The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 291

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Chapter 291: Golden Ancient Scorpion!

Both Su Yi and Su Tian Que looked in the direction of the noise.

In no time, a giant demon beast appeared in everyone's sight, about four or five meters tall, looking as fierce as a lion and tiger, and robust as a mountain. Its head was round and big, its whole body was red, and it was covered with a thin layer of densely packed red armor. There was golden fur on its shoulders and chest, and long mane extending to the shoulders and chest, dazzling with golden light.

This massive demon beast gives off the feeling of a young demon beast but its aura is already fierce and shocking, exuding a king's aura.

"Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast!"

When such an evil beast appeared, there were many uncontrollable cries of surprise in the crowd and the eyes of everyone changed greatly.

"Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast!"

Su Yi's eyes fiercely trembled.

This is not an ordinary demon beast. In terms of bloodline, it is much more powerful than the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard, a true member of the demon clan.

Any Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast, from birth, is destined to become strong.

Upon seeing the Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast in front of them, Su Yi estimated the cultivation level in its breath. It was at a higher level of the Demon Spirit Realm, yet its breath was chaotic. Its hair was dyed red with blood and its fine crimson scales were covered with scars, as if it had suffered from a great injury.

This Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast, suddenly appeared from the top of the hill, and was surprised to see the many humans in front of it. Its huge body stopped and its huge crimson eyes stared at Su Yi and the others.


Without hesitation, Su Yi immediately activated the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, hoping to shock away the Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast.


Suddenly, the Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast felt Su Yi's presence and its eyes twitched, staring at Su Yi intently. Its eyes were fierce and it roared in a low voice in an animal language asking Su Yi if he was a human or a demon beast.

Obviously, the Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast was shocked by Su Yi.

This human's aura was strange. It exuded a tyrannical pressure like a demon, but it was still in human form. If it were actually a demon, then it would be someone at the Demonic Emperor Realm level!


Su Yi had not yet spoken, when again the sound of a beast roar echoed forth, and the ground shook in front of them as a large beast ran towards them.

"Boom… boom…"

The ground trembled, rocks flew, and several giant demon beasts suddenly appeared, their bodies shining with radiant light and their fierce breath engulfing the land.

When a giant golden creature suddenly appeared, painting the surroundings with its golden glow and a pair of ruthless eyes like two blood-red lanterns, its fearful gaze flowed.

This big beast had been closely watching the Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast, but seemed to have suddenly sensed the aura of Su Yi and its eyes immediately landed on Su Yi.

When this huge beast looked upon Su Yi, its vicious eyes suddenly changed color.

This is a strange and rare creature. Its body is golden, looking like a giant scorpion that is not as tall as the Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast, but it is certainly much longer -- at least tens of feet long. It coiled up with its massive golden tail hung down in the back, emitting a cold and terrifying aura, making people feel chillingly frightened.

Behind this strange beast, there were three huge savage beasts at the moment. Although the momentum on their body was not as strong as the one in front, which was carrying a kind of demon beast king's aura. Their cultivation level breath was even stronger, and all of them had reached the Demonic True Realm.

Among them, the Green Wild Panther had the strongest aura and it wouldn't be too far from the Demonic Void Realm.

"Golden Ancient Scorpion!"

But at this moment, Su Yi's gaze was drawn to the first demon beast.

That is a Golden Ancient Scorpion, its bloodline can be compared to that of the Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast.

The Golden Ancient Scorpion emitted a low growl and felt quite strange after feeling the awe-inspiring scent on Su Yi's body.

However, for some unknown reason, the Golden Ancient Scorpion was not completely subdued, its gaze sweeping past the people behind Su Yi and exuding a killing intent, as it uttered a happy roar.

These people before him are all humans and enough to satisfy his appetite.

The Golden Ancient Scorpion roared, staring at Su Yi and wanting to determine, "What kind of person are you?"

"Better not provoke me!"

Su Yi opened his mouth in a low voice. He understood the language of the beasts, and the breath of Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique on him became even more intense, but his face was slightly gloomy in secret.

In front of him, there are several demon beasts at the level of Demonic True Realm. Even though there are three slightly older cultivators that have reached the Yuan True Realm, if they really try to fight, the three Yuan True Realm cultivators from the Mighty Bear Tribe and the Hunting Tiger Tribe will not get any advantage and will suffer a loss.

When the scent of Su Yi was felt, the Green Wild Panther trembled in response, affected by it.

"Do you understand animal language, or do you…?"

The Golden Ancient Scorpion's face changed in surprise. This man didn't look like a strong demon in the Demonic Emperor Realm. Why does he understand the animal language?

"I can smell something strange on you, but you must be human. Bold indeed!"

The Golden Ancient Scorpion roared, and it seemed to have figured out what was going on. Although its senses were affected by Su Yi's presence, it managed to block him.

"Dare to provoke me, and I'll kill you!"

Su Yi was trying to remain calm, but if they were to act recklessly, they would not gain any advantage in the current situation. After all, this was the Demon Woods, filled with powerful demon beasts, so the consequences could be dire.

"Hmph, I'll take care of my opponent first, then I'll enjoy having all of you humans slowly!"

The Golden Ancient Scorpion coldly glared at Su Yi and commanded the three Demonic True Realm Demon Beasts behind him in beast language, indicating that the three Demon Beasts should guard Su Yi and the other humans. He would personally take care of the Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast!

"You ambushed me and wounded me shamefully, I will never let you go!"

The Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast roared in rage as it was ambushed and injured.

"You don't have that chance anymore!"

The Golden Ancient Scorpion laughed coldly, its body exuding a golden aura, but it also had a bloody smell, making people feel as if they could see a scene of bloody sea and corpses in front of them, making them shiver with fear.


Su Yi gazed at the three Demonic True Realm demon beasts that were already stealthily fixated on him, standing his ground in full alert and concentrating intently.

Su Yi was very puzzled that Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique failed to completely suppress the Golden Ancient Scorpion. He speculated that this might have something to do with its bloodline, or perhaps there was something special about it.


The Golden Ancient Scorpion moved with an astonishing aura, and its body caused the ground to tremble faintly. Its ten-meter-long body emitted a faint red light, permeating with a smell of blood.


The Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast also stirred, roaring with a loud voice. Its body emitted a vast and mighty red light, carrying unparalleled scorching energy. The temperature of the surrounding void suddenly rose drastically as if it were a sea of fire. After just an instant, with rocks exploding, trees withered, and gravels flying, it created a scene of terror!

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