The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 326

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Chapter 326: Concealed Space

Nine Lives Cat Demon acted out, her pale long fingers danced in the air, dense and dark cold energy light rays flew out, blocking Su Yi's blade and Su Tian Que's offensive.


Energy echoed back and forth, like a tornado of energy rippling out from the collision, spreading out and soaring to the sky, flames shooting through the clouds.

Gigantic rocks around were blasted into pieces, deep pits were blown apart, fire waves roared and burned everything around, and everything was destroyed.

The terror of the destruction was overwhelming, with chaos all around!

Nine Lives Cat Demon swayed, its eyebrows furrowed, seemingly greatly affected.

Su Yi and Su Tian Que were equally forced back, neither feeling any better.

"Boom!" Su Tian Que stopped, a phantom seemed to appear around his small body, vaguely revealed, a terror that could not be described burst wildly, as if he was truly angry, ready to burst out with all his might.

Su Tian Que's transformation caused a look of surprise to again silently emerge on the moving pale face of Nine Lives Cat Demon.


Su Yi halted, his internal qi and blood surging, almost spewing out a mouthful of fresh blood, but in the end, he gritted his teeth and held it in, his body's Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique reaching an ultimate level.

Su Yi was thinking that there was indeed a big problem with Nine Lives Cat Demon right now, but with all his efforts today with Su Tian Que, there might still be a slim chance.

Nine Lives Cat Demon watched Su Yi and Su Tian Que, feeling the aura exuding from Su Tian Que's illusory figure and the breath from Su Yi's body. Her brows furrowed even tighter.

Out of the blue, Nine Lives Cat Demon seemed to sense something and suddenly raised her head, gazing towards the distant void with her face suddenly grimacing to the utmost.

In the next moment, Nine Lives Cat Demon made a handprint, with a hint of misty light, making the surrounding space become blur, as if the void was sinking.

Seeing the commotion created by Nine Lives Cat Demon, Su Yi and Su Tian Que were both surprised. At the same time, the voice of Nine Lives Cat Demon came from it, "If you don't want to die, then hold your breath."

The air around them began to twist and blur.

The moonlight disappeared and the scope of thousands of yards began to blur, as if it were plunged into chaos, and even the air no longer flowed like before, falling into a deathly silence.

Only the scent of Su Yi and Su Tian Que still lingered in the air.

"I have a bad feeling…"

Su Yi stared, astonished. He didn't know what kind of means Nine Lives Cat Demon used to envelop the space around them. Grasping his Spirit Weapon tightly in his hand, he was ready for battle.

"If you don't want to die, all of you need to stay quiet and hold your breath, otherwise you'll all be dead."

Nine Lives Cat Demon felt Su Yi's breath, and her pale face became anxious.

Su Yi said coldly, "Do I have to surrender? You won't be able to butcher me!" His authoritative pressure filled the air and, at this point, he had to fight till his last breath.

"Tiny humans, do you want to die…!?"

Cold light filled Nine Lives Cat Demon's eyes, but feeling the breath of Su Yi and Su Tian Que, she had to bite her tooth and stared at Su Yi and said, "Hold your breath, I promise not to kill you. My means is just to hide this space, if a great enemy comes, your breath will expose this place, and no one will be able to escape then!"

"Hidden space, there is a great enemy coming…"

"It seems like a cat demon's means of concealment," Su Tian Que looked around, and his small figure emerged in the flames.

Su Yi looked at the Nine Lives Cat Demon and said tentatively, "This big enemy is looking for you, it has nothing to do with us!"

"Act fast or it will be too late; ignorant humans, once exposed, try to see if you can survive. They will kill you like stepping on an ant!"

The Nine Lives Cat Demon's face had turned deathly pale, staring intently at Su Yi. If her eyes had the power to kill at this moment, Su Yi would have been slashed to pieces by now.

Su Yi was worried that Nine Lives Cat Demon was already so powerful, her enemy must be stronger. He feared that if her enemy showed up here, anyone present would be killed.

Su Yi thought for a moment and looked at Nine Lives Cat Demon, saying, "Swear not to have any ill intention towards us, otherwise, we'll all die together."

"You…" Nine Lives Cat Demon had a cold expression and her amber-like eyes shone like daggers.

"OK, I swear I won't lay a hand on you."

Nine Lives Cat Demon's teeth were clenched tight, her words seeming to burst out from the gaps in her silver teeth, with an expression of hatred in her eyes.

"Ok, I believe you this one time!"

Su Yi nodded to Su Tian Que, and the two of them immediately reined in their emotions and breathes.

Upon seeing this, the Nine Lives Cat Demon glanced at Su Yi and Su Tian Que before paying them no more attention. Looking up into the void, she seemed as if she could see through the hazy void that had been shrouded over the moment.

Su Yi and Su Tian Que were also looking around, everywhere was blurry, like it had returned to chaos, without the moonlight, without the wind, only a dead silence that seemed endless.


In the silent moonlit night, atop the towering mountains, a massive beast appeared, surrounded by radiance, too hazy to make out its true form, yet the breath it spread was immensely intimidating, shaking the forest and making the mountains tremble.

Suddenly, in this deep forest, all birds and beasts crawled and trembled!

This huge beast shadow was huge, standing in the void. Its eyes were like blood moons set in the sky, covering the true bright moonlight. Its breath was intimidating, and its fierce eyes had a shocking cold light.

Such a terrible beastly figure appeared here, luckily it wasn't in the outside world, otherwise, it would be hard to imagine how many people would be scared out of their wits!

"The scent of the Cat Demon has appeared here, and there are also two strange scents, which seem to be far from simple!"

The animalistic voice of such a huge figure was low and deep, slowly reverberating like thunder in the night, shaking the mountains, making the demon beasts in this forest tremble!

"Look, she has suffered a severe blow and cannot escape far!"

A faint voice pierced the clouds like stone, the voice was icy cold. A fierce bird spread its wings, as if a dark cloud that eclipsed the sun had come, radiating with brilliance as it swept across the sky. Its deep eyes emitted a powerful and threatening aura.

"Beware of the cat demon's tricks of concealment."

A giant beast flew through the sky, half its body suspended in the night clouds; its black light spread everywhere, stretching across the sky; its two huge eyes were like two bloody moons, exuding a fierce and oppressive aura.

Such three huge fierce beasts appeared, staring down below, shaking this world, far away all the beasts were trembling in fear.

"Cut the grass to its roots, we must slaughter the whole clan! The one who escapes will be a big problem, so must be killed!"

The first huge beast opened its mouth, its bloody moon eyes were murderous and cold.

In an instant, the three huge beasts flew away and disappeared into the sky.

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