The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 295

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Chapter 295: The Area of the Mysterious Space!

"Then I won't disturb you, goodbye."

Shangguan Xu was very excited and took his leave, the cultivation methods left behind by the previous sect leader were certainly not going to be simple.

Su Yi watched Shuangguan Xu Changle leave, closed the stone gate and set up a seal.

Within the cave, everything is simple, there's only a stone platform. The area is pretty spacious, indeed it is a great place for meditation and seclusion.

Cross-legged, Su Yi's expression began to grow expectant. His handprint formed and his forehead glimmered with a halo, opening a mysterious space.


A mysterious space appeared, Su Yi was engulfed within it and appeared inside the mysterious space.

In that moment, an immense domineering aura descended from the ancient times and enveloped Su Yi. The entire space was filled with a brilliant, rippling visual, rippling in Su Yi's eyes and slowly fluctuating as he thought to himself, "Is it already this vast…?"

At the same time, Su Yi surveyed the area of this mysterious space, which was originally a thousand feet in area. Now it had expanded to twice that size.

Looking around, the area of the mysterious space is not small. Within a space of two to three thousand steps in radius, Su Yi can now see mountain ranges undulating and a faint glow emanating from the surrounding mist.

Just as Su Yi remembered, when he initially swallowed the Demonic Core of the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros, and broke through to the sixth grade of the Yuan Xuan Realm, there was an area of a thousand meters in space. Although the energy of Heaven and Earth was much weaker inside space, it was still very dense and much better than the Ancient Spirit Village was in.

At this moment, the energy of heaven and earth has been thinned out quite a bit, but it's still good, compared to the energy of the outside world, it is still much dense.

"Master! Our master has arrived!"

As Su Yi appeared, there was a roar of beast language coming from afar, and a group of demon beasts suddenly gathered in front of him.


Two golden small figures fluttered out, like two yellow lights, rushing to Su Yi first and directly falling on Su Yi's shoulders, quite affectionately.

These two yellow figures are exactly Da Bao and Xiao Ling.

Other demon beasts were naturally Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, White Jade Swallow Bird, Golden Python, Fiery Red Demonic Mink, Flaming Beast Eagle, etc. who have been cultivating in the mysterious space.

"Not bad, not bad!"

Su Yi's gaze passed over each Demon Beast, sensing a wave of energy. His eyes showed a tint of shock.

For this period of time, all the Demon Beasts that were closed up and cultivated in the secret space could be seen from the breath emanating from their bodies that they had all made breakthroughs.

"Eight grades of the Demonic Spirit Realm!"

"Seventh grade of the Demonic Spirit Realm!"

Roughly, the Golden Python has already reached the Eighth Grade of the Demonic Spirit Realm, while the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Fiery Red Demonic Mink, and White Jade Swallow Bird, and so on have all arrived at the Seventh Grade of the Demonic Spirit Realm.

On the other hand, the two demon beasts, Flaming Beast Eagle and Snow Jade Ape, were slightly weaker, just reaching the sixth grade of the Demonic Spirit Realm.

"Wow!…!" But what shocked Su Yi the most still were Da Bao and Xiao Ling.

Last time, Su Yi still remembered the two little guys, Big Bao and Xiao Ling, had a cultivation level of one grade of the Demon Xuan Realm. Now, somehow, they have already reached the fourth grade of the Demon Xuan Realm.

The training speed of these two little fellows is absolutely fast!

Demon beasts and humans are not the same; demon beasts have naturally strong bodies or innate gifts, so it takes them much longer to cultivate than it does for humans.

However, the speed of cultivation for Da Bao and Xiao Ling now, is still much faster than the most outstanding human geniuses.

Since Su Yi broke through from the sixth grade of the Yuan Xuan Realm to now, he remembered that he had only been in Tian Yao Cave for about two months. However, these two little fellows had gone from Yao Xuan Realm First Grade to Yao Xuan Realm Fourth Grade, which was truly terrifying!

"Not bad, not bad!" Su Yi was delighted. Da Bao, Xiao Ling, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Golden Python, and others all had great benefits in this mysterious space at the beginning, and then they have become different.

If things go on like this, it won't be too long before the Golden Python, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, and others will be able to become the strong ones.

Given time, with the magical effect of this mysterious space and mysterious origins, this bunch of demon beasts would be able to become a powerful force.

Later, Su Yi saw the Blood Spiritual Ginseng.

The Blood Spiritual Ginseng was still in the old place, and its spirit must had been thrust into the soil, radiating light, with several leaves above the head emitting a brilliance, becoming greener and greener.

When Su Yi thought of his precious Spiritual Essence and went to check on it, he found that the remaining Spiritual Essence left only a thin layer in the center.

Overall, there is still a small amount of Spiritual Essence left over.

Within the mysterious space, the Spiritual Essence continues to thrive and grow, radiating with brilliance and the fragrance of medicines in the air.

Su Yi carefully examined the Spiritual Essence and was delighted with what he saw. These herbs had exceeded the normal grade and were still getting stronger. If all of them could be sold, it would be enough to make a big profit.

The medicine pills originally placed in this mysterious space have also advanced in general and have been continually upgraded.

For this period of time, the medicine pills carried in the space bag on his body have been almost fully consumed, and the medicine pills in the mysterious space are also not much now.

Su Yi wanted to sell this batch of herbs, but unfortunately there was no way to do it here.

"Master, when can we go out?"

It has been a long time since the Golden Python, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, etc., haven't gone out; they have recently made a lot of progress and it is time to stretch their muscles by going out.

"You still need to keep up your training for a while before you can leave. When that time comes, I will take you out myself." Su Yi was also helpless as the Golden Python was not yet ready to set out.

After checking everywhere, Su Yi frowned.

Looking at the situation, it is not clear how many runes are needed to restore the original rich energy in the secret space.

"Yuan Stone!"

Su Yi lamented, it looks like he needs to find a way to get some Yuan Stones recently.

Only when the energy within this space becomes increasingly dense, the speed of cultivating in it can become faster and faster.

Finally, Su Yi sat cross-legged on the ground.

At that moment, Su Yi didn't know where to take the rest of the Divine Demonic Sect, so he could only ponder slowly. But the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse could be considered first.

There is a direct relationship between the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse and the Divine Demonic Sect, in which are the Mighty Desolate Verse, Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation and Heavenly Tiger Art, which are the cultivation techniques cultivated by the Mighty Bear Tribe, the Ancient Spirit Village, and the Hunting Tiger Tribe.

Su Yi felt that the methods of cultivation cultivated by the Mighty Bear Tribe, the Ancient Spirit Village and the Hunting Tiger Tribe seemed to differ from the ones he cultivated from within the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse.

The Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation in the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse is obviously much stronger.

Therefore, Su Yi wanted to study it carefully; if he could understand it thoroughly, then he could completely pass the skill to the Ancient Spirit Village, which would also reinforce the power of the Divine Demonic Sect.

Now in the Divine Demonic Sect, what is most urgently needed, as always, is strength!

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