The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 300

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Chapter 300: Token!

Upon hearing the words, Elder Xiong Liu, Elder Shangguan Xu and Elder Hu Bu locked their sights on the Black Flying Lizard hovering low in the sky.

These three elders know the strength of Su Yi and it is impossible for him to be the opponent of the Black Flying Lizard.

"What, you think you can stop me? Ha! What a joke!"

Feeling the goal of the three elders, the Black Flying Lizard didn't put it in mind. Its body flashed with black light and its huge body flapped its wings and dived towards Su Yi.

"How dare you!"

Elder Shangguan Xu roared loudly and his body seemed to expand as a massive aura radiated from his hands, producing a shining sword.

This sword is not simple, it is not ordinary. The sword's power permeates everywhere, its light and blades cover the Black Flying Lizard, cutting through the sky. Its power is awe-inspiring!

"You can't measure your strength!"

The Black Flying Lizard opened its mouth and a scarlet tongue flew out like a bolt of lightning, like a trident, thrusting directly at the sword of Elder Shangguan Xiu.


When the two forces collided, a terrifying energy burst out, and the sword light was just lingering for an instant before it started to shatter. The latter's scarlet tongue was like a bright and dazzling flash, directly winding around Elder Shangguan Xu's sword and wrapping it up, with a huge force sweeping out.


Elder Shangguan Xu suddenly changed his expression, his eyes shrank for an instant, a trace of blood was ejected from his mouth, his sword slipped out of his grip, and his body was shaken back in the void.

"Be careful!"

Elder Xiong Liu and Hu Bu's faces drastically changed, and they both flew into the air together.

Elder Hu Bu's body emitted an ancient aura that was oppressive. With a single palm strike, a tiger's shadow roared as the light glowed brightly.

The aura emanating from Elder Xiong Liu was so powerful that it overshadowed even that of Elder Hu Bu; dazzling light burst forth from his fist as if a meteor had fallen.

The two elders stepped forward, one on the left and one on the right, and surrounded the Black Flying Lizard!


The Black Flying Lizard emitted a cold snarl, its wings spread in a dark aura with its body glistening like two blades of light that swept across.


With such a collision, this side seemed like it was about to be blasted apart, an energy storm swept through the valley and shocked all of the humans present, making their hearts tremble.


The ground was filled with shattered stones and broken wood flying in the air. The whole canyon was shaking like a storm.

"The Yuan Void Realm and the Demonic Void Realm are so powerful!"

The disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect exclaimed in admiration.


But immediately afterwards, in the power storm, two elders, Xiong Liu and Hu Bu, retreated with blood at the corners of their mouths.

Su Yi's gaze was focused intently on the void. He could sense that the three elders had used Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation, Heavenly Tiger Art, and Mighty Desolate Verse the moment they made their move.

No matter if it is Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation, Heavenly Tiger Art, or Mighty Desolate Verse, they all have a fearsome power and effect to oppress demon beasts.

However, the Black Flying Lizard seemed to be much stronger than the three elders, so the impact was not great.

"There seems to be a shortage!"

At this moment, Su Yi has already cultivated Mighty Desolate Verse, Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation and Heavenly Tiger Art. He can also sense from the three elders that their cultivation methods seem to have some shortcomings compared to the real Mighty Desolate Verse, otherwise the might would be more powerful.

"Little Blackbird, if I can restore my strength, you won't be qualified to be my follower!"

Su Tian Que raised his eyebrows at Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard's back, but he didn't rush up; instead, he grumbled in displeasure.

"You overreached yourself!"

The Black Flying Lizard flew over the three elders and then dived again towards Su Yi below.

"Be careful!"

Three elders were terrified.


Just then, Su Yi uttered a light cry, gazing as the Black Flying Lizard dove down, not retreating but instead taking something out from his bosom.

This small object is especially dazzling, emitting a blinding light.

This is a red mane, emanating beastly might.

The Black Flying Lizard, with its fierce eyes, suddenly changed its gaze when it saw the dazzling red mane in Su Yi's hand. Its body was also directly spread out in balance as it plummeted downwards.

At that moment, its enormous figure was almost in front of Su Yi. Its fierce eyes seemed to be as big as Su Yi's body and were extremely intimidating. With an expression of surprise and astonishment, it asked, "Kid, where did you get this thing from?!"

A fierce and powerful breath came over, the breath was wild and fierce, almost making Su Yi stagger back, the internal Yuan Qi surged, and there was Yuan Qi spraying from the palm of his foot, which stabilized his body.

"What's the matter?"

Elder Shangguan Xu, whose face had changed drastically, was astonished and perplexed when he saw the scene in front of him.

The disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect were all stunned and their hearts had leaped to their throats.


When Shangguan Yan and Shangguan Xi Wei saw the object in Su Yi's hand, they recognized it as the young beast that Su Yi had saved before; it was the Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast's mane.

"I guessed right!"

Seeing the Black Flying Lizard right in front of him, Su Yi let out a sigh of relief.

It looks like he bet on the right thing, otherwise with his current strength he would not be able to compete with the Black Flying Lizard at all.

"This is a gift from Chi Zu. It says that if I encounter any harassment here, take out this object, and the other party will not dare to hurt me!"

Staring at the Black Flying Lizard, Su Yi tentatively said.

This item is indeed the Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast given to him not long ago.

Right now, Su Yi wanted to see if it could intimidate the Black Flying Lizard.

Although Chi Zu is just a Demonic Spirit Realm demon beast, the bloodline of the Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast is much stronger than that of the Black Flying Lizard.

Perhaps there is a great power behind Chi Zu, one that can intimidate the Black Flying Lizard.

The words Chi Zu said when it left, Su Yi guessed, were enough to prove that Chi Zu had a certain status nearby.

"Chi Zu!"

When Su Yi spoke, the Black Ya Beast on the ground suddenly changed its expression.

"What is your relationship with Chi Zu?"

Listening to Su Yi, the Black Flying Lizard's eyes flashed with a fierce look and it stared at Su Yi with both wariness and trepidation.


Su Yi said, judging from the expression of the Black Flying Lizard, it appears that this object might really be useful, and it looks like Chi Zu has a relatively high status around here.

"You're lying! How could Lord Chi Zu become friends with a human like you!"

The Black Flying Lizard stared at Su Yi suspiciously, sure that it was impossible for the young lord Chi Zu to become friends with a human.

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