The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 301

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Chapter 301: The Demon Emperor's Command!

"Young Lord!"

Su Yi's eyes moved darkly, it looks like Chi Zu really has an immense status, and seems to be enough to make the Black Flying Lizard wary of him.

"Not long ago, Chi Zu was surrounded by a Golden Ancient Scorpion. I happened to pass by and helped Chi Zu." Su Yi stared at the Black Flying Lizard, his eyes flashing crimson light with an imposing aura.

The Black Flying Lizard's face changed darkly; it knew of the story of how Chi Zu had recently been ambushed and attacked by the Golden Ancient Scorpion, which had already spread, and the Demon Emperor was truly enraged, so how could it not know?

Looking at the human teenager in front of him, the Black Flying Lizard became more and more strange.

Such a human teenager, unknowingly, brings an invisible pressure to it.

The longer he faced it, the greater the invisible pressure is, gradually giving him a sense that the young man was a demon king rather than a human teenager in front of him.

"The Young Master was certainly ambushed and hurt by the Golden Ancient Scorpion a few days ago." On the ground, the Black Ya Beast reminded the Black Flying Lizard.

The Black Flying Lizard glared threateningly at Su Yi.

The Black Flying Lizard said to Su Yi, "Human teenager, you may not know this, but it is the Demon Emperor who wants you humans. Even if you have a relationship with the Lord, it won't do any good. Moreover, it's still uncertain whether you are acquainted with the Lord and where did you get the Lord's token from."

"The Demon Emperor!"

Su Yi's eyes sunk, as he remembered he did encounter a group of demon emperors in the Demon Woods. Each one was incredibly powerful.

"Even if he is the Demon Emperor, so what?!"

On the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard's back, with its head held high, Su Tian Que opened its mouth angrily.

"Who are you?"

Following the sound, the Black Flying Lizard and the Black Ya Beast, among other Demon Beasts, were shocked to find a small bald chicken who could speak human languages. Could it be a strong demon beast in the Demonic Void Realm?

"Who am I? You don't have the qualifications to know. Get out of here if you know what's good for you!"

Su Tian Que held his head high, with his chest out and a pair of meaty wings, exuding a sense of might.

Though the look on Su Tian Que's face now was rather comical, making one entirely overlook the momentum he had.

"No matter who you are, if you mix with humans, that makes you an enemy!"

The Black Flying Lizard looked down at Su Tian Que, as if it could sense an unusual aroma emanating from Su Tian Que that made it apprehensive. It didn't immediately take action.

"Why does the Demon Emperor want to find us?"

Su Yi indicated to Su Tian Que not to interfere anymore, or the consequences will be unimaginable if the Black Flying Lizard takes action.

"How are we supposed to know the thoughts of the Demon Emperor? We just follow orders!" said the Black Flying Lizard.

The Black Ya Beast hesitated for a moment and said to Su Yi from afar, "Humans, the Demon Emperor has ordered that there may be humans nearby, so I am here to bring all of you back."

Su Yi frowned. This place was very hidden, and had been managed and arranged by the ancestors of the Ancient Spirit Village, the Mighty Bear Tribe, and the Hunting Tiger Tribe, but it had not been discovered by the demon beasts.

After everyone arrived this time, they were found so quickly by the demon beasts.

Although there may be hundreds of people coming, which may attract the attention of the Demon Beasts, it was too fast. Everyone entered cautiously before.

But now it's clear, the Demon Emperor had issued an order to search for humans, no wonder they were discovered.

"Human, no matter what your relationship with Lord Chi Zu is, you have to come with us today and otherwise I won't be polite!"

The Black Flying Lizard was staring at Su Yi, although its expression was fierce, it was much more polite towards Su Yi.

Su Tian Que was not satisfied and was about to say something.

Su Yi waved his hand to stop Su Tian Que and looked at the Black Flying Lizard, saying, "What do you say if I go back with you alone to meet the Demon Emperor?"


Upon hearing Su Yi's words, everyone was horrified; to have one person go meet the demon emperor, wasn't that a risk of never coming back?

The Black Flying Lizard and the Black Ya Beast were also quite unexpected, staring at Su Yi in bewilderment.

"You also don't know why the Demon Emperor is looking for us. If we fight, it will be a draw at best, and I guarantee you won't gain any advantage!"

Su Yi put on an act of being calm, saying "I am indeed a friend of your young master Chi Zu. Take me back so that we don't both suffer a loss. If anything happens, the Demon Emperor will not blame you; I will take full responsibility!"


The Black Flying Lizard raised its eyebrows, feeling an invisible authority from the young man that made it uneasy.

Facing it at this moment, the teenager was still unfazed, combined with the tension from the Black Ya Beast, even the Black Flying Lizard felt somewhat apprehensive. Could this youngster really be a fearsome human being?

"That's not bad either, we can go back and clarify his relationship with Lord Chi Zu."

The Black Ya Beast opened its mouth, undoubtedly the best result. It was wary of the young man in front of it.

"Alright, it won't delay us for too long. But if you follow us back, no one can leave, or else there will be no mercy!"

The Black Flying Lizard nodded, but feared that this was a human trick, and then ordered the Black Ya Beast and the demon beasts it brought to keep blocking the exit, allowing no one to leave.


The Black Ya Beast nodded in agreement, because it didn't want to provoke the human teen. It wasn't sure what the Demon Emperor's attitude would be if it took the teen back; staying here, it would have nothing to do with the situation, naturally it wouldn't be responsible to anything that might happen.

"Brother Su Yi, do you really want to go there alone?"

Shangguan Yan, Xiong Zhan, Hu Chi and others looked at Su Yi, very worried, their faces were gravely tense. Su Yi was going to go see the Demon Emperor alone and his fate was uncertain, they feared it would be more bad than good!

"It's fine, I have my own plans," Su Yi said with a faint smile, pretending to be calm.

In his heart, Su Yi was also very nervous, but there was no way at this moment. If the stalemate continued, the Black Flying Lizard would really take action, and the disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect would be unable to withstand it; even the three elders would be unable to stop it.

As for the mysterious power within his own secret space, and the power within the broken sword… he doesn't know if he can have that much luck again.

Perhaps the power within the mysterious space and broken sword has its limits and may have been completely consumed.

Su Yi also wanted to know why the Demon Emperor was looking for them, guessing that he had offered some help to Chi Zu. From Chi Zu's attitude, if he could see Chi Zu and get his help, it would be better than the current situation.

"Elders, may I have a word?"

Subsequently, Su Yi gestured to the three elders and they moved aside. Lowering his voice, he spoke in a whisper, "If I haven't returned after a long time…then…"

Su Yi didn't explicitly explain it. He believes that the three elders understand what he means.

If he can't come back, then it's likely that he is dead. Then, the elders and the disciples would have to fight it out and do whatever they can to escape.

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