The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 308

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Chapter 308: Settle Down!

"Send the order down: No one is to come here today or they will be killed without mercy!"

With Su Yi behind him, the Black Flying Lizard ordered several powerful demon beasts.

Su Yi didn't take the Black Flying Lizard's arranged demon beasts, but instead rode on the back of the White Jade Swallow Bird.

"This White Jade Swallow Bird seems very different."

Shangguan Xi Wei and Shangguan Xiu accompanied Su Yi on the back of the White Jade Swallow Bird.

They had been familiar with demon beasts since they were young, feeling that this White Jade Swallow Bird was vastly different than other ordinary White Jade Swallow Birds.

With their eyes fixed on the Silver Spirit Demon Butterfly, Spectral Mouse, Da Bao, and Xiao Ling on the back of the White Jade Swallow Bird, Shangguan Xi Wei and Shangguan Xiu both had a hint of confusion in their eyes.

These demon beasts obviously don't have high bloodlines, but their breath is extraordinary and one can sense something special about them, but they just can't put a finger on it.

Su Yi sat cross-legged, closed his eyes and meditates. The Flaming Beast Eagle and White Jade Swallow Bird could fly, as well as the Silver Spirit Demon Butterfly.

The Spectral Mouse, the Fiery Red Demonic Mink, Da Bao and Xiao Ling were small enough to ride on the White Jade Swallow Bird.

But Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Golden Python, Snow Jade Ape, Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard are huge in size, yet unable to fly. They could only follow Chi Qin's demon beast team back to Cang Lan City.

"Is this Cang Lan City where the Demon Emperor resides?"

At dusk, when the disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect arrived at Cang Lan City, they were shocked by the grandeur of the large city.

They had never been out before, let alone seen such a grand city.

Led by the Black Flying Lizard and the Black Ya Beast, Su Yi and the disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect finally arrived at a mountaintop in the depths of Cang Lan City.

Between the mountains, there are some simple buildings.

Twilight, the setting sun, a veil of evening glow enveloping, illuminating this mountain forest.

This place is very large, with several mountains.

There is a small river flowing, the water is blue and clear, with strange flowers and exotic plants, and birds chirping and flowers fragrant.

There are also high mountain waterfalls, like a galaxy pouring down.

"What a beautiful place."

Shangguan Xiu and other girls, such as Shangguan Xi Wei, exclaimed that this place was very beautiful and the scenery was pleasant.

Shangguan Yan, Xiong Zhan and the others were all dumbfounded; they didn't expect that even in Cang Lan City, which was full of demon beasts, there would be such a beautiful place.

"The Demon Emperor commanded that you all can settle down here and no wandering around, otherwise the consequences will be on your own head." After a few words from the Black Flying Lizard and the Black Ya Beast, they left.

"Is this place really safe?"

Elder Shangguan Xu, Elder Xiong Liu and Elder Hu Bu were all still a bit worried.

After all, this is the land of the demons; when they entered Cang Lan City, they sensed the presence of many powerful demons.

If the Demon Emperor Chi Qin were to start a fight with them right now, they would probably not even have a chance to resist.

"Now that we are here, let us settle in since we will be here for a while. Let us tidy up first," Su Yi said.

Immediately, everyone began to tidy up and settle in.

These mountain peaks, deep in Cang Lan City, are places for the disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect to settle down. It seems that humans once lived here and left behind some simple buildings.

After a quick tidying up, night had already fallen, so everyone had to settle for a makeshift night.

The next day, all the people in the courtyard began to help build the houses.

Some three or four year old kids are helping out as well. These kids may be young, but they are martial artists and have been cultivating since they were small.

Even a three-year-old child has impressive strength; carrying bricks and stones is not a problem.

Many hands make light work. In just five days, a large area of houses have been remodeled, with courtyards connected to each other in a harmonious way.

No Demon Beasts have come these past few days.

Even within this range, no demon beasts have appeared.

But Snow Jade Ape, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, and Golden Python have all come.


Looking at the houses and courtyards, Su Yi felt a sense of satisfaction.

The remaining disciples finally had a place to settle down.


There was a roar of a mystic beast, and a nimble one appeared, like a lion, like a tiger, with a strong body, a round and large head, a red overall body, and its entire body was covered with a thin layer of dense red armor, and its golden mane covered the shoulders and chest.

This is a young demon beast of the demon clan, but the aura emanating from its body is already fierce and alarming, with a regal majesty.

"Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast!"

When such a young monster appeared, there were exclamations of surprise among the disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect.

Shangguan Xu, Xiong Liu, Hu Bu, etc., all had subtle changes in their eyes.

They had also heard that the Demon Emperor of Cang Lan City was a Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast, and the offspring of this Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast should be the one that Su Yi had saved originally.

"Chi Zu!"

Su Yi was moved; the one who came here now was the same Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast he had saved before.

Chi Zu was very happy to see Su Yi and said in beast language, "Human, I heard you were coming, so I specially came to take a look. I didn't expect it to be you!"

"It looks like I'm going to be here for a while, thank the Demon Emperor for taking me in."

Su Yi said.

"No need to be polite, you saved me, my father will thank you properly." Chi Zu was very kind, and thanked Su Yi again.

Chi Zu spoke in beast language, and Su Yi spoke in human language, but even so, they conversed for a long time. Elder Shangguan Xu and the others in the distance were stunned.

Chi Zu gazed at Su Yi with a spark of red light in his eyes and an air of battle, suddenly saying, "You are so powerful, even stronger than me. I want to challenge you and sharpen my skills. What do you say?"

Chi Zu knows that Su Yi's strength is formidable; originally, Su Yi was able to capture the Golden Ancient Scorpion directly, and his own strength should have been almost indistinguishable from that of the Golden Ancient Scorpion.

Chi Zu has a fighting spirit. The human cultivation in front of it is roughly the same as itself. He wants to temper himself.


After a moment of hesitation, Su Yi nodded and said he would fight with Chi Zu, "This isn't the right place, let's go somewhere else."

Although these mountain tops are not small, Su Yi knows Chi Zu's strength. Once there is a battle, it is likely that the newly built houses will be leveled to the ground.

"Ok, let's go somewhere else." Chi Zu was delighted and took Su Yi away.

"I also want to go see the excitement!" Da Bao and Xiao Ling were excited and wanted to go see the excitement with them.

"Master, I also want to go."

The Fiery Red Demonic Mink, Spectral Mouse, Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard, and others were all interested and wanted to go see. A fight between the master and the young Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast. They were all curious and wanted to witness it.

"Is it convenient?"

Su Yi hesitated for a moment, and asked Chi Zu. They will be staying in Cang Lan City for a while. Fiery Red Demonic Mink and the other demon beasts are all demon beasts, if they can become familiar with the demon beasts in Cang Lan City, it'll be beneficial and harmless!

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