The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 292

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Chapter 292: Ferocious Assistance!

When these two young demon beasts were about to fight, even Shangguan Yan was trembling with fear. The aura of the Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast and Golden Ancient Scorpion was so strong.

The Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast struck first, sending out a large red claw to snatch towards the Golden Ancient Scorpion.

The claws shook the air, and the mountains and rocks around were crushed into powder, with a fierce and scorching majesty.

The Golden Ancient Scorpion didn't dodge, raising its claws high in defiance, emanating the same dreadful aura.

The two clashed together, bursting out a hot fiery breath and light that swept through all four directions.

"Second Grade of the Demonic Spirit Realm!"

Su Yi was slightly shocked, the strength of Golden Ancient Scorpion was at around the Second Grade of Demonic Spirit Realm. Its breath was much stronger than the Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast. As the Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast had been severely injured, it was suppressed immediately by the Golden Ancient Scorpion.

Sure enough, the huge body of Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast retreated far away, yet the Golden Ancient Scorpion only stepped back a few steps, and at the same time, the hook behind it was filled with cold light, as if an arrow shooting backward, targeting the retreating Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast.

The Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast seemed to be quite familiar with this Golden Ancient Scorpion, having prepared for it ahead of time; its body was bulky but agile, avoiding the hook.

The latter's huge tail hooked, shattered and withered everything in its way and hit a giant boulder, blasting it open, powerful and wild.

The Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast looked at it with solemn eyes. The Golden Ancient Scorpion by its side has three more powerful demonic beasts of the Demonic True Realm at its side; Today, it stands in a dangerous situation, unable to fight against them.

But the Golden Ancient Scorpion attacked fiercely, suppressing Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast in succession, sweeping horizontally with its giant tail and pincers and directly crushing many towering trees and huge boulders.

"Very troublesome!"

Su Yi had a pensive look on his face; this was the Demon Woods, full of powerful demon beasts everywhere and already a very dangerous situation ahead.

This Golden Ancient Scorpion seems to not let anyone off, if they were to attract another powerful Demon Beast, the crisis would be even greater, they must think of a way out as soon as possible.


Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast was finally pierced through by the giant tail hook. Its hard red scales acted like a coat of armor, yet it still bled from the wounds, worsening its injury.


At that moment, Su Yi suddenly moved and his foot palm surged with energy, his figure fluttering like pulling out a continuous stream of phantoms, with an inconceivable speed, so that the three Demonic True Realm Demonic beasts had no time to react, and he immediately rushed towards the Golden Ancient Scorpion.

The Golden Ancient Scorpion wanted to continue suppressing the Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast, but suddenly sensed the movement of Su Yi, its vicious eyes turning red with a fierce aura. The large and powerful pincers exploded downwards like scissors toward Su Yi.

"Overlord's Fist!"

Su Yi had this prepared long ago; when the figure appeared, facing that huge scorpion pincer, he didn't back away but instead moved forward. In an instant, his face was ferocious, with his blue veins exposed; he shouted in his heart, and with his right fist raised he hard struck the scorpion pincer.

The fist and the scorpion pincer looked very small.

But a terrifying force of vigor burst forth like a volcano, exploding in front of Su Yi's fist in an instant.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. Su Yi's fist swelled up and thundered in the wind, like a low rumbling thunder that resounded loudly with a great pressure, as if an emperor was awakening and descending upon the land.

With a loud bang, sand and stones flew in all directions, and the ground trembled faintly.


What was seen with the naked eye was that the cracks appeared directly on the scorpion pincer and were opened by the rebound.

Then Su Yi stomped the ground with his foot, and the Earth attribute energy gathered around his right foot.

"Eight Desolate Roars, One Kick to Subdue the Mountains and Rivers!"

Su Yi's shout was like thunder, and suddenly her eyes shone like lightning, her hair billowing and dancing backward. He had a thunderous fury, and with one step of her right foot, a vortex of energy was unleashed like a storm.

In a split second, Su Yi kicked the ground and jumped down!

The ground shook and the air roared with a "Boom…"!

"Roar…" The three Demonic True Realm demon beasts originally found out Su Yi was escaping and quickly rushed forward to kill him, but under this pressure, they trembled and roared, their bodies cowering in fear.


Since Su Yi arrived, a circle of black earthen elemental energy, like waves, spread open and caused the ground to crack. Cracks as thick as arms spread out like spider webs and attacked the Golden Ancient Scorpion.

The Golden Ancient Scorpion's expression changed drastically, its huge body staggering, its ferocious eyes filled with shock. Under the force of this tremendous power, it kept retreating, blood spewing from its sinister mouth.


But this Golden Ancient Scorpion was indeed a young demon beast, the cold light behind its bloody vomit, like an arrow, pierced through the air, and in the urgent sound of breaking wind, it stabbed towards Su Yi.

Su Yi's eyes lit up, not expecting that the Golden Ancient Scorpion could still move after enduring his Overlord's Fist and Wrath of the Eight Wastelands. He couldn't delay anymore, he had to act quickly. He moved with the flow, putting out both hands which were covered in energy.

"His vitality is so strong, he just broke through to the Yuan Spirit Realm!"

Everyone was surprised by Su Yi's quick movements.

A visible aura is a sign of a cultivator of the Yuan Xuan Realm.

If the aura is condensed, that is a sign of a cultivator in the Yuan Spirit Realm.

Exuding vitality and condensing vitality are two completely different concepts.

Not long ago, in the great contest, everyone knew that Su Yi had broken through from Yuan Xuan Realm Six Grade to Yuan Xuan Realm Eight Grade. This was already terrifying, and now, how short a time has it been? Su Yi has already reached Yuan Spirit Realm First Grade.


Someone gagged, only the cultivation of the Yuan Spirit Realm can do the step of externalizing aura. Is this guy's cultivation speed flying?

The red energy covered Su Yi's hand palm, sparkling and crystal clear. This was the first time that Su Yi had taken action after breaking through to the Yuan Spirit Realm.

With a wave of his hand, Su Yi stepped forward quickly without hesitation. His fingers slightly curved and grabbed onto the cold hook tail of the Golden Ancient Scorpion directly. He tightened his grip and then fiercely lifted it with one hand, and then tightly held the giant tail and crazily swung it around.


The giant body of more than ten meters long, with a reddish glow covering its whole body, was thrown around in midair by the tiny figure of Su Yi uncontrollably.


Such a scene, Shangguan Yan, Hu Chi, Xiong Zhan, etc., all astonished. Then such a huge Golden Ancient Scorpion was actually being thrown around in circles.

The Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast trembled, very impressive!

That should be a human in front of him, yet it is so terrifying.

They are demon beasts, but these little humans seem more like a demon beast than them.


Subsequently, Su Yi gripped the giant tail of the Golden Ancient Scorpion and spun it around several times. When the Golden Ancient Scorpion was dazed and dizzy, a loud bang was heard as it heavily crashed onto the ground.

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