The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 319

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Chapter 319: Rampage Shadow Shatter the Nine Yaos!

One must temper his body with a ten-thousand-pound heavy sword and then gradually increase it, in addition, and having a spiritual force surpassing his same-level peers, so he will be able to unleash the power of the Thirteen Swords of the Roaring Gale.

It is said that to cultivate this Emperor Grade Martial Technique, one needs to be of the Yuan Emperor Realm level.

Even the best geniuses with the best natural aptitude have to reach the level of Yuan Void Realm, otherwise don't even think about it.

At first, Su Yi had tried and failed, so he ended up training in the Three Sabres of the Raging Dragon.

Although Three Sabres of the Raging Dragon only has three moves, Su Yi had only managed to cultivate the first two moves, 'Raging Dragon Slash' and 'Tyrant Dragon Whirlwind Slash', and had yet to successfully cultivate the third move.

At the top of the mountain, Su Yi wielded a large sword.

Su Yi didn't even know how many Spirit Weapon-level greatswords he has changed on his journey.

If this were in Man City, Su Yi wouldn't even dare to think of having so many Spirit Weapon-level greatswords in his hands.


The great sword swings wildly with a rapid speed, as if etching shallow and deep grooves in the air.

"The sharpness of the knife is its benefit; one needs skillful body movement to jump beyond the distance; with quick eyes and nimble hands, the knife is like a fierce tiger, with power like a raging dragon…"

This is the secret of Three Sabres of the Raging Dragon, the most important of which is to be imposing, bold, vigorous and harmonious while being balanced and powerful. The movements should be swift as the wind.


As Su Yi waved his greatsword, it brought forth a flash of blade and shadow.

Gradually resounding with the loud and piercing sounds of thunder and wind, like the roar of dragons and tigers, it carries a monumental momentum, like that of thousands of horses galloping away.

After a moment, Su Yi drew his Spirit Weapon sword and a crimson fire-attribute aura surged out instantly, filling it with ferocity.

When this skill was activated, fire-attribute energy that was almost tangible emanated from the void around Su Yi.

In an instant, winding around the blade, a fierce storm emerged, with energy swirling in all directions.

Not far away, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Su Tian Que, Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard, White Jade Swallow Bird, Spectral Mouse, Da Bao, Xiao Ling, and many other demon beasts, were all watching Su Yi.

They felt the energy surging through Su Yi's body, as if they had sensed something, their eyes fixed steadfastly ahead.

After the activation of the skill, the blazing fire-attribute Qi continuously radiated from Su Yi's body, emitting a blazing yet dazzling radiance, as if it was spreading into a small storm of blazing heat around Su Yi.

A fierce and fierce force erupted from it, causing the air around to distort.

At this moment, a crimson brilliance also enveloped the Spirit Weapon in Su Yi' hand.

The energy was infused into Yuan Weapon, causing a layer of eerie red to appear on its surface, as if flames were about to spread out and molten metal was flowing on the tip of the blade.

"Roaring Dragon Emperor Slash!"

In an instant, Su Yi let out a low roar, and slashed viciously with his sword.

The crimson light was like a volcano erupting fiercely, spreading a fearsome scarlet breath over the sky and land.

A streak of light trailed a long, red lightning bolt and burst out.

In that instant, the demon beasts in the distance were startled, their ominous eyes were completely enveloped in a sea of scarlet blade lights.


In the blade of light, there seemed to be an illusion of a red dragon appearing and disappearing.

The ground cracked along the way, a large crack opened up in the middle, and the void shook.


Ten meters away, the light clashed against a giant rock weighing thousands of pounds, and its energy reverberated like the rumbling of a mountain collapsing.

A wave of energy like a dragon-inspired storm ripples from the clash of swords and huge stones, spreading out and surging up to the clouds.

The huge rock was blasted apart, deep pits exposed all around, everything was destroyed, and the terrifying destructive power left Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger dumbstruck and speechless.


Su Yi was pale in color, but his face was smiling, and the third move of the Raging Dragon finally succeeded in training.

Three days later.

Su Yi, who activated the Hundred Transformations Step, hovered in the air with a pair of wings, shimmering with light.

His whole body was filled with a red glow, and the luster was filled with a primitive majesty.

Right after the light shone brightly from beneath his feet, an incomparable radiance covered his legs with a powerful aura.

The rays spread quickly, and on the feet, there were mysterious ancient patterns flowing, with fresh runes emerging, and a mighty breath pervading.

In this moment, Su Yi's eyes shone like lightning, sharp and intimidating, and his whole aura changed.

Like a god or demon being resurrected, his robes fluttering and his long black hair flying backwards, a mysterious aura of rage filled the air, making him appear powerful and terrifying.

Su Yi's feet shone brightly at this moment, becoming very special; his aura was even stronger, making people tremble.


Such an aura made the distant Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Golden Python, and others want to creep when they looked at Su Yi in shock.

"Wrath of the Eight Wastelands, Rampage Shadow Shatter the Nine Yaos!"

In a low growl, Su Yi kicked out, thundering towards the sky, his footprints shimmering like lightning.

In the blink of an eye, it's like infinite footprints kicking out, the light converging, like a small sun exploding.

"Incomparable tyranny, devastating majesty!"

"Boom, boom, boom…"

The sky roared. Beneath the footsteps of the peak, space distorted, brilliant energy burst forth, its might tremendous.

The four corners of the earth collapsed, and the void trembled, thus destroying all.


When these sprawling footprints emerged, the golden pythons below were trembling with fear, roaring in response.

After everything calmed down, Su Yi's wings faded away and shrank, his body stumbled as he landed and his face was pale like ash.


But at the moment, Su Yi's pale face was with an uncontrollable smile.

This is the Wrath of the Eight Wastelands obtained from the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, which also has three levels.

The first level was called Oppress the Mountains and Rivers with a Single Foot, which was successfully cultivated by Su Yi from the beginning. Now, this is the second level and within several days, Su Yi has gained harvest.

Just as Su Yi had predicted, the Wrath of the Eight Wastelands consumed a tremendous amount of energy; the first level had already consumed a great deal, and the second level was even more so.

With his current triple cultivation of the Yuan Spirit Realm Three Grade, he could only barely activate the impact of Rampage Shadow Shatter the Nine Yaos once at its peak.

Given this situation, Su Yi didn't even consider the third level of Wrath of the Eight Wastelands; he was afraid that he wasn't qualified enough to cultivate it.

Su Yi was most clear about the power of Wrath of the Eight Wastelands, which was a technique from the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique.

Especially the second level of Wrath of the Eight Wastelands at this moment. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is far more powerful than the third move of Three Sabres of the Raging Dragon, which is one of the most important trump cards on his own body now.

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