The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 317

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Chapter 317: Diligent Learning.

"Haha haha haha haha…."

Amidst everyone's hearty laughter, Hu Chi took the lead and handed Su Yi a robe from his spatial bag.

"I'm really embarrassed now!"

Su Yi was feeling flustered as he dressed, thinking of being seen by so many people, especially the female disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect. He wondered how he would face other people in the future.

Everything calmed down, and the oppressive atmosphere of Cang Lan City dissipated.

Inside and outside Cang Lan City, all the demon beasts were in shock, completely unaware of what had happened. They can only guess that the City Lord must have gotten some kind of benefit to cause such a huge commotion.

In the next few days, Su Yi was out early and late, and intended to avoid the female disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect, which was really embarrassing.

Eventually, Chi Zu couldn't resist and challenged Su Yi to another battle.

The result speaks for itself, Chi Zu was badly defeated.

Su Yi has already held back, after all this is within Cang Lan City, and he must leave some face for Chi Zu, this is not a fight to the death.

At night, the bright moonlight decorated the night sky.

"Roaring…" Around Cang Lan City, the sound of fierce beasts roaring could be heard from time to time.

"Chi la…"

In the moonlight, in between the mountains and forests, flashed through a ghost-like figure.

Su Yi was cultivating the Hundred Transformations Step. His figure moved without stirring the dust or shaking the stones, truly reaching the point of being unpredictable in its transformations.

The Hundred Transformations Step is an Emperor Grade Body Technique, strictly speaking, not even something comparable to a regular Emperor Grade Martial Technique.

Within Hundred Transformations Step, there are several small levels.

Practicing the Hundred Transformations Step method can make one's movements smaller and faster.

If taken a step further, the variations are unpredictable, and with fighting against an opponent, your moves will become dazzlingly complex, which makes it impossible for the opponent to distinguish clearly.

At first, Su Yi had already cultivated the unpredictable change, but it was still quite immature, and his cultivation level also affected the effectiveness of the Hundred Transformations Step.

This is like using the same sword, but naturally the effect of a child swinging it and an adult swinging it is different.

Hundred Transformations Step, if one is able to cultivate it to the highest level, they would be able to condense their vital energy wings and fly like a huge eagle soaring through the sky.

As a Martialist, the powerful Martialists of the Yuan Spirit Realm can form Yuan Qi under their feet and condense Animal Phantom Imagery to soar the sky.

Some more powerful cultivators could condense phantoms of ferocious birds and beasts for flight, however, it would consume a lot of energy and would be difficult to sustain for a long period of time.

Su Yi had yet to research how to condense a Yuan Qi spirit form and solidify a beastly phantom.

At this moment, his cultivation base has already reached the Third Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm, and recently in Cang Lan City, he has nothing else to do, so he wants to cultivate in this area.

But compared to this, Su Yi wants to try and go further on Hundred Transformations Step.

The last level of the Hundred Transformation Steps can help to condense dual wings, allowing him to soar high in the sky and go far away.

At the bottom of the ten thousand feet cliff, Su Yi wanted to continue cultivating the Hundred Transformations Step.

Unfortunately, at the bottom of the steep cliff, Su Yi was never able to condense dual-energy wings.

The mysterious old man also said that it would be like a fool's dream to try and fly with wings in the Yuan Soul Realm, so Su Yi gave up.

Now Su Yi has reached the Third Grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm and wants to try again.

According to the Hundred Transformations Step's cultivate information, in order to condense the wings, it is necessary to open up dozens of special meridians in the back, let the Yuan Qi flow in a whirl in these meridians, and finally form two wings with Yuan Qi. The process is extremely complicated and requires strong Yuan Qi support.

In the past few days, Su Yi has been studying the Hundred Transformations Step, and there has been some progress.

After all, Su Yi is already very familiar with the Hundred Transformations Step, but there is still a distance to reach the point of condensing wings.

In a few days, Su Yi also attempted to condense into a beast form at the same time, which is the symbol of the Yuan Spirit Realm.

He didn't have a teacher to instruct him, but there were three elders present: Shangguan Xu, Xiong Liu, and Hu Bu.

Although Su Yi has been too ashamed to meet people these days, he still plucked up his courage to find three elders and ask them about the problem of condensing beast form.

The three elders' attitudes towards Su Yi became increasingly positive. Every time they saw Su Yi, they could barely contain the shock in their hearts, and unreservedly accepted Su Yi's teachings.

"Congeal beast form, seemingly simple, actually rather complex, the more powerful the beast form, the harder it is to congeal!"

"Shape the beast form at your feet by gathering Yuan Qi and opening several meridians in the soles of your feet, then add research on demon beasts and you will be successful!"

"To be able to condense what kind of beast form, you must have enough understanding of that demon beast. What's more important is, you need a drop of the demon beast's blood!"

The three elders informed Su Yi that in order to condense the beast form, it may seem simple but is actually very complex.

For example, if you want to coalesce a phantom of a Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast, you must be very familiar with the Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast.

What's more important is that a drop of the blood of Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast is necessary for success.

Su Yi memorized and humbly asked for advice, including some other cultivation questions.

It's not easy to find such an opportunity, so naturally, Su Yi wouldn't miss it.

The three elders originally had a vague and hesitant attitude towards Su Yi, and his identity as the Divine Demonic Sect's sect leader made them unsure of how to choose.

Recently, Su Yi brought out their long-dreamed-of "Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation", "Mighty Desolate Verse", and "Heavenly Tiger Art".

And the terrifying commotion a few days before has been making them more and more uncertain.

Regardless if they admit it or not, Su Yi has the identity as the Sect Leader of the Divine Demonic Sect. At present, he was humbly learning from them, this made the three elders have a mysterious feeling of accomplishment.

Taking this into consideration, Su Yi was also someone whom they had guided directly and so had a direct connection with them, thereby he was not counted as an outsider anymore.

After realizing this, the three elders finally didn't feel that anything was wrong in their hearts.

Su Yi asked a lot of questions from three elders and got answers which greatly benefited him.

"Coalescing into a beast form requires the blood of Demon Beasts."

Feeling the demon beasts around him, Su Yi thought of Su Tian Que.

If Su Tian Que was truly a peacock, how great it would be! But looking at Su Tian Que's current state, Su Yi had no choice but to give up and not even consider it.

Su Yi also thought about going to Chi Zu, but when he thought about it more carefully, he felt it was not suitable.

As for Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, White Jade Swallow Bird, and Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard, Su Yi thought them over but it wasn't very suitable either.

Elder Shangguan Xu said that the more powerful the beast form, the harder it was to condense. Su Yi indeed wanted to condense a powerful beast form.

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