The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 298

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Chapter 298: Beastly Ambush!

Su Yi reluctantly refused Da Bao and Xiao Ling's request to leave with him, instructed the Golden Pythons to continue to meditate in the mysterious space, and then left the mysterious space.

Su Yi left the room, but when he returned to the Ancient Spirit Village, it was strange - only a group of children were there together.

"Brother Su Yi, the masters have gone out to find a way to deal with the demon beasts!"

A child informed Su Yi that everyone else had gone to try and find a way to deal with the demon beasts.

"Demon beasts!"

Upon hearing this, Su Yi's brows furrowed.

Suddenly, Su Yi saw Su Tian Que slinking out of the dormitory.

"Su Tian Que."

Su Yi called out to Su Tian Que, feeling this guy doesn't seem to be up to any good.

"Have you come out of the room? Something big has happened here."

When Su Yi called out, Su Tian Que immediately had an embarrassed smile on his face and shook his head. He followed closely behind with his short little legs, shaking, until he got to Su Yi.

"What are you looking for?"

Su Yi inspected Su Tian Que's body. Nothing could hide on this blad chicken's body. He asked, "Did you steal something to eat?"

"Stealing food, what can I steal? Those Hundred Fruit Wine and Spirit Medicines must be carried around by Shangguan Xu."

He glared, with an imposing expression.

But immediately Su Tian Que realized that he seemed to have said too much, and suddenly hung his head low, smiling at Su Yi and saying, "I am actually doing this for the people of the Ancient Spirit Village. In case those demon beasts outside kill their way in, then the Hundred Fruit Wine and Spirit Medicines cannot be ruined by those demon beasts."

How come Su Yi can't hear it, and it turns out this guy is looking for Hundred Fruit Wine and Spirit Medicines?

Su Yi asked, "What's the demon beasts and what's going on?"

Shortly after, Su Yi heard from Su Tian Que that demon beasts had discovered people in this area several days ago and entered here, but was frightened away by Shangguan Xu, Xiong Liu, and Hu Bu.

These past few days, the number of Demon Beasts gathering here has been increasing, and they have already blocked off the exit.

"Those demon beasts want to capture all of us, waiting for a powerful demon beast to come."

Su Tian Que said to Su Yi, "Let's try to retreat first. We can go as far as we can. If we wait too long we won't be able to escape."

"Let me check the situation first."

Su Yi frowned, and suddenly his figure disappeared in the same spot.

After reaching the Demonic Spirit Realm, Su Yi's Hundred Transformations Step's speed rose up another level.

In the last dozen days of seclusion, although Su Yi was only trying to cultivate Mighty Desolate Verse, Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation, and Heavenly Tiger Art, he felt that there had been some progress.

"How fast!"

Gazing at Su Yi's back, Su Tian Que's eyes were filled with surprise.

At the mouth of the canyon, which was covered in clouds.

At this moment, the Hunting Tiger Tribe, the Mighty Bear Tribe, and the Ancient Spirit Village were all prepared for battle, with grim faces gathered together.


Outside the canyon, in the misty clouds, an enormous beast appeared vaguely, and its roar could be heard continuously.

In the sky, people occasionally saw a flying demon beast circling around, with a sharp gaze.

Shangguan Xu, Xiong Liu, and Hu Bu, the three elders had grave expressions, behind them were Shangguan Xi Wei, Xiong Zhan, Hu Chi, and Xiong Lie, all of them looked uneasy.

"Elders, what should we do now?"

Shangguan Yan asked, gripping the sword tightly in his hand and staring at the demon beasts that kept appearing in front of him, ready to strike at any moment.

"Is Heaven going to destroy the Divine Demonic Sect?!"

Shangguan Xu sighed, suddenly so many demon beasts appeared, even if the elders could escape, most of them were children, unable to escape, and also nowhere to go.

"Take action and make a breakthrough, going as far as we can, otherwise the demon beasts will become more and more, and it might be impossible to escape!"

Elder Xiong Liu spoke. There were obviously more and more Demon Beasts outside, and if this continued, it would be even more difficult to find a way out.

"Where else can we go?"

Elder Hu Bu shook his head; what could they do if they managed to drive some people away? This was the Demon Woods, and there was nowhere left to go.

"Brother Su Yi!"

Someone spotted the hurried arrival of Su Yi, and the crowd suddenly stirred.


Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard burst forth in front of Su Yi, its fierce eyes like the bright moon, dark and sharp scales shimmering with a deep light.

"Brother Su Yi."

Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Ye, and Shangguan Xiu surrounded him and they all had solemn expressions.

"What's the situation now?"

Su Yi arrived at the exit and already felt the dense atmosphere of Demon Beasts ahead. There were flying Demon Beasts circling in the void, and many powerful Demon Beasts amongst them.

Su Yi's eyes swept past the area, and he guessed that these Demon Beasts were probably wary of the presence of the three elders, and were perhaps waiting for a stronger Demon Beast to appear.

Once a powerful Demon Beast comes, it's likely to break in.

"More and more Demon Beasts have been sensed, and the three elders have just felt the presence of a powerful Demonic Void Realm Demon Beast."

A young woman stepped forward, her black hair coiled into a gorgeous bun. Her delicate face was like a silver platter and her light yellow dress had a low neckline. It was none other than Shangguan Xiwi.

"What do we do now!"

When Xiong Zhan, Xiong Lie and Hu Chi saw Su Yi, the young people immediately stepped forward from the side of their elders.

They had seen with their own eyes Su Yi destroying the python of the Yuan Xuan Realm, sweeping across all directions, so perhaps there was a way.

"What do these demon beasts want?"

Su Yi asked, With so many demon beasts gathering together, it seems like they must be up to something.

"This is the Demon Woods, the domain of the demon beasts. The demon clan and humans are natural enemies; they just want to devour us."

Shangguan Yan said, even though there is a delicate modus vivendi between humans and the demon beasts on Yao Luo Mountain, they know that usually, humans and demon beasts are incompatible.

As Su Yi stepped forward, he gazed at the densely populated animal shadows in front of the misty clouds and slightly raised his eyebrows.

If a pack of Demon Beasts appeared in the outside world, they would probably be surrounded and hunted without reason by human warriors.

"Three elders."

At once, Su Yi greeted the three elders of the Divine Demonic Sect, since there were the three elders here at the moment, causing the demon beasts to linger outside without daring to directly break in.

"The situation is very serious!"

Shangguan Xu, Xiong Liu and Hu Bu said and also nodded to Su Yi.

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