The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 309

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Chapter 309: War!

"Let's go together!"

Chi Zu nodded.

"We also want to go!"

Xiong Zhan, Hu Chi and others were also very interested, Su Yi would fight with the Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast, this fight couldn't be missed.

"No, stay here and don't go far."

Su Yi shook his head directly. He agreed to the Demon Emperor that the disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect cannot run around in Cang Lan City.

The Fiery Red Demonic Mink, and other demon beasts have no problem.

Half an hour later, in a remote corner of Cang Lan City, there is a huge canyon.

"Come on, no need for the pleasantries, let's have a battle!"

Chi Zu opened its mouth, its body glowing and radiating, then expanding multiple times, the red light shining brightly, standing tall before Su Yi like a small mountain.

"Let's fight!"

Su Yi opened his mouth, and at one point he had wanted to fight a peer monster baby one day, to test out their strength and weaknesses.

Now, a Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast is right in front of them, wanting to fight, which stirs up Su Yi's fighting spirit!

At that time, he could capture the Golden Ancient Scorpion with ease. That was because Su Yi had used his ace card from the start.

Now that Chi Zu's injuries seem to have recovered, Su Yi wants to test himself. Without using his bottom card, how far can he go?


Chi Zu moved and a vast red glow spread across his body. Suddenly a fierce and blazing air filled the atmosphere, surging wildly. In just a moment, it was like a sea of fire was rushing towards Su Yi.


Su Yi let out a loud shout, his eyes shining like lightning, his hair swaying and dancing behind him. His energy flowing through his wide veins, and his fist punching through the raging fire.

"Ha ha…"

Chi Zu waved its giant red claw and fire engulfed the area. With a powerful gust of wind, rocks were shattered into dust beneath its sharp claws.

Su Yi didn't retreat but advanced instead, without dodging; raising his arms with strong determination.

The two collided with each other, the strong wind swept across the four directions, rocks exploded, trees withered, gravel scattered, and the scene was shocking!

One person and one beast were engaged in a great battle, clashing continuously, with sand and stones flying around them.

"The master has made amazing progress!"

The Golden Python, Silver Spirit Fairy Butterfly, the Spectral Mouse watching from afar with a quivering gaze.

Half an hour later, the fierce duel was settled and the loud rumble around faded away.

"Well, it's really fun!"

Chi Zu's enormous body regained its normal state, panting hard, the scales on its body dim, and there were many wounds, some of which were oozing out threads of fresh blood.

Su Yi wasn't looking particularly well either; his hair was disheveled and his face was pale, but compared to Chi Zu, he was slightly better off.

Su Yi was also honing himself for the great battle, testing out the strength of Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation, Mighty Desolate Verse, and Heavenly Tiger Art, and discovering that they could indeed suppress demonic beasts. Even Chi Zu, as a young demon beast, was affected by this, which made Su Yi very pleased.

"After I recover well, let's keep going and have fun!"

It is obvious that Chi Zu lost, but it was a great fight. It was not easy for it to temper itself. It was not easy to find a demon beast of similar age in Cang Lan City.

"OK, then continue!"

Su Yi was also very enthusiastic, and the battle against Chi Zu was also a tempering of himself.

In the faraway canyon, on top of the distant mountain, two figures silently appeared. Their breaths were hidden, standing there yet hard to make out clearly.

These two people, one an old man wearing a yellow robe, with piercing eyes.

Another one, who looks to be less than fifty years old, had a burly stature, copper-red skin, clear facial features, and a pair of dark red eyes that exuded a majestic aura of a ruler over the world.

"What do you think?"

The middle-aged man opened his mouth --it was the Demon Emperor Chi Qin.

"It's not easy, the human kid is in the first grade of Yuan Spirit Realm, but he is able to defeat Chi Zu!"

The old man in the yellow robe was shocked, almost incredulous. His gaze was filled with shock as he said to Chi Qin, "Such a human young man is really a genius."

"He seems to be much stronger than I expected!"

Chi Qin's gaze is deep and his eyes droop; as if he were thinking of something, giving off a feeling of oppressive power unconsciously!

"Such a human teenager, if one day he grows up, will be a fearsome strong man among humans. If he is killed today, it will deprive humans of a strong one in the future!"

The yellow-robed old man's eyes glowed with coldness. Such a human boy was too powerful; once he grows up, he would be a great trouble for the demon clan.

"The war between the Demon Clan and the Human Clan had already ended long ago."

Chi Qin gave a slight smile and said to the old man in the yellow robe, "Those demon beasts are not ordinary either. Silver Spirit Fairy Butterfly, Spectral Mouse, Golden Python, White Jade Swallow Bird, Fiery Red Demonic Mink, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger. Their bloodlines are not particularly high, but their auras are quite complex, making it hard for me to understand as well."

The yellow-robed old man pondered, "Has it got something to do with the Divine Demonic Sect?"

Chi Qin said slowly, "I'm becoming increasingly curious about the Divine Demonic Sect…"

Another day passed.

At night, the moon and stars were dark.

"Grandpa, how are you doing now? Father and Mother, where are you now and are you still alive?"

The river, the flowing water was bubbly; under the night sky, Su Yi sat alone by the river, looking into the rippling water, somewhat blankly, worrying about the wounds of his grandfather and also missing his parents in this world.

Not far away, Shangguan Xi Wei walked up. The moonlight accentuated her enchanting curves, which were so captivating that it lured Su Yi for a moment. Hesitating for a second, he then stepped forward.

"Why are you here?"

Su Yi snapped back to reality, and upon turning around he saw Shangguan Xi Wei. His expression returned to normal as he smiled slightly and asked.

"Seeing you here, I came to have a look."

Shangguan Xi Wei gazed at Su Yi and asked, "Are you homesick?"

"I really think about it."

Su Yi's answer was so direct; he really missed home, and was worried about his grandfather's injury, thinking of Su Wan'er and Fatty Wang, he didn't know how they are doing.

"Thanks to you for your hard work recently, without you we would still not know what to do now, I thank you on behalf of everyone!"

Shangguan Xi Wei sat beside Su Yi and looked at him, her gaze shining brightly in the dark night.

She clearly knows that so much has happened since Su Yi entered the Ancient Spirit Village, and thankfully she had Su Yi's help, otherwise everyone wouldn't know what to do now.

They were able to settle in Cang Lan City this time, all thanks to Su Yi's efforts.

"It's my duty."

Su Yi smiled. A lot of things have happened in this period of time, they encountered dangerous situations multiple times, but what they got in return was amazing.

Now the Divine Demonic Sect is also his responsibility. Having obtained the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse, and having promised the previous generation of Lord Demon, he must take responsibility all the way to the end.

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