The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 299

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Chapter 299: Black Ya Beast!

After learning that Su Yi is the new master of the Divine Demonic Sect, Shangguan Xu and the others were hesitating, but unconsciously they dare not talk too much, and their attitude was very subtle.



Suddenly, roars of beasts echoed like thunder from the valley, one after another, just like rolling thunder, accompanied by a fierce breath that dispersed the clouds and fog.

"Oh no, those beasts are about to start something!"

Shangguan Xu, Xiong Liu, and Hu Bu, the three elders, had a drastic change in their facial expressions and surging aura around them, and the surrounding void seemed to be solidified.


Figures armed with blades emerge from their sheaths, standing in formation and their faces grimly tense.


Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard roared, slowly approaching Su Yi and standing alongside him, it was determined to protect its master.

"They can't help it at last!"

Su Tian Que stood on the back of Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard. His small head was looking fiercely ahead.

Su Yi looked straight ahead at the entrance and saw the clouds and mist shifting within his sight. The ground quivered as a large crowd of Demon Beasts slowly approached.


Above the void, piercing cries penetrated the clouds and skies, many ferocious birds soaring and circling low in the sky.

In the middle stood a ten-meter-long bird, with wings like an ominous cloud, covering its body not with feathers but black scales like sharp blades, radiating a chill light. Its head was like that of a lizard, chittering out blood-red tongue.

"The Black Flying Lizard!"

Shangguan Xu, Xiong Liu, and Hu Bu, the three elders, had grave expressions. This was a Black Flying Lizard, and its aura was clearly at the second grade of the Demonic Void Realm, much stronger than them. With such a powerful Black Flying Lizard, even with the three of them teaming up, it would not be easy to deal with.

"Be careful!"

There were young people below who had formed a defensive formation, huddling together, gripping their weapons.

"Roar!" The roar of the beasts was deafening, with nearly two hundred densely packed demon beasts in front of them. The vast forms of the beasts filled the surroundings, and the fierce aura was almost overwhelming.

At the very front, a huge black ferocious beast was pitch-black all over, its sparse long fur standing up like steel needles and emitting an obscure black light. With razor-sharp fangs and a snout like a pig and a wolf, it exuded an aggressive aura.

"Black Ya Beast!"

Elder Xiong Liu took a deep breath of the cool air; this is a Black Ya Beast, not seen often but immensely ferocious in slaughter.

The Black Ya Beast in front of them has also reached the Demonic Void Realm, and from the aura it gives off, it won't be weaker than the Black Flying Lizard.

Behind the Black Ya Beast, there were hundreds of demon beasts, among which there were quite a few Demonic True Realm demon beasts and even more from the Demonic Spirit Realm.

Shangguan Xu, Xiong Liu and Hu Bu, the three elders, had expressions of utmost gravity when they faced such a group of Demon Beasts.

"Look, it's not…"

When the Black Ya Beast appeared, Shangguan Yan, Xiong Zhan, Hu Chi, who were originally solemn, suddenly became emotional, and couldn't help but look toward Su Yi.

Su Yi also saw that black ferocious beast and recognized it at a glance.

At first, he still had the power from the mysterious space, and he had killed a Demonic Void Realm giant python. The Black Ya Beast was present, stunned, and immediately ran away, but surprisingly it appeared again.

"Many people… I can fill my stomach today…"

The Black Flying Lizard spoke with human words, a murderous intention filled the air, and a fierce glow radiated.

But suddenly, the expression on the Black Ya Beast's face changed. From the crowd of humans in front of it, a teenager stepped out, carrying a sword on his back, thin but tall and straight, slowly walking towards it.

"It's you…"

When this young man was seen, the words that the Black Ya Beast had just uttered died away abruptly, and a fearful look emerged from his fierce eyes instinctively.

Once it had seen with its own eyes how the young man killed the giant python with greater power than itself, but fortunately it escaped quickly.

Upon seeing Su Yi walk out, Shangguan Xu, Xiong Liu, and Hu Bu, the three elders were just about to stop him, when they suddenly saw the unusual reaction from the Black Ya Beast, and they were astonished.

The Black Flying Lizard in mid-air was also astonished, looking down with a cold light in its eyes.

When Su Yi saw the Black Ya Beast, feeling its reaction, his expression shifted and it seemed that the Black Ya Beast remembered him. Perhaps a gamble could be made of it today.

"Evil beast, do you want to die?!"

Take a step forward, and the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique running through his body sending out an immense and majestic air, Su Yi scolded the Black Ya Beast.


When Su Yi activated the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, all the demon beasts present trembled involuntarily and looked at him with fear.

The birds in the sky were also trembling and their eyes filled with fear.

The Black Ya Beast involuntarily stepped back two steps, very shocked. It never thought that the human being would be here. The ending of the giant python made it lingeringly fearful.

Su Yi's eyes were red and he stared at the Black Ya Beast. It was the leader of this group of demon beasts. If he could intimidate the Black Ya Beast, perhaps everyone would be able to escape today's calamity. "What, aren't you leaving yet? Don't think I won't slash you!"

The Black Ya Beast's eyes flashed, and the aura of the Yuan Void Realm on its body surged, but at this moment it instinctively feared Su Yi.

"Black Ya Beast, are you going to defy orders?"

Low in the sky, the Black Flying Lizard opened its mouth, spouting human words. It also felt an extremely unusual aura coming from the human youth. The aura of majesty and destruction made it feel uncomfortable, so it didn't dare to act rashly.

"If you want to do it, you can go ahead yourself!"

The Black Ya Beast glared at the Black Flying Lizard, and it didn't dare to make a move. This young human was very mysterious, but it didn't dare to retreat easily, as this was the command of the Demon Emperor.

Hearing the Black Ya Beast's words, the Black Flying Lizard became even more hesitant. It was obvious that the Black Ya Beast knew something. The human teenager had a mysterious and strange aura, making the Black Ya Beast scared of something and thus not daring to act.

Xiong Liu, Shangguan Xu, and Hu Bu, the three elders, looked at each other in confusion, unable to understand why a Demonic Void Realm level Black Ya Beast would be so fearful in front of Su Yi.


But soon, Elder Xiong Liu, Elder Shangguan Xu and Elder Hu Bu radiated with three strands of Yuan Void Realm aura, their figures soared into the air and their bodies shone with light.

Three streams of Yuan Void Realm qi, like a storm surging and bringing forth a roar from the four voids.

The three elders wanted to help Su Yi, trying to scare away the group of demon beasts.

Feeling the aura of the three elders; the Black Ya Beast and the Black Flying Lizard gave an ominous glance, but the one with the most fearful gaze right now was Su Yi.

"Human, I feel that there's more to you than meets the eye. But I'm curious to see whether the feeling is true!"

The Black Flying Lizard watched Su Yi closely. Although it felt the mysterious aura, it wanted to try it and didn't believe that a human teenager's strength could really be so strong!

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