The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 290

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Chapter 290: Cold Waves Golden-Red Beast!

Su Yi pondered in his heart. If he could cultivate the Divine Demonic Phenomenon of the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse, then on the method of the Soul Tamer, there would be a further improvement. That was also the most terrifying method of the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse.

"Brother Yi Su, how is your recovery?"

Shangguan Yan and the rest came forward. They had stopped their meditating and came over, interrupting Su Yi's thoughts.

"I am already fine."

Su Yi returned to senses and glanced at all of the people. After consuming the recovering elixir, in a night time, he had already recovered a lot. That had an extreme connection with the recovery elixir, but it also proved that the Mighty Desolate Verse, Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation, Heavenly Tiger Art, and the rest were all exceptional.

"Additionally, my name is Su Yi. Yi Su is just a fake name. Please forgive me." Su Yi got up and hugged his fists while apologizing and recovering his real name.

"Yi Su, Su Yi. Haha, it turns out to be the same." Shangguan Ye and the rest smiled and did not care.

"Let's continue on the road and quickly gather everyone."

Su Tian Que also stopped meditating. The short and featherless wings seemingly stretched its body like a rooster going to crow in the morning. No matter how they looked, it caused them to somewhat could not help but laughed, only nobody at the scene dared to laugh.

Everyone's hearts, were still immersed in agony and had no heart to laugh.

The people continued on the road, heading towards the secluded place that the Divine Demonic Sect had long arranged, wanting to gather the clansmen that had gone ahead.

Here was the Demon Woods. Along the way, there were many beasts, while their cultivations got higher and higher the farther they ventured.

Fortunately, there was the excellent effect of the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique on Su Yi's body.

"So strange. Why do these beasts retreat away without fighting?"

Someone exclaimed and unbearably asked. Along the way, there were so many beasts, and amongst them were powerful beasts in the Demonic True Realm.

There were even some powerful beasts in the Demonic Void Realm, yet they also retreated without battling when faced with Su Yi. How could they not be shocked?

"Brother Su Yi has his own extraordinary point. No need to fuss about it." Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Ye, and the rest spoke, appearing very prideful on their faces.

"All of us are the descendants of the Divine Demonic Sect. The later generations of the Divine Demonic Sect!"

"Divine Demonic Sect. Does our ancestor come from the Divine Demonic Sect? Why must they always be hiding?!"

On the road, someone started to discuss. The people at the scene were seemingly quite young while the older ones only had the appearance of 30-40 years old, and had also recently discovered that they were all the descendants of the Divine Demonic Sect.

"Those great enemies, what backgrounds do they have? Why must they be so ruthless?"

"The Honourably Demon has died while the two Demon Emperors on the Yao Luo Mountain have also died. Even if we know the backgrounds of those great enemies, how are we going to take revenge?!"

Everyone was in pain, but they also knew clearly that even their protector, the Honourably Demon, and the two Demon Emperors of the Yao Luo Mountain had died. They had witnessed with their own eyes how scary those great enemies were that even if they knew who the enemies were, the chances of wanting to take revenge were also notably little.

"We must become a strong cultivator. We must take revenge and let those people pay the debts with their blood. Even if we are not their opponents, we must also let them fork out the ultimate price!"

Xiong Zhan spoke while on his arm, the armor on his body had bloodstain.

He had struck out but was not their opponent. Just solely based on the remaining ripples of the raging winds from those great enemies could already almost killed him. He then knew how frightening those great enemies.

However, Xiong Zhan did not give up and did not get blown down as he was still young. In the future, he must become a strong cultivator to take bloody revenge for his clansmen.

"Not bad. We are still alive. Wait until the future when we become strong, we must let them pay the debts with their blood!"

Hu Chi spoke with a ragged battle suit and a pale complexion, but the glow in his eyes did not disappear, appearing like a tiger's eyes.

"A bloody debt must be paid with blood!"

The gaps of Shangguan Yan's teeth emitted out a cold intent as his father, mother, so many uncles and villagers that watched him grow up were all ruthlessly killed by those people. How could they not take revenge?

Su Yi did not speak while his gaze swept over these surrounding youngsters that were about the same age as him without leaving any traces. There was some glow fluctuating in his gaze.

"The Honourably Demon said that my Divine Demonic Sect has a new sect leader!"

Lastly, someone mentioned about the matter of the new sect leader of the Divine Demonic Sect. The Honourably Demon had said before, and everyone had heard it.

"That day, there is a strange scene inside the Tian Yao Cave that shocked people. Could there be a connection?!" A middle-aged man pondered.

"Back then, inside the Tian Yao Cave, are Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Ye you guys, right?!"

Hu Chi spoke while his gaze glanced at Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Ye, and the rest.

Without guessing, they also knew that at that time, the ones inside the Tian Yao Cave were Shangguan Yan and the rest.

The scene of commotion from the Tian Yao Cave shocked people. If they deduced farther, probably around 80-90 percent it was, connected to the people inside the Tian Yao Cave.

Following Hu Chi's words, a series of gazes then landed onto Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Xi Wei, Shangguan Ye, Su Yi, and the rest.

Everyone also knew that the first batch of people to enter the Tian Yao Cave from the Ancient Spirit Village was only these people.

Including some of the people of the Ancient Spirit Village, they were also looking at Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Xi Wei, and the rest now.

Indeed, back then, it was these people inside the Tian Yao Cave. Could it be that the new sect leader truly landed onto them?

"New sect leader……"

And at this instant, Shangguan Xi Wei, Shangguan Yan, and the rest were glancing at each other.

Back then, they were inside the Tian Yao Cave, so they did not know about the matter on the outside and had not heard the words of the Honourably Demon. Their expressions were a little shocked.

"What is going on?"

Shangguan Xi Wei was also doubtful. The things she knew were also not much while she had also found out about the Divine Demonic Sect in the big battle.

The people roughly told Shangguan Xi Wei and the rest about the situation and then asked: "When you guys are inside the Tian Yao Cave, is there anything unusual? Who has gotten the biggest benefit of the Tian Yao Cave?"

Shangguan Xi Wei, Shangguan Ye, and the rest had a shocking and a realizing gaze. Afterward, each of their gazes unitedly landed onto Su Yi.

Back then, the reaction inside the Tian Yao Cave, all of them had seen it, and only on Su Yi's body did it had an unusual response.

Su Yi kept smiling bitterly and did not say anything.

"You guys, the descendants of the Divine Demonic Sect, no need to guess anymore. He is already the new sect leader of your Divine Demonic Sect." Su Tian Que swayingly followed within the crowd and said to everyone.

"New sect leader……"

Everyone stopped their footsteps, and shockingly paused. A series of gazes with incomparable astonishment landed onto Su Yi.

"Is it really him….."

Many people were shocked and secretly discussed. Although they could not confirm, it was also not hard to know that this matter was probably correct. No one had ever thought that the position of the new sect leader of the Divine Demonic Sect would actually lastly landed onto an outsider.

"Everyone, let's hurry on the journey, and gather everyone first." Su Yi said softly.

All of the people glanced at each other with unbearable shock while within the gazes of Shangguan Xi Wei, Shangguan Yan, and the rest also gushed out with fluctuation.


All of a sudden, the mountain at the front trembled while the dense forest stirred, transmitting out a frightening beast roar.

"There is a strong beast again!"

The group of people was abruptly on guard and instantly secretly moved into defense and attacking formation as along the way in these two days, they had already met with such a situation many times.

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