The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 294

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Chapter 294: Close the Gates!

When they saw Su Yi, neither of them said anything. Su Tian Que walked straight inside, taking small steps with his short legs, looking around curiously.

Afterward, everyone went forward together with the people of each tribe who had arrived first to set up camp.

This place is very secret, and was handled by the predecessors of each generation of the Divine Demonic Sect. It has stockpiled many food and training resources, repaired many houses, and opened up many caves that are suitable for living in, enough to accommodate thousands of people here.

Now Divine Demonic Sect only has around 300 people left, mostly children and adolescents. If nothing unexpected happened, they can stay here for several years with ease.

Su Yi settled down, and lived in a cluster of houses with the remaining people of the Ancient Spirit Village.

The dormitory is a bit simple, but it's enough to live in.

Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Yu, Shangguan Xi Wei and others went to join the villagers who had arrived earlier and informed them of the situation of the current Ancient Spirit Village.

Su Yi stayed in the dormitory and sat at one end of the room with a slight frown.

This place is not far away from the original location of the Divine Demonic Sect. Although it is very hidden, it is definitely not a safe place, and he needs to leave as soon as possible.

Su Yi was aware that leaving this place, the more than 300 people, mostly young ones, all needed protection and were within the Demon Woods. Where could they go?

Su Yi was still somewhat stunned after suddenly becoming the new Sect Leader of Divine Demonic Sect.

But since he already has the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse and intends to cultivate the methods within it, Su Yi knows that he must take up the responsibility no matter what.

Given Su Yi's character, even if he is not the new Sect Leader of the Divine Demonic Sect at this moment, upon seeing so many young children from the Ancient Spirit Village and some young boys and girls who had gathered around himself, how could Su Yi leave them behind and not care?

Although still very small, with Su Yi's personality, at least he will do his best.

Not to mention that Su Yi has now become the new Sect Leader of Divine Demonic Sect, giving him an invisible responsibility, which he must bear!

"Although this place is hidden, it won't be too safe. What are you planning to do?"

Su Tian Que jumped onto a chair, leaning against the back of the chair and lifting his head up, asking Su Yi.

"There is no place to go at present."

Su Yi bitterly smiled. This place was still inside the Demon Woods. More than 300 people were almost all novices, and there was no place for them to settle down.

"This is the Demon Woods, the domain of the demon clan, and the enemies of the Divine Demonic Sect are humans. Causing that huge commotion before, it seems that they have also alarmed the powerful demon beasts. After all, this is the Demon Woods and they must have considerations. Perhaps this place can remain safe for some time."

Su Tian Que said to Su Yi with a relaxed tone, "We are so many people, I'm afraid some demon beasts might find us. The thing we should be most wary of right now is those demon beasts."

Su Yi's eyes looked serious. Su Tian Que's words were indeed reasonable.

So many people suddenly appeared here. Even in this secret place, it is difficult to completely escape the discovery of all demon beasts. As far as demon beasts are concerned, humans are just food.

"Let's settle for now and figure out a way."

Finally, Su Yi said, there was nothing else to do but to slowly think of a countermeasure.

The setting sun shone on the ground.

A few teenagers and youths, as well as a fifty-year-old-looking Yuan Void Realm cultivator, came before Su Yi.

They heard from Shangguan Xi Wei and Shangguan Yan that Su Yi had become the new Sect Leader.

When they left, they already had heard what the Demon Sovereign said about the new Sect Leader.

But they had not expected that Su Yi would become the new Sect Leader of the Divine Demonic Sect.

"Sect… Leader…"

Some young people hesitate whether to bow or not.

The cultivator of the Yuan Void Realm was also hesitating. At this moment, only a group of youngsters were left in the Ancient Spirit Village. All the strong people and elders were dead. Such a big thing, he didn't know how to choose to face it at this time.

When they left, they realized that the Ancient Spirit Village, the Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Mighty Bear Tribe all belonged to the Divine Demonic Sect and had a common ancestor.

"No problem, Elder Shangguan, is there a quiet place here where I can go into seclusion for a few days?"

She smiled faintly and said to the Elder of the Yuan Void Realm, without needing anyone to bow.

This elder, Su Yi, was originally acquainted with, the name was Shangguan Xu, and now is the last elder of the Ancient Spirit Village.

"Yes, it's rather secluded, suitable for closing the door and no one will disturb you."

Although Shangguan Xu was unsure of what to do or whether to accept the new sect leader of the Divine Demonic Sect, as it was a major issue, it was easy to find a quiet place for him to take refuge. This place had been taken care of for many generations prior and everything had already been set up.

Su Yi nodded, wanting to take a few days to meditate and organize his thoughts. He also wanted to think deeply about what to do next and which direction to take everyone in.

"It's just a bit hard to accept for everyone, but it will get better in a while, don't be surprised!"

After a moment, Shangguan Xi Wei found Su Yi alone and whispered to him.

She knew that for a while, not only was everyone unfamiliar with the new sect leader, but even with the Divine Demonic Sect.

"I understand, it doesn't matter."

Su Yi gave a helpless smile. The identity of the new Sect Leader of the Divine Demonic Sect suddenly fell upon him and he was still in shock, let alone everyone else.

When night fell, after Su Yi and Su Tian Que bid each other farewell, they went with Shangguan Xu to a remote and secluded place in the back mountain.

There is a large secluded rock wall, with many natural caves, suitable for seclusion and quiet meditation.

"This place is very secluded, so you can rest assured to relax here. I have already given the order that no one will disturb you!"

At the entrance of the cave, outside the room, Shangguan Xuxu said to Su Yi.

"Excellent, thank you, Elder Shangguan." Su Yi bowed and it looked like the place was good and quiet, suitable for seclusion.

Shangguan Xu didn't immediately leave. With a desire to say something but hesitating, he stared at Su Yi and eventually mustered the courage to ask, "I have heard that the biggest benefit in the Tian Yao Cave has already been obtained by you. Is this true?"

"I don't know what the greatest benefit of the rumor about the Tian Yao Cave is, but I did get some things left behind by the last Sect Leader of the Divine Demonic Sect. Once I figure it out, I'll pass it on to everyone." Su Yi nodded without hiding anything.

"What the previous sect leader left behind?"

Upon hearing the words, Lord Shangguan's eyes lit up and were filled with radiance, he was quite excited.

"Some cultivation methods." Su Yi said, there was no need to hide it - this was originally from the Divine Demonic Sect.

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