The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 325

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Chapter 325: Little Cat Demon, You Have Offended Me!

Nine Lives Cat Demon opened her mouth, raised her red lip slightly, and in her amber eyes, as a cold light flashed, her slender jade fingers lifted up. Several energy rays, just like a number of snakes, swept directly toward Su Yi, blocking Su Yi's escape route directly.

As Nine Lives Cat Demon took action, the air around trembled and an eerie cold energy ripple was felt.

Su Yi was surprised. There were several energy rays with an evil aura. He stepped out using Hundred Transformations Step, and immediately condensed a Yuan Qi light shield on himself, emerging miraculously from the energy rays with an evil aura.

But one energy ray was not avoided by Su Yi, circling around his back, and in an instant tearing through the spiritual energy shield condensed by Su Yi.

Su Yi felt a sinister energy coming from behind, his face suddenly shocked and he quickly spun around, his hands already covered with energy as he quickly threw out a palm to control the cold energy.

"What the hell…"

The cold and gloomy energy burst through Su Yi's palm, fiercely striking Su Yi's palm.


Su Yi stumbled backwards, and a sharp pain came from his palm. A trace of blood was left but it only scratched the surface and didn't hurt any bone or muscle in his hand.

"You are in the Yuan Spirit Realm! It is quite something!"

Nine Lives Cat Demon seems somewhat surprised by Su Yi's strength, she still remembers not too long ago, this human boy was still weak and powerless. Yet not too long since, he managed to ascend to the Yuan Spirit Realm.

And by rights, it is unlikely that a human in the Yuan Spirit Realm would be able to withstand her just-delivered blow.

For some reason, Nine Lives Cat Demon's moving face had become a bit paler.

"But it's all useless, do you have the Blood Spiritual Ginseng? Give me the Blood Spiritual Ginseng and I can spare your life!"

Nine Lives Cat Demon stared at Su Yi, her eyes shimmering with a captivating light, but the coldness it radiated sent chills down one's spine.

"I don't know either, it's not on me."

Su Yi shook his head, Nine Lives Cat Demon was indeed still yearning for Blood Spiritual Ginseng.

In order to treat Grandpa's injury, Su Yi naturally won't give up the Blood Spiritual Ginseng.

"Kid, you may have been able to deceive others last time, but you can't trick me. I know the Blood Spiritual Ginseng is with you. This time, there's no one to protect you. Give up the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, or else you die!"

There was a murderous intent emanating from the cat demon's eyes.

"Little Cat Demon, you have angered me!"

A loud shout echoed out, a fierce blaze of fire rose up suddenly, engulfing the area.

Nine Lives Cat Demon seemed to sense something, and suddenly turned around quickly.

She only saw a fierce flame pervading the air at this moment, and a terrible flame spreading out.

In the flames, the tiny figure of Su Tian Que could be seen. His entire body was enveloped in lava-like flames, emanating an extremely intimidating aura.

"This is…"

Nine Lives Cat Demon was unsure of Su Tiqn Que's origin and identity.

But a subtle, invisible breath filled the air, causing her heart to tremble. It was clear that this seemingly unremarkable little chicken had a special history and its life would not be simple.

"You hurt my butt! I'm not finished with you!"

Su Tian Que was enraged and could sense that there was something wrong with this Cat Demon in the Demonic Emperor Realm. Surrounding him was a rolling flame that spread out from the void and burned down the tall trees around him into nothingness.

The scorching flames were terrifying, causing the entire space to ripple and roar towards Nine Lives Cat Demon.

"What is your background?!"

The face of Nine Lives Cat Demon showed a startled expression. She quickly retreated, with a brilliant light spread out from her hands and condensed into a palm print, slapping towards the rolling flames.

Within this palm imprint, there was a menacing air exuding out. When it touched the rolling flames, it seemed to be suppressed. Yet, its own intimidating power wiped out the flames that blanketed the sky.


The ground began to crack, and the towering trees around it were destroyed.

"So you were seriously injured, don't act so arrogant."

Su Tian Que roared loudly, flapping his short wings happily and shouted towards Su Yi, "Su Yi, this kitten demon is severely injured!"

When the words fell, Su Tian Que's momentum increased even more. Although his small figure was surrounded by roaring flames, their scorching breath was becoming more and more intense.


At the same time, the earth shook, with a terrifying aura rushing across the sky!

Su Yi activated the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique with full force, and a crimson aura enveloped his body as a domineering and destructive aura spread out in all directions.

Turning around with an eye on Su Yi, Nine Lives Cat Demon's eyes looked surprised, as if feeling some kind of breath, which was very shocking.

Glancing at Su Yi and Su Tian Que, Nine Lives Cat Demon's eyes were filled with intense emotion.

"Humph, daring to hurt my butt, I'm not done with you!"

Looking at Nine Lives Cat Demon, who seemed to be wary, Su Tian Que's aura was even more terrifying, flames rushed out from its body, gathering around and surging, and the intense heat made people's skin burn painfully!


Su Tian Que spread his wings and leapt into the air, though short, it seemed to send forth a sea of flames, covering the sky and earth as it surged towards Nine Lives Cat Demon in an instant.


Su Yi moved, and with a flip of his wrist, his Spirit Weapon sword came out of its sheath. He channeled his power and the sword sliced through the air, accompanied by a faint stream of crimson-red flame-type energy. The flames filled the area as if the substance had been created out of nothingness, swirling around the sword and creating a fierce.


At that moment, Su Yi instantaneously created a small blazing storm, an intense and fierce sharp aura coming from within, causing the air around to begin to distort.

Su Yi's Spirit Weapon was also covered with a layer of crimson glow, as if flames were about to spread and molten metal was flowing along the edge of the blade.

"The Roaring Dragon Emperor Strikes!"

With a loud shout from his heart, Su Yi slashed fiercely at the same time. Immediately, a long red lightning burst out with a streak of blade light.

The bright blades were accompanied by red light, like a volcano erupting suddenly, spreading a shocking red breath that swept across the sky.


Within the glint of the sword, there seemed to be the illusion of a red dragon appearing and disappearing, its fierce and sharp force exploding, as if it could split the sky.

Two prongs of attack, coming from left and right.

On Nine Lives Cat Demon's pale face, her eyes were icy cold, her eyebrows furrowed tightly. She never thought she would be attacked by a bald chicken and a human teenager.

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