The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 293

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Chapter 293: The Token!


The ground cracked continuously, sand and stones flew everywhere, the Golden Ancient Scorpion spurted fresh blood wildly, eyes dulled, completely unable to move anymore.


Su Yi leaped up and, with a stomp, his body directly jumped onto the back of the Golden Ancient Scorpion. His blade was pointed directly at the head of the Golden Ancient Scorpion.


The Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast was stunned, its eyes widening in shock at the ferocity of this human before it.


At this moment, the three Demonic True Realm demon beasts just recovered and roared, their eyes filled with fear. If the young master in front of them died, they would be killed even if they fled back.

"Scoundrels, do you want it to die?"

Su Yi's eyes were blazing red, and the air was filled with the aura of the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique as he stared at three Demonic True Realm demon beasts.


Three Demonic True Realm demon beasts roared angrily, none daring to take a step forward, their eyes filled with fear.

"Take it with you, don't bother us anymore or else I'll kill it."

Su Yi said to the three Demonic True Realm demon beasts, that he didn't want to kill the Golden Ancient Scorpion.

This is the Demon Woods, and this Golden Ancient Scorpion is a child of the demon clan. Its parents must be very strong.

At this moment with so many people here, Su Yi didn't dare to attack the Golden Ancient Scorpion, but could not leave it alone.

Therefore, Su Yi wanted to contain the Golden Ancient Scorpion in his hands in exchange for everyone's safety, at least leaving this place first.


Three Demonic True Realm demon beasts nodded, with no other choice.

Su Yi believed in these three Demonic True Realm demon beasts, and the Golden Ancient Scorpion seemed to be severely injured. Now, the three Demonic True Realm demon beasts dared not make another move.

As Su Yi expected, the three Demonic True Realm demon beasts immediately left with the Golden Ancient Scorpion and didn't dare to stay.

"Thank you, human!"

Watching the Golden Ancient Scorpion leave, the Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast roared, its beastly language opening to Su Yi, its gaze looking at Su Yi with an unbearable hint of shock.

The huge body of the Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast immediately shrank, its red and gold color spreading, becoming about two meters in size, several times smaller than before.

It is not surprising that the young of the demon clan and regular beasts have a very big difference.

Some powerful demons of the demon clan can shrink their bodies, which has great benefits for cultivation and consumption.

"No need to be polite, we are just here for self-preservation. Let's go our separate ways!" Su Yi spoke, not wanting to have much contact with the Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast.

"Hold on…"

The Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast called out to Su Yi, with a glint in his eyes, saying, "You are humans, and it is not safe here. You have saved me and I can offer no reparation, so please keep this item. In these surroundings, if you encounter any trouble, take out this item. It may be of use!"

When the voice fell, the Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast glowed in front of its chest and a red light swept in front of Su Yi.

Su Yi reached out and grabbed a dazzlingly red lock of hair, which glowed and exuded an aura of might.

"My name is Chi Zu. Within this square and circle, holding this thing to proclaim my name, it is somewhat of a face-saving reputation. If there is a chance to meet again, please accept my appreciation for your help."

The Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast finished speaking and then departed.

"This Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast has good bloodlines." Su Tian Que just watched the hustle and bustle without any intention of joining in.

"What does the Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast say?"

Watching the Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast leave, Shangguan Yan, Xiong Zhan, Hu Chi, and the others curiously walked up to Su Yi. They didn't understand beast language, but it was easy to see that the Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast seemed to be thanking Su Yi for his intervention.

"Nothing, we need to leave this place quickly, or else we will be in big trouble."

Su Yi put the hair into his embrace, and at the same time took out a pill, putting it in his mouth; the energy he spent was not small to suppress the Golden Ancient Scorpion.

Everyone immediately accelerated away; they had just severely wounded a Golden Ancient Scorpion, which was a young demon. There must be a powerful being behind it, and they all knew this wasn't a place to stay for long, so they had to leave quickly.

After a day and a night, after traversing many mountains, Su Yi finally arrived at their destination with everyone.

This is a flourishing canyon amidst rolling mountains, shrouded by mist and fog, yet inside is an otherworldly paradise capable of sustaining the livelihoods of thousands.

"How is the family?"

Looking at Hu Chi, Xiong Zhan, Su Yi and the others who had come, there were already two hundred people who had gathered around. Almost all of them were young children, some of the bigger ones being only twelve or thirteen years old. These were the future of the Ancient Spirit Village, the Mighty Bear Tribe, and the Hunting Tiger Tribe.

Among this group, there were a few strong leaders, and the three strongest of them all were elderly persons who had just reached the first stage of Yuan Void Realm.

They were originally determined to stay and fight alongside their homeland, but the responsibility to protect the futures of their clans was even greater.


Gathering everyone together was originally a happy occasion, but hearing this inquiry, someone could no longer bear it and shed tears to inform everyone of the situation.


"Are they all dead? Why are those people so cruel!"

"Father, mother!"


Suddenly, everyone was crying and filled with grief.

The young people were crying and wanted to seek revenge, but the strong ones from each tribe held them back. Everyone had moist eyes and said, "You are still too young, you won't be a match for them. You are the future, you are our hope. Only when you become strong someday can you seek revenge!"

After a long time, these children finally calmed down, all with sadness in their hearts.

"Settle down first."

Three powerful cultivators of the Yuan Void Realm, all in their 40s or 50s, one from the Ancient Spirit Village, one from the Hunting Tiger Tribe, and one from the Mighty Bear Tribe, spoke up and asked everyone to settle down.

"This place doesn't seem particularly safe, we need to leave quickly."

Su Yi opened his mouth and said that the purpose of gathering everyone here was to fear that this place would not be too safe. Those powerful enemies were determined to get what is left by the Divine Demonic Sect. Seeing Su Tian Que leading everyone to escape, they would definitely not stop.

If those big enemies find this place, it will be a disaster, and the Divine Demonic Sect can no longer withstand any disaster.

"This secret place was sought by our forefathers, storing plenty of food and training resources, just in case this day came. It's currently safe here, plus, we have nowhere else to go. You are an outsider, watch your words!"

The cultivator of the Mighty Bear Tribe, Xiong Liu, spoke up. He was Xiong Zhan's uncle. This was the Mighty Bear Tribe's affair, and he wouldn't listen to an outsider kid. If it wasn't for the fact that during the great competition, he found out how amazing Su Yi was, he might not have bothered replying at all.

"Uncle Liu…"

Xiong Zhan and Xiong Lie etc all wanted to say something, but were stopped by Su Yi waving his hand, nodding slightly, and said, "Then let's settle down here first, and talk about other things later."

Seeing the situation, Xiong Zhan held back and didn't say anything more.

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