The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 316

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Chapter 316: You Have to Respect Me!

"This guy is not just any ordinary human being! He can withstand lightning tribulation!"

Su Tian Que's small figure appeared not far away, its dripping eyes staring at the Su Yi in mid-air full of shock, yet underneath this lightning tribulation, it seemed to not have that much pressure on it.

As Su Yi's voice fell, everything around him fell silent and the mysterious power surrounding him disappeared, causing Su Yi's body to suddenly fall from the sky.


In an instant, Su Yi's expression changed suddenly, and a gust of spirit Qi rushed out from his foot around one meter away from the ground.


Su Yi stepped back and stumbled several steps, then he managed to steady himself, and the sword behind him fell to the ground.


Chi Zu appeared and ran straight to Su Yi.

"Brother Su Yi, what kind of technique have you cultivated? It is powerful enough to cause a lightning tribulation to obstruct you!"

Chi Zu spoke in the beast language and with a red light radiating from its body.

Chi Zu had just completed his cultivation and was drawn in by the terrifying sound. Upon seeing Su Yi, there was a look of shock in his eyes.

"I cultivated a technique and unwittingly gained something I never expected would cause such a commotion!"

Su Yi was astonished as well, not expecting that the successful cultivate of the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse would bring about a lightning tribulation blocking his way. No wonder it was said that the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse could shock Heaven and Earth and cause gods and ghosts to weep.

"Oh, your cultivation case has been strengthened a lot!"

Feeling the aura of Chi Zu, Su Yi wasn't too surprised. Before Chi Zu went into seclusion, he had already said he was preparing to make a breakthrough and advance further.

"Compared to you, I'm too far behind. Have you also made a breakthrough?"

Chi Zu felt helpless; he had thought that once he broke through, he would be able to win against Su Yi.

Although it was somewhat unfair, because, after this cultivation, his strength had reached the third grade of the Demonic Spirit Realm, Chi Zu was too eager to win

Feeling Su Yi's breath at this moment, Chi Zu guessed that his plans had failed and this guy had obviously taken another step forward.

"Just make a little bit of progress, step by step."

Su Yi smiled, feeling the full and powerful Yuan energy in his dantian vortex, as well as the overflowing soul power in his mind. He had not expected to succeed in cultivating the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse, and there was an unexpected surprise too. Now he had even broken through two grades, and he had arrived at the third grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm.

But recently, such a rapid breakthrough has made Su Yi rather worried. He has been suppressing himself and consolidating his cultivation, fearing that too fast a breakthrough would affect his foundation, yet every time he breaks through, he cannot stop it.



"Hey, Brother Su Yi!"

Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Da Bao, Xiao Ling, Shangguan Yu, Shangguan Xu, Xiong Zhan, Hu Chi, and more ran up and surrounded Su Yi.

"Let this young man stay, one day he may become a great trouble!"

The old man in the yellow robe, still shocked by what he saw in the far away sky above the mountain peak, said to Chi Qin, "You need to make a decision soon, kill him, or be a friend with him!"

Chi Qin's eyes moved, gazing far away at Su Yi surrounded by the crowds and demon beasts, his gaze also fell on Chi Zu's body.

Looking at Chi Zu and Su Yi, and that group of special demon beasts, Chi Qin's eyes flickered with emotion and he was in deep thought, his facial expression continuously changing, not easy to make out.

"This human is very special, and very close to the demon clan. It is said that the rise of the Divine Demonic Sect had a great connection with the demon clan too."

Chi Qin whispered and smiled faintly at the old man in the yellow robe, "What if one day we meet with an unexpected misfortune? Chi Zu still needs some time to grow. What should it do?"

The old man in the yellow robe was confused, and asked Chi Qin, "You mean…"

Chi Qin sighed softly, her gaze flickering but not saying anything explicitly. "Let nature take its course…"

The old man in a yellow robe heard the words, his eyes twinkling with a hint of light. He said no more.

He knew that his elder brother was paving the way for Chi Zu, and his elder brother had high expectations of Chi Zu. Upon seeing that this young human was extraordinary, he made up his mind.

"With such a commotion, it would definitely not be concealed from the people around, some of them should already be on their way here to investigate the situation. Let us go and deal with it." Chi Qin finished speaking with a slight smile and left.

The old man in the yellow robe listened and, looking at the human teenager far away, whispered lightly, "Humans, can we really trust them? I hope that my big brother hasn't made a mistake."

After he finished speaking, the old man in the yellow robe also left, his figure disappearing into nothingness.

"What kind of means have been cultivated, and why does it feel like the Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation?"

"I feel it like the Mighty Desolate Verse!"

"It has the air of Heavenly Tiger Art!"

In the crowd, Shangguan Yu, Xiong Zhan, Hu Chi, and others surrounded Su Yi.

They felt the huge commotion caused by Su Yi just now had a familiar breath of theirs, the same as the techniques they had cultivated.

However, that aura made them tremble in fear and be inexplicably oppressed.

"Related to it!"

Su Yi nodded, not hiding anything, with Chi Zu standing beside him, he didn't avoid the topic either.

"Hey, Su Yi, can you please pay attention?"

Su Tian Que wobbled and waddled in, with a red gold meatball-like crown on top of his head that glistened like a beautiful red gemstone. He scuttled along, his five short legs shaking with each step.

"Su Tian Que, don't forget I'm your elder brother, show me some respect! Do you want to have a duel with me?"

Su Yi glanced at Su Tian Que. This bald-headed meat chicken hasn't taken himself seriously as the older brother. Just recently, he has made a lot of progress, so it is the perfect time to test and see what level Su Tian Que had reached.

"Ok, I respect you, you are my big brother, but haven't you noticed something is missing from your body? Many little girls are looking at you." Su Tian Que spread his fluffy fur with wings which were no longer so bald, and gave Su Yi a pale white glance with schadenfreude.


Upon hearing this, Su Yi could feel that Shangguan Xi Wei and the other women were standing far away, each of them lowering their heads and whispering something while sneaking glances at him. This made Su Yi feel very strange, so he lowered his head to inspect himself.


Su Yi was startled when he saw it, and his eyes widened in shock. He wished he could find a peak to hide in. His clothes had been destroyed by the thunder and lightning. No wonder none of the female disciples from the Divine Demonic Sect came over.

"Wait a minute."

Su Yi was very upset, so he immediately hid behind Chi Zu and asked Shangguan Yan for clothes to cover his body.

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