I wanted to get you out of the Demon Woods, but it looks like that won't happen now. You guys should go. The farther you go, the better; from now on, I don't owe you anything!" Nine Lives Cat Demon said to Su Yi and Su Tian Que as she looked at them.

"Boom, boom, boom…"

As Nine Lives Cat Demon's voice fell, the surroundings exploded again, the hot breath filled the air, the red light pierced through the sky, and the distorted space began to crack.


Nine Lives Cat Demon staggered back again, her delicate expression now looking more intense than ever.


The twisted void couldn't resist being completely shattered, revealing itself.

Just then, Su Yi saw two figures appearing in the sky outside; their bodies glowing with alternating red and green lights, their breath intermixing like ice and fire.

Su Yi was shocked when he saw it, upon closer inspection, the two figures turned out to be one person with two heads and four arms, but connected from the waist downward with two legs.

The aura from the two-headed humanoid shook Su Yi to the core; one side was a fire-type aura, and the other side was a water-type aura. Water and fire shifted between each other, and the aura was immense.

This scent made Su Yi feel uneasy in his heart, and he was affected by it.

But at this moment, under the oppressive icy-hot breath, Su Yi's Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique faintly began to rise and seemed to be running automatically.

"Demonic Emperor Realm Sixth Grade, Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon!"

Su Yi felt heavy in his heart. Under this terrible oppressive atmosphere, it must be the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon that Nine Lives Cat Demon had just mentioned.

The Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon hovering in the void had four eyes, emanating a vermilion color. It stared at Nine Lives Cat Demon, and also kept an eye on Su Yi and Su Tian Que, but without paying too much attention.

"You can't escape, no one can escape!"

The voices were cold and evil. The Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon's vermilion eyes were fixed on Nine Lives Cat Demon, accompanied by a repulsive smile. It said, "The Nine Lives Cat Demon clan are all beauties. If you follow me, I can plead on your behalf and protect the remaining members of your Nine Lives Cat Demon clan. How about it?"

"Vengeance for the extermination of my clan will be paid back tenfold one day!"

Nine Lives Cat Demon stared at the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon, her amber eyes filling with blood-red and chill apathy.

"Humph, since you don't agree, using force is not bad either. I like it. Who knows after you taste my flavor, you won't be able to resist and beg for me? Hmpf…"

The Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon laughed lewdly. Thinking that this beauty was about to fall into his hands and let him trample on her, he couldn't help but become even more excited.

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