The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 296

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Chapter 296: Transforming Cultivation?

If Su Yi wants to cultivate the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse, he will first need to cultivate the Mighty Desolate Verse, Heavenly Tiger Art and Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation. Su Yi wants to first understand the Mighty Desolate Verse, Heavenly Tiger Art and Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation.

In the world, there are countless ways to cultivate power and one need not stick to a single method forever.

While martial artists are in the process of cultivation, if the level of their original cultivation art is high enough, naturally there is no need to change to other arts. Even if the other arts are just slightly higher in level, martial artists would not easily change. First of all, it's risky; for changing to another cultivation art, one needs to start all over again and there is great risk involved. During the process, even the slightest mishap could cause one to go astray and become demented, or worse, make it impossible to cultivate any further.

However, for some martial artists whose cultivation level is relatively low, if they obtained a higher-level cultivation art, they would most likely take the risk. Higher-level cultivation arts not only have more powerful capabilities but also can go further on their path of cultivation.

Generally speaking, it would take a miracle to become a strong cultivator relying on a low level cultivation method, and even if one cultivates a middle-grade cultivation method, becoming a cultivator in the Yuan Spirit Realm would be quite difficult. If one starts out from cultivating an Emperor Grade cultivation method, or even a Heavenly Grade cultivation method mentioned in legends, then entering into the Yuan Emperor Realm, or even higher cultivation realm, will be just a matter of time given all goes smoothly.

Just like those young monsters from noble bloodlines, as long as they go smoothly, breaking through to the Demonic Void Realm level and becoming a member of the demon clan is almost a done deal.

Those of lowly bloodline beastly tribes, wanting to step into higher realms than the Demonic Void Realm, can only hope for a miracle.

Su Yi currently wants to understand the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse, not because they think it can surpass the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, nor does he intend to actually cultivate the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse.

Su Yi is very clear that Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique is his root. He feels that Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique is even more powerful than the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse. When he was first unable to store his Yuan Qi, it was because the mysterious space in his mind had secretly absorbed it, causing his cultivation to be ineffective.

The Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique comes from the mysterious space, it is the first time he heard of a technique that requires absorbing Yuan Qi in order to cultivate.

Now Su Yi is somewhat worried that he can't give up on Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, but the powerful methods of Divine Demonic Ancient Verse, especially the Divine Demonic Phenomenon, are as if they were tailored specifically for him. If he can't cultivate them, it would be too much of a regret.

But he won't choose to give up the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique to specialize in the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse for the sake of the Divine Demonic Phenomenon. It would not only be risky but also not very likely.

Su Yi furrowed his brows, at least now he had the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse and even if he didn't cultivate it, he could at least get a general understanding, which would do no harm and bring benefits.

"The Divine Demonic Phenomenon, the image of all beasts, the image of creation, the image of Heaven, Earth, and Man…" Soon, Su Yi began to comprehend the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse, starting from the Mighty Desolate Verse, and gaining a deeper understanding.

The more Su Yi pondered, the more shocked he was; the Mighty Desolate Verse alone from the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse was already immensely powerful, even more so than he had originally imagined.

Mighty Desolate Verse, emphasizing 'power', one force breaks through all rules, containing everything within it, not just relying on ordinary brute force, yet profoundly mysterious.

Heavenly Tiger Art, focusing on "power", dominating for thousands of years, able to break down and overcome anything, crushing all enemies.

Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation, relying on the power of 'spirits', one can summon the authority of all beasts. When attacking, it is filled with spirit attacks, using the force of all beasts, both eerie and awe-inspiring, sweeping across all sides!

Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation focuses on cultivating the spirit, but martial artists can also cultivate it.

Time slowly passed and Su Yi was immersed in contemplation. The more he contemplated, the more shocked he became!

"He called Su Yi, who has already got the greatest benefit from the Tian Yao Cave and is the new Sect Leader of the Divine Demonic Sect. Could it be true?!"

The next day, several elders of the Mighty Bear Tribe and the Hunting Tiger Tribe came to Shangguan Xu early in the morning to inquire about the matter.

The sole Elder of the Hunting Tiger Tribe is known as Elder Hu Bu, and the sole Elder of the Mighty Bear Tribe is known as Elder Xiong Liu.

They were shocked at what they heard from Hu Chi and Xiong Zhan about the situation.

"Yes!" Elder Shangguan Xu nodded and told everyone that what Su Yi got from Tian Yao Cave was the cultivation methods left by the previous sect leader.

"What cultivation methods?!"

"Are there only cultivation methods?"

Everyone speculated that it was left behind by the previous Sect Leader of the Divine Demonic Sect. Not knowing if there were any Magical Tools or Sacred Tools as rumored, if there were, it would be a great treasure.

"Everything is still unknown, we need to wait until he finished cultivating and coming out."

Shangguan Xu shook his head. He still didn't know what kind of cultivation method it was, let alone whether there were Magical Tools or Sacred Tools.

"Has he really become the sect leader?"

Elder Xiong Liu and Elder Hu Bu were hesitating. They were the only remaining elders of the Hunting Tiger Tribe and the Mighty Bear Tribe, so they couldn't be careless about this. Although they had already heard the news of the Divine Demonic Sect and its new sect leader, they couldn't be sure that it was Su Yi, especially since he was an outsider.

Elder Shuangguan Xu said, "This should be true, and we are the only left of the Divine Demonic Sect."

"Let's make a conclusion after we have a better understanding of it later."

Finally, Elder Xiong Liu and Elder Hu Bu left, waiting for Su Yi to come out. They had a lot of questions they wanted to ask Su Yi.

Time passes quickly, in the blink of an eye it's been several days.

Su Yi, who had secluded himself in the cave to ponder, was stunned for days after continuously experiencing revelations of Mighty Desolate Verse, Heavenly Tiger Art, and Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation.

Suddenly, Su Yi's eyes, which had been tightly closed, opened. There was a sparkle in his eyes and a look of shock on his face. "Heavenly Tiger Art is the basis and Mighty Desolate Verse is the force, Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation is the spirit, the heavens is the basis, the force arises from the ground, and the spirit is the ancestor of mankind!"

Su Yi was shaken to the core, muttering to himself. The Divine Demonic Ancient Verse was immensely profound, shocking Heaven and Earth, making gods and ghosts weep. Even the Mighty Desolate Verse, Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation, and Heavenly Tiger Art were all mighty in their own right.

"Do I really need to stop cultivating Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique and began to cultivate the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse?"

Su Yi was in doubt, always feeling that he could cultivate everything within the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse without having to disperse his energy and switch his current cultivation method to it.

Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique is mysterious and powerful, it might even be possible to cultivate the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse at the same time without having to give Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique up.

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