The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 307

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Chapter 307: The Beasts Emerge From the Pass!

"If it is really like this, it's either death or life anyway. It's better to give it a try!"

Finally, Elder Xiong Liu, Elder Hu Bu, and Elder Shangguan Xu all nodded. They were aware that at present apart from Cang Lan City, there was no other road for them to take.

"Elders, everyone please hurry up and get ready, the sooner the better."

Seeing the three elders nod their heads, Su Yi also secretly let out a sigh of relief, asking everyone to hurry up and finish packing.

Just the string deep in Su Yi's heart tightened even more.

The future of the entire Divine Demonic Sect is in his own hands right now. If he makes the wrong decision, it will be the end of the entire Divine Demonic Sect.

After a moment, beyond the canyon, there was only Su Tian Que and Su Yi.

"Do you believe in that Chi Qin?"

Su Tian Que asked Su Yi on the way back.

"Half and half, that Demon Emperor, must have other plans in mind, mostly for the Divine Demonic Sect!"

Su Yi shook his head, at best he could only half-heartedly believe what Chi Qin said, and he also knew that Chi Qin didn't really believe what he said.

Su Tian Que looked at Su Yi with interest, as if he really wanted to know everything. "You clearly know, so why do you still want to go to Cang Lan City?"

"If I had left just then, I'm afraid that Chi Qin would have been suspicious and thought the Divine Demonic Sect was really keeping something. That would be truly dangerous!"

Su Yi looked at Su Tian Que. If when they were in Cang Lan City, they really turned around and left, Chi Qin would surely think that he was trying to hide something. How would that end up? It was easy to imagine. Even though he had saved Chi Zu, such sentiment could hardly compare with an invaluable treasure.

Su Tian Que chuckled and his eyes narrowed slightly as he asked, "Do you think Chi Qin wouldn't be suspicious now?"

"Of course he feels suspicious, very suspicious."

Su Yi smiled, his gaze carrying a hint of confidence, and said, "If we really went to Cang Lan City, we would actually be safe. When everyone is in Cang Lan City, Chi Qin wouldn't be anxious. Everything would be in his control. He would slowly look for opportunities and secretly pay attention. As long as the people from the Divine Demonic Sect are in Cang Lan City, we would be safe, at least for a certain period of time."

As the voice fell, a hint of a smile curved up at the corners of Su Yi's mouth.

"Ha ha, I get it, I understand."

Su Tian Que had a stunned expression when Su Yi finished speaking. Suddenly, an amused look appeared on his face and he said, "It's like two birds with one stone! Leveraging their power, if people from the Divine Demonic Sect are in Cang Lan City, Chi Qin will believe that even if the Divine Demonic Sect has some treasure, it will eventually become his possession, so he will protect the Divine Demonic Sect before he gets it."

"Not bad."

Su Yi nodded and smiled. Handing Chi Qin a bottle of Spiritual Essence to make Chi Qin believe that the Divine Demonic Sect had indeed left something behind.

Recently, the shocking battle between these powerful beings probably made Chi Qin hesitate to try getting what the Divine Demonic Sect left behind. It would not be easy if he tried forcing it, as it might backfire in the end. However, as long as they are in Cang Lan City, he will have a chance and he will be patient.

"Therefore, within a short period of time, the Divine Demonic Sect will be safe, but if the time is long, Chi Qin may find that he cannot get any benefit at all, and then he may do something."

Su Tian Que was quite surprised but soon began to worry.

"Time, what we need now is time!"

The smile on Su Yi's lips gradually faded and was replaced by a determined expression. Everything takes time, but he knew that if he could become a strong person in a short amount of time, one who even Chi Qin would fear, it would be enough to resolve everything.

If nothing has been improved by then, that would be a real danger.

Time, what he needs is some time, which makes Su Yi anxious but also slightly confident.

Having Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, the mysterious space, plus the Divine Demonic Sect's Divine Demonic Ancient Verse, Su Yi believes that as long as he gives himself some time, he will be able to rise up and become a powerful one.

"I will also recover as soon as possible, and then a Little Demon Emperor will be nothing to me."

As if knowing what Su Yi was thinking, with a domineering look, Su Tian Que stared at Su Yi and said, "You find me some spiritual medicine or something, after I take it, I can recover faster…"

"Ah… Su Yi, how dare you to kick my butt…"

Su Tian Que's voice had not finished yet, when suddenly a miserable scream broke out, and his body flew out like a parabola in mid-air, not knowing how far it had fallen.

Later, in the cave, Su Yi summoned the mysterious space inside again.

"A good news and a bad news."

In the mysterious space, Su Yi spoke to the crowd of demon beasts, informing them of the complicated situation outside.

Su Yi is about to go to Cang Lan City. He guessed that he would stay there for a while. The Fiery Red Demonic Mink and others have already been in the Mystery Space for a long time, but they can't stay in the mysterious space forever.

Cang Lan City is within the Demon Woods, a paradise for demon beasts, also the best place to hone oneself; Su Yi hopes that the Golden Python and White Jade Swallow Bird could all be honed accordingly.

In a short period of time, Su Yi hopes to become stronger, not just himself but also the strength of those around him.

Su Yi is most clearly aware that the Gold King Cobra, White Jade Swallow Bird, Fiery Red Demonic Mink and so on were originally ordinary demon beasts in terms of bloodline, but now they have already mutated and have the chance to become a powerful member of the demon clan.

"We will always follow you, master!"

The Golden Python, Fiery Red Demonic Mink and others expressed their emotions with a surging breath, their voices like thunder.

"Finally, I can go out!"

Da Bao and Xiao Ling were delighted that after hiding in the mysterious space in for so long, now they could finally go out.

In the blink of an eye, when Su Yi appeared from the back mountain with about 10 demon beasts, the people of Divine Demonic Sect were stunned. It was unknown where and when Su Yi had conquered these demon beasts, as on the way here, it seemed that nobody had noticed Su Yi taming these demon beasts.

"I will explain it to you later. Are you all ready to go to Cang Lan City?" Su Yi explained to the group, having already expected their surprise.

"There's not much to pack up, but some physical items can't be taken with us."

Elder Hu Bu said, "We haven't been here for long and we don't have many things with us. Many of the resources for cultivation are actually in the space bags of the three elders."

The space bag is limited in space, so many lost items are stored here in advance, but there is not much to take away now.

"Let's go to Cang Lan City first!"

Su Yi nodded. The food problem was easily solved once they reached Cang Lan City. Though they can't hunt demon beasts anymore, they should not starve.

Later, the Black Flying Lizard had arranged a lot of powerful demon beasts waiting outside the canyon to carry the disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect to Cang Lan City.

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