The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 324

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Chapter 324: Do You Have a Penchant for Exposure?

"It's you, human kid!"

Nine Lives Cat Demon recognized Su Yi. Her thin eyebrows were filled with a kind of chill at this moment.

"It's not me, sister, you've mistaken the person!"

Su Yi was horrified, he spun around and ran, energy surged through his feet and he was as fast as lightning.

In a split second, Su Yi ran up to the shore with his backside exposed, picking up the sword and clothes lying on the ground. Before he could put the clothes on, he rushed off with them in his arms and disappeared into the dense jungle.

The Nine Lives Cat Demon is a strong Demonic Emperor. Su Yi has personally witnessed her terror and was even chased after by her. In the end, luckily she was intercepted by Deadly King of Hell, Xi Wu Qing.

Seeing each other again at this moment, Su Yi didn't have the confidence to fight back. All he could think of was running away as fast as possible; there was no need for a confrontation at all, he was certainly not her opponent.

"Boy, stop!"

Behind Su Yi, Nine Lives Cat Demon's tender yells resounded, seemingly having not thought that Su Yi would run away so quickly, with bare buttocks.

Nine Lives Cat Demon stared for a moment at the smooth buttock in the distance, and then quickly chased after Su Yi.

Su Yi had no time to pay attention to the shouts behind him, and he ran away at the fastest speed he could.

"Su Yi, what's going on?"

Su Tian Que was startled awake. Upon seeing Su Yi running towards him, bare-bottomed, he stared blankly, and asked, "Why are you running around naked again? Do you have an exhibitionism fetish?"

"Cut the crap! There is a Demon Emperor chasing after me!"

Su Yi completely didn't stop and fled in the blink of an eye like a puff of smoke.

Since Su Yi entered the Yuan Spirit Realm Three Grade and combined it with Hundreds Transformations Step, his progress has been remarkable, and his speed has increased greatly.

"The Demon Emperor is chasing after you… what have you done to provoke such a powerful being?"

Su Tian Que was stunned, instinctively wanting to flee the next moment, wishing he had two more legs.

"You can't escape, kid!"

Nine Lives Cat Demon chased after them, hovering in midair. She was wearing a white low-cut long dress with a short hemline barely covering her knees. Her silver-wave long hair had lost its moisture and was flowing behind her like a fluttering fan. Her delicate face was pale and her eyes were cold.

"Damn it…"

A light shone from Nine Lives Cat Demon's hand, like an arrow shooting through space and blasting away at the fleeing Su Yi.

Su Yi felt an arrow-like power light flying at him. Instantly, his feet moved, as if there were eyes behind him, and he dodged instantly.

"Damn it…"

Su Tian Que followed Su Yi's back, Su Yi dodged the arrow-like attack, but it was hit.

This arrow-like energy light was like an arrow, accurately falling on Su Tian Que's butt.


Screams echoed in the night sky as Su Tian Que's small body flew forward and crashed in front of Su Yi. The small body staggered and rolled twice, screaming and wailing pitifully. A wound the size of a thumb could be seen on the butt, making the scene even more tragic.

However, the wound was not too serious, just some bloodstains leaked out.

Su Yi took Su Tian Que up with ease and threw him over his shoulder, asking "Are you alright…?

"Oh my goodness, who is that woman? She's so ruthless! Ouch, my butt…"

Su Tian Que tightly grabbed Su Yi's shoulder and looked back at the Nine Lives Cat Demon that was chasing from the sky behind him, his eyes filled with fury.

"She is the Nine Lives Cat Demon."

Su Yi opened his mouth, not daring to turn his head, and ran away with all his might. His vigor was like a whirlpool under his feet, and his speed was astonishing.

"Nine Lives Cat Demon, is there a bloodline left behind…?"

Upon hearing this, Su Tian Que seemed a little surprised, but only for a moment. His face swiftly changed back to one of grumpiness and anger as he said, "I'm a peacock! How dares she hurt my butt like that. It hurt so bad. . ."

One man, one chicken.

A bare-bottomed young teenager, a bald-headed chicken, a dark and windy night, running away in a hurry.

"Be quiet, let's see if the cat monster is coming closer."

Su Yi ran away, cutting off Su Tian Que's mutterings, not knowing if the Nine Lives Cat Demon behind him had caught up.

"I don't think so."

Su Tian Que looked back into the empty sky and through the dense forest but didn't see any sign of the woman.


Su Yi was surprised, but he didn't slow down, only had a strange feeling in his heart.

The Nine Lives Cat Demon is a powerful figure of the Demon Emperor level, and logically speaking, no matter how fast one might run, it is unlikely that one would be able to escape.

"It appears that the Nine Lives Cat Demon is somewhat special and is of Demonic Emperor Realm, but its strength seems to have been affected."

Su Tian Que was surprised to not see the Nine Lives Cat Demon catching up too. Although his buttocks still stung from the pain, he knew, if the Nine Lives Cat Demon was in the Demonic Emperor Realm, the injury would have been even more severe.

Su Yi ran for a while again and felt that there was no movement behind him.

Su Yi cautiously let out a sigh of relief and slowed down his pace. Looking back, he saw that there was no trace of the Nine Lives Cat Demon in the dense and dark forest. The moonlight shone through the tall trees, casting mottled light and shadow on the ground covered with dry leaves.

Su Yi stopped completely in his tracks, surprised, wondering why the cat demon had not caught up.

"My butt, women nowadays are so cruel - why?!"

Su Tian Que felt aggrieved, the last time he was grilled by a woman and almost turned into a roasted turkey, and this time he was hurt again by another woman, and he had a shadow in his heart.

"Get down quickly!"

Su Yi threw away Su Tian Que, immediately putting on the clothes he was holding, and quickly strapped the sword and knife to his back. He ran bare-bottomed in the middle of the night, fortunately, this was the Demon Woods and no one saw him.

"Be careful…"

Suddenly, Su Tian Que exclaimed, and a dazzling red light burst out of his limpid eyes. His whole body was bathed in a glow of light.

Su Yi felt it too, following the movement of the spiritual power. His gaze suddenly looked to one side and a graceful silhouette appeared.

The silhouette looked naturally graceful and charming, especially her eyes, they looked like the most beautiful amber in the night, radiating brilliance. Once looked upon it can make one linger in their thoughts and make one palpitate inexplicably.

This figure appeared silently, without a trace, as if it had appeared out of thin air.

"Nine Lives Cat Demon, no no no…"

Su Yi was scared when he suddenly realized the Nine Lives Cat Demon was following him, so he quickly ran away again.

"Still want to escape?"

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