The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 318

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Chapter 318: Are You Going to Lay Eggs?!

Although Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and White Jade Swallow Bird have obtained inheritance and changed significantly.

But Su Yi thought about it and decided to wait and see if he could meet a better demon beast in the future.

Anyway, now he needs to cultivate the Hundred Transformations Step. If he can cultivate it to perfection, then it would be even better than condensing a beast form.

Finally, Su Yi put all his thoughts into the Hundred Transformations Step, hoping to go further.

Su Yi carefully comprehended the cultivation information of Hundred Transformations Step in his mind. He had already connected dozens of special meridians on his back. In order to condense wings, the dozens of special meridians on his back are the foundation.

Vitality bursts out from these dozens of passages and meridians, causing a revolving counterstrike, and finally coalescing into a pair of wings.

This process is extremely complicated, and requires formidable vitality to support it.

But this isn't a problem for Su Yi, all he needs is time.


A faint crimson light flickered in the background, as if a surge of energy had appeared behind it.

This vortex was like the spinning of a helicopter propeller, propelling Su Yi with a force that lifted his toes off the ground, causing his body to sway unsteadily and stagger.


Su Yi ran straight into a big tree, his face came into close contact with the trunk, and his nose and face were instantly swollen.

"No, there's a problem with the path of qi flowing through the meridians!"

Su Yi paid no attention to his bruised and swollen face, pondering the problem that had just arisen.

Yuan Qi bursts out from dozens of acupoints and meridians in his back, not missing even one; what should have condensed behind should be wings, not eddies.


Soon, Su Yi continued to comprehend and cultivate the Hundred Transformations Step, and if he could cultivate the wings from this step, he would be able to fly.

That will be of great help to him. No matter it is dealing with enemies or facing a crisis, it will be of utmost importance.

This made Su Yi determined to cultivate the complete Hundred Transformations Step.

"If you rush, you won't reach your goal. Controlling your vigor and rushing blindly will lead to failure."

Su Tian Que appeared, leaning slantingly against the tree trunk.

His short wings covered with fur were like arms crossed behind the body, and his eyes stared at Su Yi, who was falling continuously in front of him, with a faint gaze.

"Do you understand martial arts and physical techniques?" Su Yi got up, looking at Su Tian Que with anticipation in his eyes.

"I don't understand, but from my memories I've seen people displaying various martial arts techniques. Ultimately, all of these forms have the same principle."

Su Tian Que pursed his lips and had a look of old-fashioned sternness as he instructed Su Yi.

Su Yi thought what Su Tian Que said makes sense.

One day later.

Twilight was beautiful, the sunset was like a piece of red leaves covering the sky and falling to the dusty ground, spreading over hills and plains.

Under the sunset, Cang Lan City turned dark purple, like a giant ancient monster in this vast mountain range.

The sunset falls behind the western mountains, and with the last remnant of the evening glow fading away, the sky and earth gradually become dark.

At the mountain peak, far off in the distance, a faint red light glittered like a tiny flame rising up into the air.

On closer inspection, a faint red glow rose, like a red radiance.

Behind Su Yi, a pair of pale crimson wings, although still relatively immature, had already truly congealed and formed!

Light crimson wings, condensed from inner energy, formed behind, extending about ten feet in length, thin as cicada wings, with graceful curvature.


Su Yi's body soared with double wings flapping, the dust whirled around and the sand and stones flew, yet his body grew higher and higher.

"Success, success!"

Su Yi was filled with excitement and surprise; this was the first time he had succeeded, and finally he had managed to form wings.


Just after three seconds, the surprise and excitement influenced his inner energy.

In a split second, Su Yi's body fell straight down before he had time to react, landing bottom-up on the floor.


Not far away, Su Tian Que laughed heartily, almost clapping his hands.

"Are you going to lay eggs?!"

Su Yi got up, fiercely glared at Su Tian Que, but was actually very happy in his heart, at least it had been a success.

"Only a bird can lay eggs!"

Su Tian Que glared at Su Yi with a disappointed expression.

Su Yi ignored Su Tian Que and continued cultivating.

He has finally achieved tangible results, so he must not miss this chance and practice more.

One night passed.

When the morning sun shone on the ground, Su Yi's figure hovered in the void with crimson wings slowly fluttering behind him. The wings glowed with radiance and curved gracefully.


Su Yi flapped his wings, soaring through the sky as he experienced true flight, sometimes high in the air and sometimes low, careening left and right like a morning bird.

"Finally, I made it!"

After a moment, Su Yi's wings stirred lightly behind him, allowing his body to hover in the low sky, his eyes filled with indescribable joy and shock.

Incredibly, he was able to fly. It was unimaginable, but now he has actually done it!

"This martial arts technique seems quite complex, but it seems like something is still missing…"

Su Tian Que squinted his eyes and gazed into the sky at Su Yi from a distance. He had a hint of surprise in his eyes.

"Is it true?"

Su Yi gazed at the wings coalescing behind him, feeling them carefully.

Although the Hundred Transformations Step has formed wings, it has unpredictable changes and endless changes, but it seems to be slightly lacking something.

But Su Yi pondered, he had just managed to condense his wings successfully, so it must be that he still needed to practice.

He is only in the third grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm, It's already very lucky to barely cultivate the Hundred Transformations Step. It's probably impossible for him to display the true power of the Emperor Grade Body Technique "Hundred Transformation Step".

After sitting cross-legged and taking a few hours to adjust his breathing, Su Yi resumed his cultivation.

With Su Yi's current level of cultivation, even if he didn't eat for months, it wouldn't have any effect.

Outside, there were strong Demon Beasts searching for people from the Divine Demonic Sect. While Su Yi was in Cang Lan City, this period of time allowed him to pursue cultivation in peace.

So, during this period of time, Su Yi wanted to cultivate some of the martial arts techniques he had but had not yet fully succeeded in, so that he could succeed in cultivating all of them during this period of time.

He has made some progress on The Hundred Step Calculation, and now Su Yi plans to cultivate the Three Sabres of the Raging Dragon.

At the outset, Su Yi obtained both Three Sabres of the Raging Dragon and Thirteen Swords of the Roaring Gale.

Three Sabres of the Raging Dragon is a General Grade Martial Art Technique of the fire attribute, and Thirteen Swords of the Roaring Gale is the wind attribute, but it reaches the level of the Emperor Grade Martial Technique.

Although Su Yi possessed the wind attribute, he was still unable to cultivate the Roaring Gale's Thirteen Swords at first.

Thirteen Swords of the Roaring Gale have tremendous speed and power, but its cultivation requires tremendous discipline.

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